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    Hi everyone. To those old members, it's me, Pewman, back again. To the new members, hello, I'm Pewman.

    This is in regards to the 2.0 update. It may or may not be an April Fools joke, I hope it is. Some of the new additions are not good in my opinion. Although the angry chickens are laughable and add a new funny to the game.

    But I am mainly concerned about the change of the forum. As posted on the front page:
    Due to low usage, the following sections will be deleted from the forum on April 14th:
    • Off-Topic
    • Servers
    • Mods
    • Minecraft Discussion
    • Contact Forum Administration
    • Videos
    First off: Mods. Seriously? You know a butt ton of people go there. "Low usage". This may be an April Fools joke, I'm hoping and guessing. Second: The servers. This is how most people find servers.

    Before I look like an idiot in front of the mods I am going to stop here, and assume that this is all a joke. Hopefully.
    I woke up today, thinking it was a normal day. But when I saw Half Life 2: Episode 3 on Steam and how it was a big April Fools joke (I looked like an idiot in front of my friends ._.), I thought, "Wow, there are so many fake things going on today. I'm gonna be suspicious of everything".

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    posted a message on [1.4.6/1.4.7/1.5.2] The Hat Fortress 2 Mod: Crates, Keys, and HATS.
    tf2 in a nutshell:

    lol, i'm kidding. should have bought the game before trading came along.. :L

    anyhow, nice mod. +1 :-D
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    posted a message on Login Failed plz help
    OH MY GOD.

    "no it is the right section!!!!111"

    are you ****ing retarded? this is the MINECRAFT MODS section. not ****ing HELP section.
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    posted a message on Where Did The Server Jar Go?
    Quote from Horned19

    Well it's weird and grammatically wrong.


    anyways, when i get the server.jar, it's a .jar file. is the file extension in the file name a .zip or a .jar?
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    posted a message on [WIP] Michael Jackson Mod - v0.9
    OH HEY LOOK it's the Charlotte mod made by KODAICHIZERO.reported, as well for trying to make money off of someone else's mod and claiming credit for it.
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    posted a message on Moding problems for 1.0 MUST SEE
    Quote from leetporker

    THIS IS IMPORTANT For all the Modders and All those who plan to mod

    Well if you haven't realized when you mod with a mod Minecraft crashes. Well Mabye its you modloader so ANY modloader dont use it it makes it worse, and dont install mods becuase they are buggy and they make you crash when you use them. you are might be asking well then just dont mod Wrong you can mod but only use these mods With out modloader Toomanyitems Zombe's modpack those are the only mods AND IF YOU CAN USE ANYOTHER MOD WITHOUT MODLOADER TELL ME

    And please dont even think about just go installing a random mod with modloader after i told you SO PLEASE DONT Becuase it WILLL CRASSHH you minecraft or computer

    did you just find this out? hey everyone, he learned something! give him a cookie! too bad we know this already! HA HA HA HA!

    mods aren't always buggy.
    they don't always crash. it's because YOU didn't install it correctly.

    what do YOU know about modding minecraft and adding mods to it? literally nothing.
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    posted a message on [1.0] Mods for Minecraft 1.0!
    Quote from mattbrvc

    you cant do this <.<

    ppl never learn :dry.gif:

    not that this isn't a nice thing to do but there are copyright and distribution issues

    there AREN'T any copyright issues. it's not like he said "THESE ARE ALL MY MODS" and used adcraft.co or adf.ly.. lrn2smart derphead.

    this could become the mods list for faster browsing of mods. y'know, ctrl+f and type the mod in!
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    posted a message on DONT MOVE
    change 'specs' to 'what i used:'.. nice job anyways.
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    posted a message on Why cant i find any mod downloads


    thank you ill see if it works

    he gave the DIRECT ****ING LINK to audiomod and modloader. ****ing christ. you don't need anymore help now.
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    posted a message on Has anybody gotten Tale of kingdoms working on mac?
    1. delete EVERYTHING inside the .minecraft folder
    2. run minecraft.exe
    3. click "options" on top of "log in"
    4. select "force update"
    5. let it download the resources from minecraft.net
    6. close minecraft
    7. open minecraft.jar with archiving program
    8. delete META-INF
    9. install modloader
    10. close minecraft.jar
    11. create "mods" folder in .minecraft folder
    12. create new zip, rename to "Tale of Kingdoms 1.8.1" (does nothing, just so it's easier to recognise mods)
    13. put files from the tale of kingdoms zip you downloaded to the zip you created in the mods folder
    14. close mods folder and .minecraft
    15. start minecraft.exe
    16. enjoi

    there you go. quit being so cold JesterofNios.
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