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    Are you ready? ARE YOU?! In the adventure of a lifetime, there is but one thing standing in our way.. OH F*** A SPIDER! Sorry, I couldn't resist. If you're new to this series, the first thing you should know if that I absolutely hate spiders. Any other mobs are cool, like exploding penies, but spiders I can't stand. Now a penis on a spider, that would be lulzy...

    But nonetheless, welcome! My name is Far (Yes, Far was taken on the forum so I took Phar), and I'm a commentator.. of sorts. I started out comentating for a program called alterIW, which was a MW2 emulator, and then went to Black Ops when it was released. I had often heard of Minecraft, but just lul'd at it without knowing what it really was. I bought it and tried it out one day, and the rest is history...

    Video 1: How to Survive Your First Night

    You've just been parachuted down into the jungle. Your sole goal is to survive in the wilderness, and find the secrets that are lurking below. Can you do it, or will you fail epicly? This is just a basic video on how to survive the first night. There are many of these on Youtube, but it was a good way to start out my Minecraft Series. Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

    Video 2: Food and Armor and My Chest, OH MY!

    Now I'm feeling a bit more at ease with Minecraft, and I continue my epic adverture raping the side of a mountain. But I swear to god, I can't find that chest anymore. Someone needs to help me look for it...

    Video 3: Exploding Penis Sex Education and House Moving Day!

    All of my neighbors seem to be dicks, trying to enter my house and blow their load all over the place. So I think we need to get the hell out of this suburb and find a new place. Oh, that mountain up there looks like a great place!

    Video 4: Finishing and Securing Your House Against Cree-HOLY FU*

    In the episode we finally get to put windows in our house to see the georgous landscape! Oh, and maybe we should fence in that area right there OH GOD ITS A CREEPER!

    Video 5: Killin' Bitches and Farming Marijuana

    Now is when commentating for Minecraft got fun. We've got a house, we've got a fence, and now we've got a weed farm. Time to take a drag on the peace pipe and go kill some bitches pigs.

    Video 6: Floating Tree Farm All The Way Across The Sky.. What does it mean?!

    Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah - It's so intense! Unrealistic yet perfect for our goals, watch as our hero grow trees using his epic powers. And ffs, those chickens really need to stop stepping on my crops, I'm losing a lot of weed. >:l

    Video 7: Just a Complete and Epic Failure at Minecraft, I Am, I Am.

    The most fail video in the entire series. Not only do I forget to talk about what I was actually going to talk about, I also teach something that is a lie (THE SANDSTONE IS A LIE) and accidentally off a cliff. Lots of lulz (At my expense) are to be had in this one.

    Video 8: Finally! We Can Play Cave Explorer - With Texture Packs!

    Finally we get to the part of the series that I will enjoy the most, explore caves and using texture packs. I picked the PainterlyPack because it's great for someone just starting out with Minecraft, and it does make the caves look cooler. Now, without further adue, let's go to the cav-OH A PUMPKIN!

    Video ?!: MineCraft The (HD!) Movie - A walkthrough of our SMP World!

    A huge hour long movie filled with several different commentators from the FAG clan. Come join us as we lul, lol, lil, and even a bit of lel (WHAT THE FU-BOOM!). Sure to be one of the funniest things on Youtube right now!

    Video 9: I Want You to Make Me Feel, Like I'm the Only Cave in the World!

    Finally we go cave exploring like promised. What will happen in the big dark areas of Minecraft? You'll have to watch to find out. :>

    Video 10: 1 + 0 = Getting Lost in a Cave for My 10th Episode!

    Well, I never thought it would go this far, but wow! Just wow. A milestone to say the least, I've gotten through 10 full episodes without soiling more than 12 pairs of pants. I swear, if we keep going at this rate... nice.

    Video 11: How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Tutorial Thingy

    Time to stop with all these ninny-winny (Is that a word) iron armor and weapons, and time to be a real man and get some diamonds. RARG DIAMONDS, let's do this.

    Video 12: MWAHAHA! Nobody Touches MY Diamonds!

    Sadly I had to split my Diamond hunt into two different episodes, so this one is basically 20 minutes of me crying because I can't find my ****ing way out of this stupid cave.

    Video 13: Spider Funnies! Water Curtains! Underwater Homes!

    Taking a break from the whole "Tutorial" thing, I decided to have a bit of fun with those motherf- spiders. Bitches don't know about my underwater cave.

    Video 14: Justin Bieber! In the Nether! Oh lawd!

    I finally went down to hell to check it out, not bad. A bit of hot, don't really like the weather, and that damn neighbor really sounds like Justin Bieber. I guess we'll deal with it.

    Video 15: Hey Soul Sister.. Grow Me Some Trees!

    As we wrap down on the miniseries for the Nether, we attempt to grow a tree. God damn that came out horribly. Let's set it on fire.. god damn that's even worse.

    Video 16: BONUS! Surprise Nether Video!

    Sadly, the Nether really didn't have as much "fun" to it as I was hoping, so we're closing that part up short. But I decided to make a fun video with a couple surprises and me failing horribly.

    Thank you very much for watching! I'm not a subscriber *****, I do this just for fun, but if you like the videos let me know. Give a comment, maybe tell a few friends, put that thumb in the air, and if you really like and want to see more, go ahead and subscribe. It's my audience's positive reaction towards each video that keeps me going. :smile.gif:

    ~ Far :tnt:
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