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    posted a message on I'm scared now.
    The zombies carrying stuff is neat, since you can see the rare drops zombies hold before they drop them. It also adds more diversity to mobs, which is a plus, if you ask me, even if they are tougher to fight.

    The 3 spider jockeys in one night is pretty impressive. I've only seen a few here and there. Perhaps the spawn rate has been upgraded? If it was, then it should be. Spider Jockeys are too rare anyway.

    And uh, the quicksand was just mobs screwing around. They've been doing because of a glitch. It's pretty annoying. ;P
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    posted a message on An Female Default player.
    Personally, I think a female model wouldn't look very good. All the other minecraft mob models and the player model are composed of rectangular prisms and cubes. If the model was different for a female, I have a feeling the changes would either be too subtle or too sexist - And cause it stand out from the other models in the game.
    An easy alternative, again, would just be to get yourself a female skin.
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    posted a message on Slimeball Rarity -SUCCESS and 50+ Supporters!
    Slime balls are a bit rare, but they aren't so bad as long as you look for them. If you simply rely on getting enough slimeballs by wandering caves, then you're not going to get much. Instead, all you need to do is find a single slime, and hollow out an area for more to spawn, and then you'll have plenty. Also, slime ball drops are not so rare if you find a large one. They will split into a bunch of little slimes.

    So, I see your point, but honestly, slimes are fine as they are. They aren't so rare that slime balls are unobtainable.
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    posted a message on boss mode
    When you kill enough minions you become a boss? I don't know if it should work that way but becoming stronger for killing things seems like an interesting idea. Although, that concept is already somewhat available through enchanting, if you enchanted a sword or bow.

    Minions are sort of in the game as well. I'm talking about wolves, but you can't give them armor or anything. That would be cool though.
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    posted a message on What is the most useless thing in minecraft?
    Minecarts with furnaces. Ever since booster rails came out, to me they seem be too much of a hassle. Hm. A lot of people have probably forgotten they exist anymore.
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    posted a message on Creepy Noise from?
    Ah yes, as loop pointed out, the sound is ambiance. There's a whole bunch of freaky noises minecraft makes. I recall seeing a video with all of the noises once. Here it is:
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    posted a message on [CTM] [1000+ Downloads] Land of Lost Wool! Traps! Mobs! Diamonds! Epicness!

    Hello everyone. I've just finished my new, first, CTM map inspired by Vechs' popular
    "Super Hostile" series of CTM maps. Like any CTM map, it contains 16 boxes with chests full of different colors of wool, which your goal is to take to the Victory Monument, along with a Iron, Gold, And Diamond Block.

    The map is set in a massive desert. When you begin your adventure you will immediately witness many of the dungeons keeping their wool safe within. From sandstone mountains, to massive dark clouds, and huge mossy towers, each offers a unique challenge trying to push minecraft into murdering you over and over again. But should you try hard hard enough, and explore far enough, you will eventually seek out, recover, and take each color of wool back to the Victory Monument. This is the atmosphere I hope to create when you play my map.

    Although it has been created for CTM gameplay, this map may also be used as a survival map. In terms of difficulty, my map is actually probably not as hard as the average Super Hostile map by Vechs, but it provides a challenge none the less.
    Oh, and comments are much appreciated!



    Here's a wonderful Let's Play by EffectorCraft:

    Another Let's Play, by Unhost! Holy crap!

    A hilarious co-op Let's Play by The Badness:

    Another epic co-op Let's Play, done by BIGCountrysTV and The KingNappy:
    (If you're afraid of swearing go hide in a corner.)

    Nappy's perspective of the last video is also available:

    Let's Play by ProfdeCube! He seems to take a unique approach to the map. Surely an interesting one.

    A Let's Play by adamgoldarmy. Straightforward and simple, but keep in mind there is no commentary.

    Let's Play by Noobus Totalus. It's not in english, though. Czech, I think? Here it is:

    Let's Play by Fossnlipe. Not english either. I think he's also Czech:

    Downloads from 1.4.2 (v2.0)
    Preferred Download: http://adf.ly/EAHM0
    Direct Download: http://www.mediafire...38rd9tq4rs8u8qq

    Use the Direct Download if you wish, but it would really help out if you took five seconds out of your day and clicked the adf.ly link instead. Thanks, and enjoy. ;3

    Older Versions:

    Downloads from 1.3.2
    Preferred Download: http://adf.ly/BcmNd
    Direct Download: http://www.mediafire...4rx8q2s794ncsjd


    Did you you enjoy my map? If you did, you may want to consider displaying one of these snazzy banners in your signature. Copy the code into your signature to add it in.
    (Copy the text below each picture into your signature by right clicking and pasting as plain text)




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    posted a message on Digital Diamond: Indiana Jones-Style Pistons!
    This map blew my mind when I watched the vid. Although I have seen some super clever piston work in other maps, most of this was unique stuff I'd never seen before (I liked the minecart timing puzzle especially.). It was crazy long too. I'm very impressed with the map and congratulate the map's maker for his creativity, his redstone knowledge, and map-making patience.
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    posted a message on Nice looking floors?
    A checkerboard design is the way to go. What block you use depends on the rest of the room though. Using colors that work well with the "theme" of your house will do good.
    If you have a rather plain style house, for example, use similar colors.
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    posted a message on Largest Diamond Vein You've Found?
    I'm sure I've found 8 several times, but at least one time I can recall, because I was mining around some lava. It would be interesting to find more than that, since that would have to be two intersecting veins.
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    posted a message on What is the scariest hostile mob?
    Any of the overworld aggressive mobs can freak me out in caves if the appear suddenly. Skeletons freak me out the most because if I can't hear them at first, the sudden sound of their arrows is so loud and sudden, it always makes me jump and panic for half a second. xD
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