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Welcome, stranger. Nothing too interesting here.

You can usually find me in various areas of Off Topic, primarily Forum Games.

I'm (usually) not a sarcastic asshat, so if you want/need to chat or ask me anything, feel free. That also means that I accept most friend invites that come my way.

That being said, go ahead and add me. Because you know that you'd love to be friends with such a righteous dude.

Bronies: Keep it sane, keep it subtle.

Steak is best served medium rare. Always.


Here's some gaming/community information.

Steam: Pernix
Skype: strongbadman7
deviantART: strongbadman7
YouTube: strongbadman7
SoundCloud: strongbadman7


Have a pleasant day, everyone.
Interests Badger Wrestling

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Minecraft SBM7

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Skype strongbadman7