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    posted a message on i got 32 bit processor but i want 64 bit :o
    Do to the way Microsoft handled it's kernel patch protection feature in 64 bit os, the 32 bit is a tab more safer to work with. Not that it matter to most people, in some cases, you can not tell what the kernel in the 64 bit os is actually doing, leading to some security problems.

    As for you learning java, it does not matter. By the time you get around to actually using 64 bit java, you will by then be ready to upgrade.

    I, on the other hand, would not bother to learn java, if you plan to do more then just create some simple mods and begin to learn new code.

    Java is going to go the way of flash. It is out dated, it is a terrible mess to debug, and it is inefficiencies start to show through when you program something a little more then a simple video game.

    Anyone can wonder why minecraft will run on xbox with C code, but will not run on a computer with twice the processing power in java. I understand that java, if written correctly is really solid, but who writes it correctly. I mean the motto for java is compile it once, debug it everywhere.

    But the biggest reason to move away from java is Oracle. Anyone that wants to create a good software will, sooner or later, be sued by oracle. Oracle is the one and only reason you should move on from java, if the other reasons where good enough.
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    posted a message on Oh my word... (Overkill at it's finest)
    First off. Is it your money? I am just tired of everyone running around saying it is over build, like the person that is building it really cares. It is not your money. It is not your pc. It is not your time.

    Quote from not_a_zombie

    2. Should've gotten no more than 2 HDD's. Unless you need 3 at once, which I have no idea why you would need that, it would've been better to get 2 of higher capacity.

    Worst advice ever.

    HDD fail. Every day, every week, every year. If you only have enough hdd's to run your pc, you will find out why backing up on different hdd is important.
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    posted a message on Problems with my internet....
    Quote from cnerde

    Where do you live? I'm terrifeid that you may be part of frontiers take-over area, that keeps growing. If you are part of the soon to be area, RUN! You want away fromt them, things will get worse. If we can figure it out and see if your soon to be part of "The new Frontier" then maybe you can use that to convince your parents to switch.

    And run where. There is no where to run. I went from comcast to frontier for my house and VPN. Still have a comcast for the business and other house.

    So far, Frontier has been a great service. 25/25 Mbps and it is great. Frontier was a little messed up with the vpn we use, but after we worked that out, we are great. My sister lives in NYC has 25/5 with comcast and it just sucks. Clear is not that bad, if you get in a good spot. Verizon LTE is not that bad, if you are not in a high population area. Ect...

    But to the OP, we need your zip code, or a zip code near you.
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    posted a message on What program do you run to...
    Depends on your "risk taking". If you are a high risk taker, download everything in sight, you are going to need everything you can lay your hands on. If you treat your computer like a 6 year old child, which means you do not allow it to do anything a 6 year old would do? Any mainstream software will do. Here is a little hint. The more software you have running, the slower your computer will be.

    Number one rule for all computers.

    Get sandboxie. http://www.sandboxie.com/

    Run all questionable programs in sandboxie. Run all web browsers in sandboxie, if you are visiting questionable sites.

    99.99999999% of the times, sandboxie will protect you better then any other program.
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    posted a message on If zombies became real, would you still use this forum?
    Quote from Metadigital

    Wait, did this get moved into the politics and philosophy section?

    It's a zombie thread. Who moderates this place?

    Who died and left you politics and philosophy god?Honestly. Zombies are a philosophical debate. Oh better yet, prove to me now that zombies do not fall into the realms of philosophy.
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    posted a message on Topic and Thread Editing.
    In a lot of cases, we see people posting on an unpopular topic and then deleting or changing the post after a few hours of trolling the forums. Also there some people that will directly edit their posts changing their opinions after they decided they have trolled the forums enough.

    This behavior is just trolling.

    I suggest we do the following.

    1.) All threads that are created can be edited for 30 minutes after they are posted, then locked for 24 hours, then allowed to be edited again. To allow for polls and such. After 24 hours, the information contained in the post can be updated by the user.

    2.) All posts in threads will be able to be edited for 15 minutes after posting but after 15 minutes the post is can not be edited. The only way to edit the post after that is if the moderator allows the post to be opened again.

    3.) All edits must be include the "edited by (user name) on (date and time).

    4.) All edited posts, if possible, should be viewable by the people on the forums when they want it for 30 minutes after the last post.

    By allowing a person to delete and modify their posts after a set period you will stop people from trolling the forums looking just to upset the conversations.

    It also will stop some of the calling of trolls that we get when someone thinks an user posted one thing and then changed the post later.
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    posted a message on What if actual games could be on iDevices?
    Quote from Xaanos

    How is buying them online any different its how Steam Battle.net Origin and GOG work.
    Why would you want to buy an IOS game in store anyway.
    How would you install it?

    Competition? Oh I am sorry I just said an apple swear word. I mean copyright infringing thieves.

    To the op, in the next few years, you will get your wish. You will be able to play any video game, no matter how graphically complex on any device you want, we are about 1-2 years away from having that.
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    posted a message on Which GPU 670 or 7970 HELP!
    Amd if you want to 3d game with it. Nvidia if you don't.
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    posted a message on Hottest Women in the World
    Any woman that has confidence to be herself regardless of what the outside world says.
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    posted a message on How Tall Are You?
    Old enough to be the op's mother. And 6' 2"
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    posted a message on Speedtest.net Results and General Internet connection and ISP Discussion

    Well that was inaccurate for me.
    It reported 4.6Mbps; 3 different sources reported closer to 10Mbps for me (Steam, Speedtest.net, BBC iPlayer thingy [It also reported 0.36Mbps up; Speedtest.net says 1Mbps {128KBps} and FileZilla says 200KBps]):

    Because the internet is not a open freeway to go as fast as you want. The internet is a closed system in which traffic jams happen. You know what it takes to make a offical test by isp standards. 700 tests a day take at 10 minute internals for 1 week. Average them out and you got average speed. But to be honest, if you where only getting 4.6 Mbps, that is probably your true speed. Almost any other program uses locally hosted files.
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    posted a message on Speedtest.net Results and General Internet connection and ISP Discussion
    Just a small warning. Speed test websites are very easily faked, both intentionally and unintentionally.

    Intentionally they can be faked with javascripts. Unintentionally they can be faked with "speed" boosters. Most isp store the "data" from speakeasy, speedtest and the other internet speed sites on local servers. You are hitting them when you get your speed. The best way to test for speed is to do something in your country but other side of it. Or do an extended download of very large files.

    For example, here is my home internet connection

    :::.. Download Test Results ..:::
    Download Connection:: 34316 Kbps or 33.5 Mbps
    Download Test Size:: 200 MB or 204800 kB or 209715200 bytes
    Download Speed:: 4290 kB/s or 4.2 MB/s
    Tested At:: http://TestMy.net version:12
    Validation Link:: http://testmy.net/db/A0fjMi6
    Test Time:: 2012-05-20 16:01:18 Local Time
    1MB Download in 0.24 Seconds - 1GB Download in ~4 Minutes - 613X faster than 56K
    This test of exactly 204800 kB took 47.745 seconds to complete
    Running at 765% of hosts average (Frontier Communications)
    User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:12.0

    Notice that it was a 200MB file.
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    posted a message on I dislike ISPs with a burning passion.
    Quote from Phenylglyceride

    Turns out, I've paid for 20 MBps download speed...2MBps.

    Huh, can you check your numbers? Because 20MBp/s is like 80Mb/s. You would have a faster connection then 99.999% of all Americans. 2MB/s is pretty fast for most people. In fact, I only have a 25/25 Mb/s on my town house and it is fast enough, faster then 94% of all americans.
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    posted a message on IR Detector
    Quote from blackarcher1324

    im spreading them out  on a shirt  so if im hit with IR waves i know

    Honestly, that will not work like you think it will. You can hook up quite a few fototransistor as you want, but the sensitivity of the transistors will make it so if one of them glows all of them will. You will see that you will have about a 6 foot coverage with most ir waves. Only in limited cases will covering a shirt with a few make it more sensitive then normally would. IR falls off very quickly. As for more sensitive ones, osram makes quite a few, but you will have to pay for them, I last checked them in at 3 dollars each.
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    posted a message on How much power?
    What does the rest of your system look like. In most cases, the above people are 100% correct. In some cases, you need to over shoot the power supply.

    I would get one really good card, then get a sli card. Unless you need the sli card for bionic stuff.
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