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    posted a message on [1.7] [Roleplaying Server] [LWC] [HeroChat] ‡Betelgeuse: Requiem‡
    IGN: Phantom_Zelon

    Age: 12
    How did you find us: Well, I remember a while ago you had 'The Tales of Astra' or something, and I was whitelisted. I decided I wanted to get back into rp, so here I am.
    Extra Info: (Skype and such) Steam: Alpaca Overlord

    Character Name: Kire Xak Lonnen
    Race: Human- Plains
    Age: 23
    Class: (warrior, mage, farmer, etc): Rogue/whatever the stealthy class is. (If there is none, a mage.)
    Appearance: Brown hair, red and blue clothing, (not so)tan face, slightly above average height.
    Personality Traits: Kire is sometimes secretive, but in most cases will try to tell the truth. He is grim, but only in personal cases or up close.
    Character Strengths: Sneaking, light armor, bow/arrow, quarterstaff, and has some skill in a dagger.
    Character Weaknesses: Can't rush into battle, wear heavy armor, or use a short/longsword. He despises bugs. Mostly huge ones.

    Kire Xak Lonnen was born into a poor family. Kire grew up in a very distant part of his town, with little friends to play with. With all his loneliness a bundle of firewood, and a couple of pieces of flint, he decided he would make a small bow and arrow. He shot at his favorite tree, many, many, many times. It was one of the only trees he'd seen in a while as well. Over time, he grew grim from the lack of friends, and the tree grew weaker from the crowd of arrows. As he aged, his equipment did too. He never hit anything but that tree, and when he did, it was the same time over and over again. He would never intend to harm somebody with this ability, as he knew not of what it could do when used in desperate times.

    One day, his mother came along and said a generous friend had given them some money so they can afford a new house. Although he wanted to move, he felt as if he wanted to stay. He had grown up without friends, and a life full of people and events would change him forever. His parents would not listen to any of his input on the move, and he was forced to move to the city. One last time, he took his lucky arrow, the one that his father had spent all of his money on, an arrow with a golden tip, and shot it into the tree. He stood in place for a good amount of time, waiting to be called away.

    At age 17, Kire ran. He ran as fast as he could, as fast as possible away from the house in the crowded, bustling town. He couldn't take it anymore. Not only did he not make any friends, but he made many enemies, being the outcast. He was always called "Tree" because of the single, valued tree he shot at for his life. He wanted to get away from there as fast as possible. "I don't care about anybody here anymore," he would always mutter to himself. He ran and ran and ran, until he was breathless and on the grass, craving air, food, and drink.

    A man then walked up to him and asked him what he was doing, lying on the grass in the middle of nowhere. Unable to speak due to having what he thought of as 'The Driest Throat in the World', he slowly moved his hand across the smooth grass, holding an imaginary drum stick, and pretending to chomp on it. The man immediately understood and gave him a meal, while throwing questions at him. He tried to answer all of them. The man said, "I'll give you a deal, you help me with some tasks for the road, and I'll take you to a place with people." Kire looked up and told him why he would never want to go there, to which the man told him, "Oh, okay then. I'll leave you to starve." Kire had no choice, so he agreed, and set out for Alnilam.
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    Quote from Squid_Emperor

    Nyeh heh heh, guess how I found this thread? :ph34r:

    In all seriousness glad I did! Your server looks well thought out and I really dig the unique take on the theme. I have a few questions though (and tips). Firstly, how many people are working on your server? Can you post some screenshots of the world / builds? And maybe you should try re-formatting the thread...

    Other than that, good luck :)

    Also, is that a Squid in your signature! I strongly approve :rolleyes:
    Well noted. I'll see what I can do.

    I'll add some new info on the owners, mayors, and mods.

    Also, yes that is a squid, it was from the 'Squid Revolution' from ol' 2012 or around there, when people revolted against SkyDoesMinecraft fanboys.
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    Added "Magic Spells" plugin.
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    posted a message on |#| CORSIA CRAFT |#| Steampunk Roleplay [Complete World] [NOW WITH FACTIONS!]
    This looks fun. Very, VERY fun. But there is one thing wrong with it... with all that city, who is going to live there? I hope that those spaces will be occupied in the future, because I've always wanted to see a steampunk server. Again, looks very fun, I WOULD apply if it wouldn't lag my computer.

    For all others looking on here, I suggest you try to apply, steampunk is a very good theme to roleplay in. It's original and fun.

    Wait why am I writing this, I have my own roleplay server...
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    posted a message on Atomic Legends Guns/Magic Factions server [1.7.9] CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH
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    posted a message on The Territory of Aquity [Role Play, 1.7.2, 24/7, Post-Apocalyptic]
    Quote from Kyte314

    Oh, yeah, that...can we just say that Aquity has been around for a while? I don't like the idea of everyone having to be one of those that were in the cyro chambers; rather, you can either be related to those that were in the chambers or you can be someone that awaken later than everyone else.
    Yeah, that seems reasonable.
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    posted a message on The Territory of Aquity [Role Play, 1.7.2, 24/7, Post-Apocalyptic]
    Quote from Kyte314


    Accepted. Although you did not state that you woke up in the cyro chamber, I will let it slide considering you were an early waker.
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    posted a message on The Territory of Aquity [Role Play, 1.7.2, 24/7, Post-Apocalyptic]
    You are one of the survivors of the "200 Year Apocalypse". You wake up in a cyrogenic freezer and recall history.
    Before this, life was peaceful and humanity was about to make civilization on other planets, but then worldwide drought struck. All the water... drained. It just went into clouds, and that is what covered the earth. It was covered in shadows, and soon, someone said, "I'm thirsty...". Then lots more said the same thing, and lots more started to fight over the water. Some even tried to get to the clouds, but crashed due to poor navigation. War broke out, and the battle for bottled water was on. Nukes went back and forth, mushroom clouds appearing outside your window, and looking outside your ancestors thought nobody would ever survive. But they were wrong. Your family survived. Although many were transformed by the radiation, some remained normal, some even turned into a lizard humanoid. 50 Years of rain finally refilled the Earth, and you are here, in the territory called Aquity (Aw-kwit-ee). Worship is practiced every day to water, and if you have no other religion besides 'ancient' religions and Hydrolian, you are shunned. People constantly find nuclear bombs that have not exploded, or were duds, and sometimes even spaceships.Nobody has mastered the piloting of any of this, but have scavenged parts, and sometimes, when the parts are near radiation, they have special powers. Some call it magic, but many call it science. You are in a medieval/post-apocalyptic age. The mayors of each city get one piece of technology from the past. Now, it is your time to try to rise to power, and prove you can rebuild society.Aquity is obviously, after the apocalypse, but unlike Fallout or any other basic wasteland, Aquity is less radioactive, and is based off of a recovering society. Radiation and the sort exists as an explanation of strange races. All in all, you must try to rise to the top, or hide in ancient ruins as a stealthy hit man. The possibilities are endless.Rules
    1. Do not grief.
    2. Do not mix IC and OOC chat.
    3. Do not meta.
    4. Do not powergame (Overpower yourself in times of fighting or any time at all, really.)
    5. State my two favorite bands at the end of your application.
    6. You CAN grief if you do it with a witness, it is approved, and you do it in an RP way (If you break a window while chatting *Throws pebble at window* with people near you, then it is acceptable)
    7. Do not come on the server totally unprepared.
    8. Be respectful of others.
    9. My first favorite band is System of a Down.
    10. Do not destroy terraformed areas either. You can break random trees and the sort, but if you see that there is a giant tree or a neat group of trees, that isn't good.
    11. My second favorite band is Bush.
    12. Read the book at spawn (Water dome, there is also a trapdoor if you spawn in the water to get in).
    13. Do not steal. We currently have no lock plugin but I am planning to add a picklocking plugin. Don't abuse this advantage or it will result in a ban.
    14. Dying in game will not kill your character, but Role Play killing will. Also, do not kill for no reason.
    Notable Things
    • We use a mod called More Player Models 2 which allows for lots of character customization. Big credit to them. This lets us have more races, and realistic heights. For example, if you were a child naga, you could make your character very small with naga legs. WARNING: Please, please click carefully when navigating the mod downloads. You will need forge, which is not that hard to get (The latest forge version on said page that they link), but there are two links, one for forge and the other for thew mod itself. There is an alternative and a link to its website. If you are looking for a way not to be bombarded with possible viruses, please click the alternative and wait until the adfly time runs out. Many know about these scams, but on the mod's website, it is hard to tell if something is an ad or not.
    • If you have not used this mod, go onto a singleplayer world, and mess around with it.
    • The notable plugins we use are.. Secret doors, Crackshot (Guns), AdminEssentials, Locality, Moreplayermodels2, Nicknames, and world edit.
    • Crackshot and said plugins which give advantages will not be abused, or the abuser will be talked to and/or punished.
    • Locality is a local chat plugin ranging to 15 blocks. /g Before your msg will let you type in OOC/Global chat. Please do not meta in this, and we are looking for a plugin where if you type /g you stay on global chat, and /l makes you stay on local chat. (I am aware of Hero Chat, but it will not work on the server.)
    Character Race
    • Mainan, the centaur of Aquity.
    • Slithin, the naga of Aquity. (Basically a snake)
    • Human, your standard human.
    • Wolven, if you were to put a furry into Aquity, it would be like this, but more fierce
    Character Basics This sums it up.Applications (About time)
    OOC Application
    Age (We don't judge):
    What do you know about Meta-gaming?:
    RP Experience (You can be new):
    Have you been banned? (Do not go on a rant, just tell me where and why):
    Define OOC and IC:
    IC Application
    Full character name:
    Strengths/specialties/skills (Can't be heavy armored and stealthy):
    Backstory (2 detailed, medium-long paragraphs at the minimum):
    You should know what goes here:
    If you are accepted, you will be private msged the IP and whitelisted.
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    posted a message on [POLL] Its About Time Minecraft Has Its Own Movie.
    I'm going to say why I think this shouldn't be a movie.

    1. If it were to go in theaters, it would be like the Ben 10 movie, it would just rack in money from poor parents who take their kids to see it. Also, those kids would make a new "Movie" fanbase, which we already have the PC fanbase, the Xbox fanbase, the Ipod fanbase, and the SkydoesMinecraft fanbase, and I want to say a movie fanbase would be like the Ipod fanbase, the players that have no idea what the game is about, nor what the PC (Full) version is about, because all they know is what the few things featured are.

    2. A youtube series, such as Dig Build Live, is based around one plot. That plot can be turned into a map, or into something that replicates it. Doing a movie would probably spam the map section with "Minecraft: The Movie recreation!". Although that is a theory, it may very well happen.

    3. It will be over hyped. Yep, that's it, and when you make a movie about a video game, it is much worse that what you do in the video game. It's like books to movies, the first one made is always better. Minecraft will probably get put down (Disliked, not killed) by what the people have seen.

    4. It will cost too much. Mojang, I'm betting, would still like to keep most of their money, instead of making a movie with no profits.

    5. I'd prefer a minecraft TV show, only if it were an official/non official one on youtube. Putting it on TV would kind of... not work out so well. Kind of like #1, it would create a new fanbase, which wouldn't be so nice.
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    posted a message on Do you remember that early Minecraft feeling?
    Quote from MaxiTornado

    And then, you start watching youtubers, adding mods, and getting creative, minecraft will still be really fun, but that early feeling is... gone. And you just cannot enjoy minecraft fully, get headaches after grinding for hours, and not even joining servers help.

    I remember it. I remember it like yesterday. I didn't know anything about the game, but I knew there was so much to explore. I was fascinated at the sight of everything, and there is no reason not to. I could do whatever I wanted and not know the outcome. I could look at everything and see "Oh, what's this?". I loved it, I had no idea what was going to happen when I did something, so it always was a good experience.

    I remember on this one world back in 1.1 or so, I had an island, and I found a cave in there, so I started expanding and expanding, and I put paintings everywhere, useless rooms everywhere, just about everything to make it look good (In my eyes at that time, now it looks terrible). I wanted some more wool, so I headed out to another island just across from me, where some sheep lived, forgetting something that I wanted to do. I parked my boat somewhere on the side of that piece of land, but when I found it and tried to go back to my home but I could not find it, but then I remembered it- a map.

    And I never found it. But guess what? That was one of the best minecraft experiences for me. There was also a time when I spawned near a tree, and built an ugly treehouse in it, but guess what? It was fun. And now that feeling is gone. That feeling of adventure. That feeling that you get when you just discovered something on your own. Now I know almost everything about the game. I know how to build. I know how to make non-block houses. I know how to make fully automatic farms that take the fun out of everything.

    In the Terraria 1.2 update, I swore that until I get more experienced with the update, I would not look on the wiki (Except to see a few npcs and how to get them). And guess what? I got that feeling again.

    minecraft is out of felling because mojang added the cheats! adding the creative mode and the commands in minecraft was a BIG error from mojang. imagine the 1.7 update... without cheating methods. minecraft is OUT OF FELLING. if you want cheat use spc and nei.

    Really? No, it's because you know more about the game. Not because of commands that only operators can use. You have the choice to use them or not, and if you want to be legitimate like I was in the Terraria 1.2 update, then do that. This is an optional function -_-
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    posted a message on Failed To Login: Bad Login
    I think it just got fixed, I had the same thing.
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    posted a message on Lost Carcosa (1.7.x) [Roleplaying] [Player-Based] [Dedicated Server 24/7]
    Sexycombine, I believe that is how she is referred as.
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    posted a message on Lost Carcosa (1.7.x) [Roleplaying] [Player-Based] [Dedicated Server 24/7]
    Personal Information
    Name: [Optional]
    IGN: Phantom_Zelon
    Age: [Optional] Tell you later if I get accepted.
    Location: US
    RP Experience:I've gone on an RP server once, but it wasn't the best, but I still consider myself DECENT at RP, since my character on the server seemed to be [in]famous, mostly on the way he affected the characters around him.
    Reason for Applying: Looking for a DECENT or good RP server with good staff, good role play, and a fair system. This server was recommended to me by a friend, which I will mention if needed, and she describes it, this server, as a good time with RP and others, as it has a good basic plot and a reasonable roleplay system. I want to apply, in summary, because this server seems like it would be fun-like everything is not just forced upon you-like you have a good sense of freedom.
    Recommended By: [Optional]
    Roleplaying InformationIC Name:
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Race: Human (Or the equivalent)
    Backstory: Zelon was a troubled child at age 13. His life before was like an average person. His father died, and his mother was the only one with him. Surrounded by trees, Zelon always liked nature. He felt he could use it to his advantage one day. With his father's death after being brutally murdered by a group of bears right in front of Zelon's eyes, he wanted to kill bears. He didn't care if they were part of nature.

    He practiced his days fiddling with a bow. "One shot... hit..." the young boy would jot down in his log book. "Two shots... missed..." He kept writing and writing until his hand hurt, which was very quickly, so his practice was cut short. Days later, he would practice shooting the bow again, now hearing more thunks than snaps. After a few weeks, the tree he had been shooting at was nearly about to fall over due to the big chunk in the middle where he had hit various times. He was very confident in his shooting, as it was very organized and quick.

    Zelon grew older and older, and when he reached the age of 17, he reached the most frightening point in his life.

    All day, he would practice, quick movements to his quiver loaded with makeshift arrows, as if in a flash, the arrow would hit the tree with another arrow already on it's way, then again, and again. Eventually, he just started buying arrows from a market, although he was far away from most people as he lived in a cabin. The archery was amazing, until he missed. "Just one miss..." he shot again. He missed again. His morale drained, which he thought must be the cause. He fired 7 more times, and only 4 arrows hit. He didn't feel right. An urge to run was upon him. He was right outside of his house, one of the safest places he knows of.

    A growl emerged. It was deep and uneasy. His heart turned into a bucket being filled with fear, as he saw a group of bears emerge from a small cave. His fears could come up to him and inject a poison into his heart, but this could outmatch it all. His memories flashed in front of his eyes, a bloody corpse on the ground in front of him, being useless and defenseless, watching a group of bears maul his own father. He thought deep in his heart- "Run."

    He couldn't, his mother in the house baking a batch of what the family calls 'Caik', a delicious treat, must be unaware of the situation. The young boy picked up the bow, and slipped into a patch of grass. The bears didn't see him-yet-he thought. He silently loaded an arrow into his bow, and slipped through the grass, bush to bush, tree to tree, right behind the group of beasd.ts without a sound. I must be really good at this... he thought to himself. He loaded an arrow, then hoped for the best, thought I can do this, for Father, and fired. He didn't even need to look. By now it was by heart, and it hit one of the bears right in the neck just as it was looking up at a tree. The bear fell down, roaring in pain, and inside, a frightened lady worried about her son.

    Zelon loaded, another arrow, rushed out and shot the bear in the head, just to finish it off, then quickly hopped into the thick layer of leaves that the bushes provided. He jumped out, shot two what seemed like lightning bolts out of his bow, and the arrows quickly hit a bear, leading the creature to the floor in a puddle of it's blood, next to it's partner. Another two arrows, shot from every but no direction hit another bear, then a volley of 3 arrows hit the three wounded bears, just to make sure, just to HOPE that those beasts wouldn't disturb anyone again. Of course, he knew, by the plot of every life, the hardest were for the last, as he saw a massive, towering, and destructive soul appear in front of him. He quickly pulled out three arrows and put them in the side of the creatures pelt, but unfortunately, the hide was too strong. The creature noticed him after the three rapid arrows its side, and vibrated the ground as it ran. Zelon had a last chance. That thought took control of him- "Run."

    The action was preformed as the destructive mass went for the kill. A large thump rattled the floor as a tree fell and hit the ground, the one that Zelon had been shooting at. He looked back at the tree, "The fire!" he yelled out. He had set up a campfire that day to keep him warm for a temporary moment of shivering. He ran twords the fire, picked a random arrow out of his quiver, and swooped it down to the red ball of heat. The arrow was alight, but before you knew it, so was the bear. Zelon yelled positive cheers, until the burning bear lumbered in his direction. The side of the bear skimmed him face, burning the brown beard he had, turning it grey.

    He entered the house, with a frightened mother sitting in the middle of the house. "Hey, mother, I think I have found us some food for tonight to go with that Caik."

    Months later, he dyed his hair grey, using it as a mark to remember the days when he defeated the group of beasts.

    His mother died of a fatal sickness, infecting everyone around it, even the healers who tried to help. The cure was unknown, so he found himself sitting at his mother's funeral. The land his mother owned was almost as important as her life. The cabin he had was no longer his, as a rich man had bought the land.

    He put on a mask, similar to the look of a lizard, with a strange symbol of a diamond inside of a square on the left cheek, and kept it on as much as he can in memory of the fallen friends he had.

    Using his last bit of money, Zelon decided to move to Astra, to start a whole new life.
    Character Strengths: Stealth, archery, light armor, unseen movement.
    Character Weaknesses: Terrible at Melee combat, heavy armor, and rushing into battle, and anything that is the opposite of what he is good at.
    Additional Information: This backstory was one I used before, it may have some unknown places in it, so that basically means that there was a place like that, so if you wish, just ignore it. Zelon also fears bears and has no last name. Also, if the backstory is too long, I can summarize it if needed.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w43a is...Wait, What?
    Quote from GilledGiraffe

    Red thing in the background? O_o
    It's grumm upsidedown, and the fish is just an item, done, said before, double done.
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    posted a message on I feel epic about minecraft :D!
    To either be sarcastic or to be thankful is the point. And if you are thankful, I give you support.
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