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    The spoon mod adds many types of spoons into your Minecraft game. Wooden spoons, diamond spoons, spoonite spoons, battle spoons and much more! Enjoy mining with useful multi-use spoons, fighting with effective battle spoons and using amazing spoonite spoons. If want better tools, then this mod is for you!


    They are a new tool that are multi-purpose. They are effective against stone, wood, and sand/gravel/dirt, which makes it so you don't waste your pickaxes on annoying underground gravel or dirt! They are extremely cheap to make by having 2 of the material and a bowl.(See crafting section)


    • Cheap to craft
    • Are multi-tools
    • Faster than most regular tools
    • Fun to use

    Battle Spoons:

    This type of spoon is meant for battle! But they are also effective towards blocks, but not as good as the regular spoons. They do 1+ more damage then the material's sword. The way to craft it is to put a spoon in the middle and make a helmet on top of it with flint. The spoonite spoon is the best with 10 damage.(Or is it)


    • Does 1+ damage then materials sword
    • Harder to craft
    • Are effective towards blocks but not very effective


    This is what is used to craft the spoonite spoon. Spoonite ore is found underground. Can be found in 3s. Drops 3 spoonite shards. These spoonite shards are what are used to craft spoonite. To craft it put 9 spoonite shards around the crafting table like an iron block.(See crafting section)


    • Best material in Minecraft
    • Can only be mined with a diamond spoon
    • The ore is purple and resembles 2 broken spoons


    Crafting recipe for spoonsBattle Spoon Crafting


    Link for download(mediafire): http://goo.gl/qBmXrs


    Thanks to Player In Distress for letting me continue his mod. It was his idea but I just continued it. P.S. made with MCreator.


    • Ask me before putting this in any mod packs
    • Don't post on other websites without my permission
    • Don't hate on me
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    Free, Tell me what you want and I see if I can do it.

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    Quote from Zandorum»
    Your not allowed to post MCreator mods as stated in its topic and eula.

    One admin said "you can post MCreator mods as long as you give credit and link the website"
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    Trying to Model it right now
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