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    posted a message on I need help on my youtube channel
    Laziness isn't going to get you far, but either way - look around/google for free Youtube Intros and Outros, Royalty Free Music, etc.
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    posted a message on Minecraft MiniGame JEG
    ^What he said.

    And where's the DL link? :o
    I wanna give the Jeg a shot!
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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR GIRLS!
    Quote from HUFFLEPUFF

    because me and my friends are starting a minecraft series and there is 3 guys so there needs to be some girls.

    Wow. I've seen pretty desperate stuff, but this is a new low.
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    posted a message on I want to buy minecraft please help.
    Yeah. As long as you have the Premium status on your account, you can play on any computer that you downloaded minecraft on with that account.
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    posted a message on Cosy home within the trees. A creative vanilla project.

    Hey guys! This is a small build by a friend(sennethtsz). It is a 2 hour long build process. No mods used.
    Enough said, heres the block by block goodness:)

    The residential area:

    The 'plaza', aka Villagers' Green.

    A lounge/ casual lookout point.

    Woof. A small garden!

    The local bar.

    The cookhouse/viewing platform.

    One of the watch towers...

    The library:

    One of the many, many entrances/exits.

    Open to critique and comments. Thanks! :D
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    posted a message on get rid of ocelots
    Quote from Muffinkiller0307

    Nobody likes cats get rid of them!!!!

    Nobody asked me! I like cats! :3
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