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    I would like to apply for a spot to be a PokeCA builder!

    I would like to get to the point and say that I am still in school and would only be available from around 5:00pm to 10:00pm week days and week ends 11:00am to 12:00pm all eastern standard time. I have built a waterfall cave used in many Pokemon game often leading to a legendary or the meet someone from the main story line to discus a important topic.

    I have played all main story line games from diamond and pearl up to X and Y games, even plan to play Sun and Moon on the release date. I would like to serve as a builder because I have always be interested in the style of buildings and the architecture of Pokemon games.

    This is something I prepared in about 2 hours for this application. I would have used shaders for this however my computer was having difficulties with rendering.

    My qualifications for a PokeCA Builder!

    > Played from diamond and pearl games (Plus new comers)

    > Have been up to date with all the Pokemon in vanilla minecraft videos

    > Have played the demo on my channel ()

    > Will post a speed build of my building the cave I prepared for this (If you do not watch will not be big deal)

    > Will be able to post updates of the builds on my channel

    > Can be contacted through 4 different medias such as [Twitter, Skype, Steam, and gmail] (Only will provide email for the application)

    > Have lots of creative ideas for the map

    > Started playing minecraft on July 10th 2012

    Thank you for reading this post. This would have been my first time on the website so if this is posted in the wrong place I am truly sorry.

    Gmail: [email protected]

    If you have any questions fell free to contact me there.

    P.S: I would have used more of the screen shots if I could have.

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