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    I have been working on trying to improve the appearance of my Minecraft world by adding textures from the Painterly Pack by Rhodox and friends and its massive repertoire of 16 x 16 textures that blend surprisingly well with the textures from the Unity Resource Pack by CyanideX and Unity-Styled Zederrian Technology by Zerrens, paying special attention to tweaking the 'HUD' textures from Painterly to better fit the 'sci-fi' theme of my modpack and make it feel more personalized.

    I also made plentiful use of the 'Hue / Saturation' tools in GIMP to make the textures from 'Refined Storage' and 'Cyberware' (The Robosurgeon from it is visible through the window in the image below, but I will post a dedicated picture of the room once that I have an actual setup going) fit in better with the other machines in my modpack, by changing the blue color schemes on screens and details to shades of green (adding white in the case of screens also) that matched the other machines, having a unified look for things makes the experience more wholesome for me.

    Most of the updates I have made in-game are somewhat minimal due to time constraints, but with most of the texture work taken care of, I will be able to dedicate more of my free time to actually playing the game.

    My updates consisted of building a small 'Refined Storage' system to store all of my items, adding a Fish Tank to the living room in my home and exploring the depths of the sea to extract oil that I am refining into fuel in order to be able to start working on creating my very first rocket and reaching the surface of the moon if everything goes well.

    - Refined Storage Room:

    - Underwater Oil Lake Shot:

    - Oil Refinery Setup:

    - Fish Tank:

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    Just a few days ago I created a small (136 mods) sci-fi themed modpack on Minecraft v1.11.2 and started my adventure. I made myself a modern'ish style house to start me off in my adventures, but do not have much expertise when it comes to building in all honesty, with this being one of my first attempts at making buildings that go beyond a simplistic, utilitarian style.

    After finding the location and enjoying the view I built my house on the seashore and the headquarters on a nearby islet, then connected the islet to the mainland with a small bridge.

    I also built a large building to serve as my headquarters and base of operations, and to host the more general-use machinery that will help me on my journey.

    Resource Pack used in the screenshots is a mixture of the Unity Resource Pack by CyanideX and the Unity-Styled Zederrian Technology Resource Pack by Zerrens in an attempt to provide the maximum possible coverage available to me (I am not a texture artist) for the mods in the modpack.

    Neither resource pack is unmodified, however, I had to port some textures from versions of Unity for previous versions of Minecraft because they had become lost or incompatible in the transition from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2+, on top of the many textures from Zederrian Technology that required some very painstaking and time-consuming renaming to reflect the changes in texture names from v1.7.10 to v1.11.2.

    Many textures used to use camelcase (itemName) type of names, but Minecraft v1.11.2 made lowercase (item_name) the standard.

    It was all worth it at the end though, with the Zederrian Technology textures for GalactiCraft being among my favorites.

    - Front (House):

    - Living Room (1st Half):

    - Living Room (2nd Half):

    - Dining Room (1st Half):

    - Dining Room (2nd Half):

    - Kitchen:

    - Entomology Studio (1st Half):

    - Entomology Studio (2nd Half):

    - Bathroom:

    - Beekeeping Room:

    - Bedroom:

    - Headquarters:

    - Mekanism Machines Room:

    - GalactiCraft Machines Room:

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