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    Okay this is the third time I had to type this because this website keeps failing to stay up.

    Edit: Please Canncel this. I have already taken, and completed the test :).

    Please mind if this is short.

    IGN: petethepug

    Why would you like to become a tester: To help Beta Test the server, find bugs, glitches, etc. Flaw's with rules etc. I would like to also play because this seems like a really fun server.

    Tell us your story of how you got into the Exodus Ship:

    My name is Drake Allen. Unformalily known as Pete, I am 18 years old, and still in school. (Still a Senior in Highschool ;3.) (I used to be a Junior before Summer started.) I was a volunteer at Nasa, and worked as a trouble shooter, and physics student. (Not to advanced in Physics, but enough to know how to make planes, and things how to properly fly. Guns, etc. I was asked to step in a room by a man in a black suit. I said okay assuming that he was an important agent or something. I was in a room with a bunch of Biologists, Physicsits, etc. All of which were familiar in helping taking care of a normal space ship situation. I was told by one of the men in the black suits to pack up my things, and belongings you will need for traveling. One of the agents looked at me. "You look pretty tall. How old are you?", "I am 18. Why do you ask?" (He notices I am about 7 Inches Tall.) "Just curious.", "Well you must have a reason to ask me." "Once you understand what is going on we will talk out details." (I stop asking questions looking at all the other scientists around me.)

    I went home, and they wanted me to be at the Exodus within five hours. My parents were not home, and the trip from where I lived to the ship is far. (30 Miles away.) I could not drive yet. I was afraid to ask my parents because they would punish me thinking I did something wrong. But the truth was they didn't know what was going on with the earth.

    I packed my things, and as soon as I had gotten to the Exodus I texted my Mother.

    "Hi, I know you may wondering where I may be. Life has been hard for me, and I understand your concern for me right now completely. Do not reply as I will not have my phone by the time you read this. It will be useless to me once I leave from Earth. I have taken my time traveling 30 miles with walking, running, and some driving.

    Do not try finding my phone. I will be off earth.

    I always trust you, and I always will. I have been asked to be apart of a project. ... For Nasa. I have no choice to do this mission or not, I must go. I am sorry. I will forever remember you, and will forever love you no matter what happens. I'm sorry,"

    I stopped texting, and bring my phone with me on the ship. I save the battery in it for remembrance of photos or videos. I take a recording of me on earth boarding the Exodus (Hidden from Security of course.) I take a look back, and welcome my new future. (Turns off [hone completely, and hides it under furniture.)

    "Your cyromancer station is right here." Take a deep breath, and relax.

    (I get in the station.)

    (300 Years Later.) I come back on earth, 18 Years old of age.

    I welcome my new life, I quickly look for my phone around the area.


    This server uses a custom resource pack that you need to have in order to play. The download link is at the homepage. Did you download and install it?: Yes.

    In this section you will be asked to roleplay in 2 situations. Please give us a short or long RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each)

    You are walking through the streets of "Anthropia", one of the 2 remaining cities left on Earth. As you walk you notice a shining object in an alley. You attempt to grab it but as soon as you crouch and try to catch this object someone appears behind you. Then this person says something to you...

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!"
    Continue the RP situation please, from the perspective of your character giving as much details as possible

    I'm sorry, I am just... Scarred. I been frozen for 300 years in a ship. Please, just take what you want, or need. I don't want to hurt anyone. (Sobs in character Dialogue.)

    It's getting dark and you are in the wasteland, but as you try to come back to the nearest city you hear a voice in the distance asking for help desperately. If you investigate the place looking for who's asking for help you won't make it to the city, you will most likely die, eaten by the mutant creatures that come out at the night. But without your help the entity calling for help would die...
    Continue the RP situation please, from the perspective of your character, giving as much details as possible.

    This would actually vary based on opinuion. If I am loaded with weapons, grenades etc. I would not be afraid to check out what is happening. But if I had nothing with me, and no food I would need to hurry and get to the city.

    With all else said lets just say that I only had one shotgun, and some old Pork Chops (Two to be exact.) If my vision was great enough to see who is calling out for help, I would try to help but be careful, and make sure to sneak carefully into the area. But if things get to crazy, and all else fails, I would take a few blasts with my shotgun, and run the heck away before I get into anymore trouble. I will be lightly injured, and chased during the decision I taken. But I will still make it in one peace to the city.

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    Quote from papertazer»

    Adds like that have been around for as long as the game has. They wont go away. Ever.

    Unless somehow cyber space no longer exists...
    Or the government bans this...
    Or no one does this anymore...

    ORRR well you get the idea.
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    Quote from bobbyneed64»

    This is just not good at all, theirs allot of kids who are poor that can fall into this easily.

    No matter what we can't stop this. Only legal terms, and justice will
    solve this issue. If you really find this a problem, you can request it to be punished in a court, or by an authority who can help.
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    Quote from Meissmart»

    This is literally the sixth post about the upside-down avatars. Talk about an attention-grabbing joke!

    Don't worry it will probably end soon.
    (Probably 30 days from now)
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    Quote from bl4ckscor3»

    Yes, it's an April Fools joke. I don't seem to be affected by it, though.

    I secretly uploaded an upside down version of it, but shhh!

    Teach me your ways!
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    All players avatars are upside down for me...


    Um is it becuase of April fools?

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    posted a message on Needing a Name for my Server!

    Flam's town?


    I have more creative ones but I don't want them being stolen, and taken.

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    posted a message on My small medieval town.

    Well its not the best, but they do look good :).

    I really like the style!

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    posted a message on Why are my command blocks unloading?

    Let me clarify my previous post;
    If you build below bedrock (Your redstone system) You can avoid players getting to it.

    You need to have it in lots of length becuase the redstone will need to require tic
    ks near the chunk the player is on. (I can explain this visually)

    I been playing Minecraft since 2012. But never joined the forums until 2014 (Then became inactive) Then joined 2016. Don't even go in the direction your trying to put this in at the moment.

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    Quote from Ramblinman817»

    Your issue may not be caused by the number of mods you have but by a conflict in those mods. Conflict and incompatibility isn't the huge problem it use to be but it can still happen, read the descriptions for each mod and see if any mention incompatibility. Other things that could cause issues like this are installing mods that weren't made for the Minecraft version you're playing and using mods from untrustworthy sites (stick to Curse and the modders official site) as they can be mislabeled or contain malware. This could still be a case of your PC not having enough power but you should be aware of the other possibilities

    P.s. Read here for more info about untrustworthy sites.


    So that explains why I lag in modpacks.
    Anymore tips?
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    Quote from Matt46107»

    i have a mine craft account and I purchased a lot of stuff on a server. I accidentally clicked log out and I forgot my email for my account but I still remember my password.

    By chance do you remember your in game name? You may be able to revive your account with some security questions.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Small Vanilla 1.9 Survival Server to Join!

    If your interested in helping our build team, or playing on our server in the future. I would check out my server below in my signature. We are both 1.8 & 1.9.

    Please note that we will eventually allow a small amount of users to play our mini games once they are released.

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    posted a message on Friends? I Need a good group!

    I am 14, I'm becoming 15 on April 8th.

    I will check Skype in a few :D.

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    Quote from Herosrhine»

    Don't listen to that guy he makes no sense. It sound's like he's never even played minecraft, he's talking about building below bedrock....

    but it you have to make sure the world spawn is where the command blocks are. Maybe it requires a tick update for the chunk to stay loaded??? Just try and put a semi-slow red stone clock where the command blocks are. Because before, in 1.8, we used /fill clocks. That caused a tick update In that chunk, so maybe the new command blocks don't make a tick update?? Because this is really weird.

    You may want to listen to this guy.
    I have dealt with problems like this before but never in 1.9, as a developer I deal with this all the time.
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    A normal PC could only normally handle 100,

    but if you have some super computer it could handle just above 900 or so.

    I would try sticking to 10 - 20 Mods if you have an outdated PC. Hope I helped,

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