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Hello, I am Phantom, you might have seen my brother's account, which I used temporarily, only posts, not topics.

My name: Erik, use the K.
Why the K?: My dad is Norse
Music: Music like C418, rock, just the smallest bit of dubstep, and classic/instrumental. Maybe add a little jazz to that.
Favorite animal: I have 4 cats. So considering that, it must be a bird.
Where I live: 'Murica.
What I do on my freetime: Minecraft/starbound/TF2
When did I start playing minecraft?: Early 1.1, late 1.0.
Hates: Yolo swaggers, today's youth, trust me, you wouldn't like it if you were a pure soul, rich snoody people, Roblox community, Nodus, when my topic has over 100 views yet like 2 replies, etc, etc.

Just leave a comment in the profile feed section if you need to know more.

Worst topics ever: By Angry_African_66

Since i'm Asian I would love to see cat meat make its way into minecraft. There is a 25% chance when killed the cat will drop cat meat. Now, if it is dropped there is a 10% chance 2-3 will drop and the other 90% of the time 1 would drop. This food cannot be cooked just like zombie meat. However once the cat is tamed, it will not drop the meat.

This meat will cure 7 hunger points (3 1/2 meat popsicles) However there is an 85% chance it will give you nausea for 30 seconds.

For those saying this is a ripoff of zombie flesh.......
So what? It is just a start, more may be added later
Cats don't drop anything and the only thing they do is repel creepers away which isn't even that good.
Give cats more of a use and let em drop meat!

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