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    posted a message on Mob and animal spawn in 1.1
    1. 9 in any direction.
    2. Different per mob, but it's roughly 16.66%.
    3. Squids are not persistent, untamed and tamed wolves are.
    4. 9 (Chunks) x 16 (Amount of blocks per chunk) = 135, so roughly 135 blocks.
    5. Not including wolves. Any nonpersistent animals, wolves are persistent. And it's 135.
    6. No. The chunk must be unloaded from your current session to despawn an animal.
    7. Once a chunk is loaded for the first time, you will (highly unlikely) never see another animal spawn in that chunk again, except for squids in water (Because of persistentcy)
    8. No, the limit is in the 160's (AFAIK FROM 1.9)

    Not going to answer your second set, you can answer them from the above answers.

    src: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/639466-922-update-animals-can-respawn-new-mobs-and-chicken-information-updated/
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    Quote from theBlobLord

    Squids have been persistent since they were added: i believe that (apart from wolves) they were the only persistent mob until 1.9.

    So go ahead and build your aquarium!

    Squids aren't persistent, and they never have been. Please do your research before you post ******** on topics of mine, thanks.
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    posted a message on Ok do I have an disorder or something?
    The world has trained humans to be less and less caring of traumatic events. We're becoming used to it.
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    posted a message on Is building a laptop possible?
    Instead of being the typical "Arrow to the knee" (A simply metaphor for the mass amount of ****-riders on the whole "LAPTOPS R MAGIK!!1one!" reply), I'll actually try to give my post more meaning than to simply boost my e-penis by another digit.

    Yes, and no. To build a laptop from scratch would constitute having an extremely immense knowledge of not only the ability to create your own laptop housing and screen, but also the ability to modify existing computer parts (Or hell, make your own, everyone has a clean room in their basement for chipset creation) to work around your build case. Another option, which is the sane and more logical one, would be to purchase a multitude of different preassembled laptop parts and create something out of that.

    By saying that, I mean getting a gutted case/screen and then purchasing (second-hand or scraped) parts that not only comply with the outside of the laptop, but will function with the rest of the parts you're getting for the laptop.

    So a tl;dr version: Don't be a **** and post non-helpful stuff to look like you're cool, you're not. If you want to build a laptop, it's possible, but expensive, hard to do, and not worth it. Just buy a good brandname laptop or build a desktop.
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    posted a message on How do atheists raise their kids?
    Quote from jacobdb

    on a sidenote, isn't god a big lie? there has been no scientific proof he even exists....

    /me runs for the flamewar. (mind you, im totally serious)

    There's no scientific proof he doesn't exist either.
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    posted a message on Do you think SOPA will be passed?
    Quote from unbound_doom

    How do you measure attention span in inches or millimeters in your case?

    I consider each sentence (9 words average) as a mile. I can usually go for about 5-6 sentences before I need to throw something funny in. As you'll probably notice, this is a completely serious paragraph, and I've narrowed it down to less than my attention span can handle, so as to avert the need to throw something funny in here. But if I don't stop typing like, right now, **** is going to get real.
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    It might just be me, but if he parkours it correctly, he'll live.
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    posted a message on Extreme gaming computer
    I hate to interject into an already well-founded discussion about your rig, but I keep seeing idiotic statements made on a few levels that should be cleared before any more discussion takes place.

    First and foremost, who's the internet newfag who claims that an Alienware is cheaper and better than the OP's specs? Alienware is priced based on it's brand name only, and lest we forget it's Dell behind the colorful mask.

    Secondly, this build will not "last you years", as some are claiming. In terms of power (GPU, CPU, PSU), and FPS (Ability to smoothly play games), yes this will last you a good 4-7 years, but that's the maximum you're going to look at for this build. With the changes in, mainly, DirectX in games, your card might still run properly, but the software it's based on will quickly go out of date.

    To build on the previous statement, you're also looking at useage. Computers that are on for a majority of the time per day are going to have less of a life, compared to computers that are used for casual work. Same goes for graphic/memory intensive games such as Witcher 2 and Minecraft. Your parts aren't going to live forever, like any other item the more you use it, the more it won't work.

    So realistically, if you're going to use your build as a casual gamer for good graphics, you're looking at 4-7 years until what you have is outdated. If you're going to use your build to hardcore game 5+ days of the week, you can expect maybe 2-3 years before parts start breaking down and you have to replace them. In my opinion, overkill is overrated, build what you need and upgrade when the time comes, not right now and then be SOL in a few years when your rig is nothing more than a place to store porn for a lazy weekend.

    EDIT: Just throwing this in here, as I was re-reading the thread. The chance of one of your 3TB Seagates failing is quite high. I wouldn't risk such a large amount of space on a Seagate. Personal opinion though.
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    posted a message on How does plant sugar cane? ¯\(°_o)/¯
    Trust me, never let a hoe plant your sugarcane.
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    posted a message on Limited maps.
    Nope. Just load a map up and edit it out in MCEdit.
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