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    I would like to suggest some additions.... I very much enjoy playing this youknow kiloling zombies and shooting guns but how bout more...? like different types of zombies and more guns and more types of foods and drinks
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    hey dude im making a apocolyptic, survival map may i use this? i will credit you and those other dudes
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    Quote from polartt

    It looks awesome! Cant wait to play =D
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    Quote from polartt

    Pics not working?
    well there you go! :P
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    Quote from polartt

    I see but how about a few more? ^.^

    ill get them done in a bit prabably around 4 got school
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    Quote from polartt

    Pics not working?
    kind of fixed one
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    Underground Adventure Map
    With nearly 1 year put into this map and still only being a third done and being 100% underground you can only imagine how big this map will be. Me (PerCat) and Linksees1 my buddie who has helped me make this I give him 1/2 credit. This map can be played with a buddie of choice or by yourself. There are a few simple rules which you will find upon starting the map. I know your gonna die from the frequent anxiety attacks but for now you will have do do with pictures. MAP UPDATE: ONLY TWO AREAS LEFT! We Must Wait For SPC's Update,and of course the beta test but then it will be finished.but here are the pictures. Please Note: There a lot of quests and areas in the adventure map......But most of them are optional it is recommended you do all the quest and explore every area thoroughly for the best experience and maximum amount of awesomeness. Storyline You are a person born in this cave like world who has always wished to travel.... And travel you will to discover many worlds and places of unfathomable, pure, awesomeness.
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    3 things try to make the water and lava look more like the rest of the texture pack, they look to real,
    make the cobble way lighter and the stone way darker,
    other than that i love this texture pack
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    Cool i'll download
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    Hey can i make this into an adventure map?? i will credit you and everyone included on the map and i will include the texture pack and credit everyone on that to.
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    Quote from merlinus12

    "You awaken in a small room. Strange messages are written on the wall. Only one thought is on your mind.


    Escapecraft is a room-escape puzzle game, Minecraft-style! Decipher clues, solve riddles, exploit the idiosyncratic physics of everyone's favorite game!

    This is a "teaser" to gauge the communities interest. Game includes a dozen levels, and should require no more than 2 hours of game play (assuming you don't die and have to start over repeatedly). If you know all the answers to the puzzles, you can rush through in about 20 minutes.

    Successful completion of the game requires a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of Minecraft (redstone, water, etc). Familiarity with the game's history will help you understand some of the jokes, but is not strictly required. Fair warning - the later levels may be very difficult.

    - Don't break blocks unless you place them.
    - Difficulty must be set to Normal or Hard
    - No cheats

    There are two download links. The first will take you to a Paypal page, where you pay $0.50 and get the game. The second download link below will take you to an advertisement, followed by the download page.

    Thanks for reading! Now without further ado...

    PAYPAL DOWNLOAD! [] [] [] [] [] [] AD DOWNLOAD!

    Let me know what you think! Would you like to see more? Ideas for a sequel? Think you have a better puzzle idea?

    Also check out EscapeCraft2!

    After a couple requests, I've decided to add an option for you all to donate. I'm a grad student at an expensive private university who pays for school by working 40 hours a week at the local bowling alley making minimum wage. In all honesty, making this little mod has been the most fun I've had in months. Every $7 I get through this is an hour I don't have to spend disinfecting shoes and can therefore spend making cool stuff for you (like new levels). If you have enjoyed this, drop a dollar in the tip jar.

    - Download file and unzip to your minecraft folder (on Windows 7, go to C: -> Users -> *USERNAME* -> AppData -> Roaming -> .minecraft -> saves )
    - Rename folder "World#" (where '#' is a number 1-5). If you already have 5 worlds, you will need to rename one of the existing save folders.
    - I recommend creating a additional backup folder, in the all-too-likely event of your death.

    Known Problems:
    - Despite my best efforts, the spawn location is in the wrong place. If you die, its game over. (I would appreciate someone fixing this!)
    - Since there is no manual save feature in Minecraft, if you die you must manually reinstall Escapecraft and start over.
    - Occassionally, a mob will spawn in unintended locations (likely due to the Halloween Update).


    Room 1
    An iron door can only be opened with redstone, a switch, a pressure plate or...
    ...a button

    Room 2
    No buttons or switches, so you'll need a way to open the door yourself...
    Check the floor... carefully...
    Now what can you make with 2 cobble, coal and...
    a FURNACE!

    Room 3
    Again, check the floor. Carefully

    Room 4
    What can you make with 3 iron? What do you need to make it? How can that help you get past lava?

    Room 5
    Water is your friend

    Room 6
    You need LOTS of water...
    Now do the previous room in reverse.

    Room 7
    You need to setup 2 equations - x + y = 10 and x^2 + y^2 = 29*2
    Then solve for x in the first equation, and insert it into the second
    (10-y)^2 + y^2 = 58
    The answer is 3 and 7... you cheater

    Room 8
    Well, there are a lot of paintings... look at them and AROUND them.
    What does a button to?
    Where might the door be?
    If you are still stuck, there are 3 doors in this room. 2 are necessary to move on, the other is bonus.

    Room 9
    I used glass for a reason. Look through carefully. Oh, and you CAN activate TNT, that's not cheating.
    When TNT is activated, it falls and explodes. But that will blow a hole in the floor beneath you! Unless...
    Water prevents TNT from damaging things. Its handy that way.

    Room 10
    No easy way to explain this - follow the redstone!
    2 paths lead to TNT. Don't connect those.
    I gave you 2 redstone for a reason... Might need to activate 2 paths...

    Room 11
    Be VERY careful in this room - that's a LOT of TNT
    You need to know which path to travel. Look carefully in the previous room...
    Try looking at the ceiling...
    Backward "C"

    Room 12
    No special tricks here - you need to fight your way through! Bonus items from previous rooms will prove VERY helpful here.

    Room 13
    Dig dig dig... but not TOO far. Go slow.

    Version History
    - Fixed room 9. Should have fewer random spawns and goofy TNT drops.
    the download link doesent work
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    Quote from Summerpoison

    Looks amazing! *_*

    Someone here who would like to play it in Multiplayer with me? :)
    Hey i will :D
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    posted a message on [ADV&SURV] [Minecraft v1.4.7] ||==--Castaway Island--==|| OVER 200,000 DOWNLOADS!
    the download link wont work for this
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    posted a message on [ADV&SURV] [Minecraft v1.4.7] ||==--Castaway Island--==|| OVER 200,000 DOWNLOADS!
    Quote from Megameatloaf

    Thankyou Dischbumm for the amazing sigs! Current Version is v1.0

    I am now proud to present...

    The official Full Version release of Castaway Island
    Get ready for a Revolutionarynew genre of Custom map.

    How will you play Castaway Island...

    "Cast away your doubts, your fears, and your pants. You won't need them where we're going."
    - Andre Jolicoeur

    "This. you are a God." - jojinator97

    "I am absolutely amazed. This is hands down the best survival map i have played. Well done sir, well done." - Duckslol

    "My god this is absolutely amazing! I've never seen anything like this, the quests, the scenery..." - SnowyandSpud

    "Jerp Jerp" - Bradley & James






    ---- Weekly Spotlight ----

    Shurblodh's Series

    "Addictingly Cheeky" - Megameatloaf

    Follow Bradley and James, two semi-hopeless Brits, as they explore Castaway Island and all of its mistakes content. There cheeky sense of humor and witty remarks will have you begging for more as they take the **** out of my map and each other <3. This has proved to be one of the funniest series ive watched and is easily comparable to the works of the Yogscast and Captainsparklz.

    You can find Mcjamesly's channel by clicking here. Show them your support! I would love for them to keep making more episodes =3

    PureSalvation17's Series
    Officially supported by Castaway Island

    'Entertainingly Hopeless" - Megameatloaf

    PureSalvation17 invites us to follow him in this in-depth and detailed play-through of Castaway Island. He has a unique way of truly connecting with his audience and is fiercly supported by a rapidly growing, loyal fanbase. Join him as he takes us on what is set to be a lengthy and thoroughly entertaining adventure filled with weird accents, adrenalin inducing creeper encounters and carefully planned spelunking.

    Heres a link to his Youtube channel. Visit him for more skillfully edited and high quality minecraft videos.




    10/11/11 - Downloads, Mutliplayer, Jolicraft and Skyrim...

    So I've been getting a few reports that the spoiler features on this page don't work for some people. I honestly have no idea why as ive tested this page many times on 4 different computers, all 4 major browsers and even on my android Samsung Galaxy SII. Each and every time they work perfectly, all the download links are fine and everything checks out. I have no idea what to tell you? But i will keep searching for answers =3. I have added alternative links to the downloads for people having the issues. They arnt under a spoiler and should be viewable and clickable at all times.

    The new multiplayer Live Action Introduction should arrive sometime this weekend however with the release of Skyrim i cant promise that i wont just forget the internet exists for about 72 hours after its released... Im a long time die hard Elder Scrolls fan. The fundamental aspects of the TES series (no rules, open ended, sandbox) have been heavy influences on the design of this map.

    Also, I got in contact with the Artistic and Talented Andre Jolicoeur, creator of the Jolicraft texture pack. You will be glad to hear that Castaway Island is his current map of choice and loves it to pieces. The Jolicraft texturepack is what i used to create this map. I just don't think its Castaway Island without it! It was fantastic to hear from him as i am a huge and long time fan of his work. If you think the pictures of the map look gorgeous, why not go download his texturepack so you can experience it for yourself? There is link in the texturepack section of this page.

    - Megameatloaf

    9/11/11 - Name Change!

    Today my request for a name change was finally processed. I put the application in awhile ago due to the increasing popularity of the map and to help iron out confusion in the future. My previous name was Fralis. During the merge with the Curse.net system i accidentally made a duplicate account with using my secondary name Fralis. I use it alot in online games because it has a more RP feel to it.

    My youtube/skype/xboxlive/ingame (minecraft)/ and every other account name under the sun is Megameatloaf. Ive used it since as long as i can remember and its how i prefer to be recognized. Early on with this maps release i put in an application to correct so that everything lines up. Ie... if i make a YouTube comment on your lets play... you wouldn't have a clue it was me unless i specified. Same as if i logged into your server... Megameatloaf? Who the fishsticks is this dork?.

    I know this will generate some confusion in the short term... But in the long term it will make things easier for me. I hope you understand why i have made this change, as frustrating as it may be. Besides... Megameatloaf better reflects my personality. Unique. Just like my custom map and my pants (kidding... its Australia... who needs pants?)

    PS: ok this is bugging the cookies out of me... How is it spelt... allot? or alot? the spell checker says Allot... but i swore it was alot? Then again me swearing by how something is spelt is like asking a chipmunk for a lecture on nuclear fusion.

    - Megameatloaf

    8/11/11 - Major Forum Post Improvements

    This afternoon i made some major changes to the layout and features of this page. Everything should be more clear and easier to understand. I've also added some new sections to help categorize things and let people find what there after quickly without having to read all the dribble. Please let me know if ive made any errors as some of the links may have broken with the editing =[

    - Megameatloaf

    7/11/11 - Forum page broken... please standbye

    This afternoon i was doing a fairly large overhaul of this post. Towards the end of it my internet dropped out. I copy and pasted all my hard earned work into word and saved as a webpage to try and preserve the coding, then tried a restart. No luck and im now continuing to update via teathering my Galaxy SII. Its working, a tad slow but it is 3G... When i copy and pasted all my work back over alot of coding broke and most of the links. Im fixing alot of it now but i have to go through and re-hyperlink most things plus load the pages they were linked to in order to get the http:// address. If something is broken or looks retarded just put up with it untill i get it all fixed. This forum post may change a few times if your reading it about now. Fixed.

    - Megameatloaf

    6/11/11 - v1.0 single player spawn fix

    Missed a critical mistake with single player version. Spawn point was set to Great Oak Island instead of Challenge island. Sorry about that to everybody who just started brand new maps... you can put up with it if you like or ive updated the download file with the fixed version. Your choice.

    - Megameatloaf

    5/11/11 - v1.0 Release!

    Evening Ladies and Gents, I am proud to announce that i am satisfied with the maps current build and have released it as v1.0! I spent 40+ hours hand crafting the original. I have spent nearly double that fleshing out the content, refurbishing old content, refining everything and fixing as many of the mistakes as i could find. I have added an entire new area worthy of its own challenge hall and set of challenges. It even includes what i believe may even be the first ever Minecraft Alignment system. Check the Features page to find out whats new and whats changed. Check out the new Download section to find out about the mutli-download release. Included is a special download just for old fans who dont want to replay through all the old content. It pitches you straight onto Great Oak Island to experience the major part of the new content. How will you play Castaway Island?

    - Megameatloaf

    4/11/11 - Upcoming Content

    Weekend finally!!! I've finished ironing out the majority of the poor spelling on all the signs. There's ALLOT of text in the map and if you do find anything that needs changing please submit it to me with a message. I also got carried away and started adding LOADS of new content. If i can get the map to a point im happy with this weekend (maybe even tonight) then ill release the full version of the map. I also spent the last few afternoons going over some drafts and ideas and now have plans to release some seriously large expansions in the near future. To achieve what i have in mind its going to take a fair bit of construction but i think you guys will really enjoy how everything turns out. Also to calm any nerves, the expansions will be incorporated into the original map however i will release two downloads. One download will be at the start, for new players. The second download will start you at the expansion area with a few supplies so that you can jump straight into the new content instead of playing from scratch. The new areas will feature there own challenge halls and will overall be increasingly more difficult.

    - Megameatloaf

    2/11/11 - Oven Fresh GPU

    After browsing some forums and allot of troubleshooting i decided to try a suggestion i found. I baked my graphics card in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes (385f) and now it works... Something to do with melting all the micro solder and repairing hairline fractures. Sounds crazy... but it worked. So development is back on track.2/11/11 - GPU Croaked itMy 5 year old 8800gts died yesterday night... Just in time for the Skyrim release of course =\ Until i can sort it out and order a new one im unable to work on updates. So the next map update may be a bit delayed. Sorry guys! just put up with my bad grammar and spelling for a little longer =[

    - Megameatloaf

    31/10/11 - Continuing Project

    As of November i will be continuing work on this map. I had moved on to pursue other projects but i feel i may have tried to take on more then i bit off. Also I've been receiving more positive feedback on this map then i expected and i now feel i have stumbled across something brilliant here. Thank you to all those who messaged me with kind words and all the wonderful forum posts on here in regards to the map. Your support has inspired me to push forward with this and perhaps refine it into something incredible.

    - Megameatloaf

    31/10/11 - 1.9.X and new chunk generation

    As it stands the map works with all versions of minecraft 1.8.1 and higher (i haven't tried 1.7.3 but i guess there would be some melon issues and what not) The only notable difference is that if you wander outside of the area shown on the in-game map, you will begin to generate new chunks from whatever version you have and WILL NOT extend the ocean any further. Which can be kind of cool actually! Almost like an end to the game, or perhaps the start of a new adventure on the same map?

    - Megameatloaf


    What makes Castaway Island so Special?


    Live Action Introduction
    Yes that's right... Castaway Island features its very own blockbuster style, explosion ridden, Live Action Introduction that will have you literally jumping for your life. The perfect start to your Adventure of Survival <3

    Hand Sculpted World full of secrets, adventure and beautiful scenary
    The entire map has been hand sculpted. The majority of what you find has been completely handcrafted after hours of labor. Adventuring off your island when you are ready will reward you in many spectacular ways! Plunder the Lost Treasure from the Spanish Galleon, Visit the nether through the mysterious portal on Netherglade island, Build a snowman on Snowdrop island. Harvest the rewards from the Fertile Lands! Pick melons from the Melo-Lands There are secrets hidden EVERYWHERE. Taking your time to explore each and every island can be extremely rewarding!

    A revolutionary new challenge system.
    Beneath Challenge island rests the Challenge halls. Inside you will find over 35 challenges and a unique Map Room to help you find your way about. The challenges come in three forms.

    • Exploration challenges will encourage you to explore your Island and even visit distant ones! Each challenge will reward you in unique ways and provide you with a variety of exotic loot! They also help you to explore the surrounding map and appreciate the level of detail that has gone into the map in general.
    • Build Challenges will encourage you to bunker down on Castaway Island and truly turn it into a very unique and completely personalized place to call home. All the challenges are open to interpretation... there's no right or wrong way to build your tree-house glass bottomed hot-tub or setup your S.O.S signal. These challenges will test you AND your friends imaginations and skills like never before!
    • Crafting Challenges are designed to push your knowledge and skills of Minecraft. You will need to delve deep underground or travel to exotic locations to complete these tasks. All the tasks are well thought out and meaningful. Don't worry... there's no 'collect 100 diamonds' or anything like that =3
    Non Linear Quests
    There's a whole range of open ended quests with varying degrees of difficulty. There are no linear paths, and you may approach your objectives from any angle you want.There are no set rules in Castaway Island as there are none in Minecraft.The Quests will require multiple skills and out of the box thinking to complete. Fight your way on board the Lost Spanish Galleon, Hold your breath to save Boris the Pumpkin! Think quickly to steal the Phoenix's hidden treasure! Solve the clues to find the Diamond armor of the Lost Hero... then spend another hour figuring out how to get to it! Get completely and totally utterly lost in a decaying stronghold searching for the Diamond Prism

    Alignment Challenges
    With the v1.0 update many things were improved and changed. But most notable was the introduction of the new Elite Quest. Solve the clues and delve deep underground to discover the Vita Aurea Caverns. A HUGE delicate underground oasis with its own first ever Alignment Challenge Hall. Will you reap the rewards of the Caverns for your own greed and benefit, turning it into a desolate dump... or will your carefully take up residence there as the new Curator and swear to uphold its natural beauty... Maybe you will do a bit of both? As with everything on Castaway Island, the choice is yours...

    An Ideal starting point for Let's Play's and Video story Series
    Castaway Island is like a giant ball of play dough. You can manipulate it and make of it want you want! Right down to the Blockbuster style Live Action Introduction, I believe Castaway Island to be one of the best options for a Let's Play or other video series. There are quests to take you on adventures, Amazing sights to be seen, Unique Memories to be created & Challenges to give you direction and focus! Castaway Island provides you and your friends with an open-ended sandbox style world, All of it carefully and lovingly handcrafted to be interesting, action packed and full of surprises. If you feel your finished with Castaway Island or want to continue your adventure on solid land, Simply head outside the area visible on the map and you will begin to generate brand new chunks of random biomes. The mountain range far to the north is particularly scenic =] The best of the Let's Play's are featured on the front page!

    No Rules. No Readme.txt's... Just fun!
    There are no set rules on Castaway Island. You may build, modify, destroy, burn and punch whatever you wish. Minecraft is all about shaping the world around you. Why should it stop with custom maps? There are also no Readme.txt's, no more alt tabbing. Everything is done in-game via the Challenge Halls. There is even a unique Map Room that will help you find your current objective and figure out where your next adventure will be! The map can be played on any difficulty level you wish. The point is to be having fun. Castaway Island encourages you to play however you want. Ignore the challenges and just build. Wanderer the seas, camping on each island as you go and living off the land. You create the adventure. I just provide the backdrop =3

    How will you play Castaway Island?


    Version Feature List


    Note: You can check your map version by checking the save games name. It can also be found down in the Challenge hall above the map room entrance


    • Every Island on the visible map has now been HAND SCULPTED. There are TONS of unique and interesting places to visit.
    • Many of the old islands have been revamped. Cactus Island is now... well... allot more spikey, Many new editions such as Snowdrop Island, Big Tree Island, The Melon Island Cluster, The Great Oak, Rain Top Island... just to name a few =)
    • Castaway Island is now mostly sand. You can dig allot deeper without the fear of ruining the islands look and uncovering dirt. The overall look has not changed, just the underneath.
    • TONS and i mean TONS of new secrets and loot.
    • Completely Hand sculpted new area, Featuring its own challenge hall, story, dungeons, loot, secrets and more!
    • 3 separate downloads;
    1. Classic Start for single player (Live action introduction)
    2. Server Start
    3. A new exclusive New Content start that saves returning players from having to play through all the old content and lets them jump straight into the new major content (the entire map is still the same, just a modified start and spawn point, see download section for more details)


    • A revolutionary Live Action Introduction* that will kick start your stranded Adventure
    • Completely hand sculpted map including your very own scenic Tropical Island for you to completely customize to your liking
    • Over 35 Challenges and 8 well thought out quests of varying difficulty, accessible via an in-game Challenge Hall for reference at any time
    • Unique set of 'Build' Challenges designed to slowly turn your Island into your own personalized luxury home
    • Multiplayer Friendly
    • Map room to help you determine your next adventure
    • Many Completely hand crafted islands with there own secrets, dungeons.
    • A 17 century Merchent Galleon
    • More Caves, Ravines, Mines, Caverns and Minerals then you will know what to do with!
    • No Rules
    • No README.TXT's
    • Compatible with any difficulty setting, Play the game the however suits you!
    • Fully forwards compatible with all versions of minecraft 1.8.1 and up (at this stage anyway)
    • Secrets and epic loot...
    • Perfect for Lets Plays
    • An ideal foundation for a story or video series



    Single Player (fixed Spawn)

    This is main version of Castaway Island. You start you adventure aboard the Castaway Jet. All the new content is included in this download.


    This version contains all the new content however the Castaway Jet has been removed for server spawning compatibility (I amworking on a server friendly version)

    This WILL work with single player if you really wish, or are having issues with the live action introduction. It is the exact same map minus the starting event plane. You simply start on Challenge Island. If you want to have the Live Action Introduction on your server, there are detailed instructions on how to get it to work in the Install section of this forum post. If you are interested in starting a lets play, i strongly recommend trying to set the Live Action Introduction up as it makes for one hell for a video introduction. If you are concerned about completing it properly (some people skip things and just rush out the emergency exit 0_o) i have provided a detailed informational walkthrough to get the most out of the experience for filming purposes In FAQ section on this forum post.

    New Content Start [Exclusive]

    This unique download has been put together for those of you who want to enjoy the New Content but have already played through the majority of the old stuff and don't feel like redoing your entire Castaway Island buildings. This version starts you out the front of the Great Oak and allows you to jump straight into the Major part of the New Content, the Vita Aurea Caverns. As this is the more Endgame part of the content (don't worry... Minecraft never ends!) It will be very challenging intialy. I have designed it this way... As before i suggest your explore the initial island for anything useful before heading down into the [SPOILER REMOVED]


    If you are having trouble with the spoilers on this thread, Here are backup links.

    Singleplayer - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GWZSJ0M0

    Server - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NS4GQ0YJ



    Single Player

    1. Download the version of the map you wish to install
    2. Open the .zip with a program such as Winrar
    3. Extract the folder within and place it in the SAVESfolder inside ofyour .minecraft folder
    4. Start Minecraft and load the map Titled CastawayIsland
    5. Enjoy!


    1. Download the Server version .zip file from the downloads section
    2. Open the .zip with a program such as Winrar
    3. Extract the folder within and place it somewhere temporarily (eg your desktop)
    4. Upload the folder to your server (or copy and paste it into your server folder ifhosting from home)
    5. Ensure that your server is turned off before editing any files!!!!!
    6. Open your server.properties file and look for the line of text "level-name=example"
    7. What ever name is written after the '=' is the folder that the server will load. So goahead and enter the name of the save folder you wish to load here (Remember toget any spaces and spelling correct, i think capitals also may be important!)
    8. Start your server

    Server with the live action introduction - Requires Craft Bukkit (or a way to teleport or fly)
    If your going to do a lets play i strongly suggest either doing this, OR wait for the updated multiplayer version with its own introduction. It will be worth it...

    1. Download the current SINGLE PLAYER version of this map. The only difference between the single and server version is the single has the jet, the server doesn't because the server spawning wont let you spawn in the jet... you will spawn on challenge island.
    2. Install the map the same way as instructed above.
    3. Load the map up and log in with your friends.
    4. Either fly up to the jet and carefully break your way in OR teleport to these Coordinates: X: 610 Y: 117 Z: -411

    For a more Detailed and in depth guide to installing Custom maps aswell as how to find your .minecraft folder, please refer to THIS THREAD and then scroll down to the INSTALLING A MAP topic.


    Mods and Texturepacks


    The map was designed to run perfectly fine with vanilla. It should work with all future versions of minecraft unless something drastic happens and if you dont like mods or texturepacks you don't NEED them to play. These are just some mods and texture pack's i personally feel work well with this particular map and make it even MORE enjoyable!




    If you havn't already heard about it... you should have. The Yogbox is a single download installer. You make sure you have a fresh copy of Minecraft... click the install button... and that's it. No messing with .jar files... no dropping and dragging. A simple convenient installer. Its idiot proof! The Yogbox is a compilation of some of the best and most quality mods available. More are always being added as there updated or deemed worthy. The core idea of the Yogbox is NOT to change Minecraft, but to expand upon what notch has already created and build upon it with everything he doesn't have time to add!

    Here is a list of SOME of the things the Yogbox adds:

    • NPC villages that you can gain reputation with, by houses from, or sell resources to to help them expand and upgrade there own village
    • A plethora of new wildlife including rabbits, werewolves, tameable and rideable horses, deer, bears... the list goes on but most notable it adds Dolphins, Sharks and actual little fish that swim around and can be killed/caught and eaten (instead of the invisible fish currently in)
    • The Equivalent Exchange mod
    • Simulated world while sleeping (so that time actually passes)
    • Craftable and Rideable Hot Air Ballons!!!
    • Recipe book with every recipe from vanilla and any mods you have installed! (a pain to scroll through but it beats alt tabbing)
    • Visit the official forum thread HERE for instructions, information and downloads

    Equivalent Exchange
    Please note this is INCLUDED in the Yogbox... do not try to install both


    The map was built with a few mods in mind... Namely Equivalent Exchange. I believe this is by far the most rewarding, well thought out mod i have EVER come across. In a nutshell it adds a bunch of over powered items to the game (bear with me please) such as rings that make you fly and shoot fireballs tools that let you mine massive amounts of earth at once and armor with powers to name just a small few. The thing is... they cost literally and i mean LITERALLY hundreds of diamonds (that's for the cheap early stuff). The whole idea of the mod is to give you new direction and new goals to work towards once you've gotten those first few diamonds. I mean really... you get some diamond armor and tools... then what? Think of it as Endgame content for Minecraft. Don't worry, hundreds of diamonds sounds daunting but the first few things you can make will allow you to get diamonds more efficiently and so on and so forth. Like a snowball effect. I've been playing it on my main world for awhile now and i can honestly say i have only gathered enough diamonds to make a small amount of the new stuff. The later items are truely powerful but they require ALLOT of hard work to get them. I recommend this mod because after a point, you will find it rather easy to find gold and diamonds on this map. There's tons of content in this map to keep things fun... But i feel this mod adds so much extra and so many new things to work towards. It adds a whole new game at the end of Minecraft to go on playing. I STRONGLY recommend at least checking it out.

    Here is a link to the mods official forum post
    Here is a great and easy explanation of what the mod is and how it works by the Yogscast!


    Texture Packs

    It is a fantastic, beautiful and very artistic Texturepack.
    It is also the pack featured in the screenshots.
    Now updated for 1.9!


    What am i working on currently?


    • The Server versions Live Action Introduction
    • Lots of horrible spelling and grammar to fix on all those signs (ongoing)
    • Adding more content and fleshing out the existing stuff
    • Improving the main page's layout and appearance (ongoing)
    To Do list

    • The Castaway Island Expansion (I've developed a way to implement it into the current map without destroying your current progress)
    • The next installment in the Castaway series. (Draft plan is done, It will be a standalone map of proportion and scale that will have to be seen to be believed. When? When its ready.)

    Help Me!


    Ok so im not very good with creating images and banners and sigs and videos and ANYTHING like that. I did the best i could using paint to create the original front page picture =3. If you guys enjoy my map enough that you want to help i would love if you could create a bit of content for it?

    I have had a few entries already and the stuff is brilliant!! Check the Signatures & Misc. section at the bottom of this page for a .zip containing tons of screenshots.
    Heres some things i could really use right now...

    • <3... yes that's right... love! Help bump the page! I live in Australia and my prime time is the rest of the worlds sleep time. So i dont get a chance to get the page up in the spotlight when most people are playing. If you enjoy the map please drop me a comment. I love getting feedback, the good and the bad. It makes my day when i read that just a single extra person enjoyed what i made enough to spend a few minutes letting me know <3 xo
    • Signatures. I've never even TRIED to make one before... wouldn't even know where to begin (dumb question... Google). I've had a few entries already and there fantastic!
    • Front page images/Trailer images... whatever you want to call them. Like the one i have up at the moment! Only mine was made using paint and every ounce of knowledge id gained since 7. Its the best i could do. I like witty and clever things. Things that are unique and capture peoples attention and make them go... Ohhh that looks interesting... i want to download and explore that to see what it is!
    • Lets Plays. Lets face it... i just LOVE watching you guys play my maps! It helps me find bugs that i miss (i made the map so i unconsciously skip over allot of things) and that aside... I admit i can sit there for hours just watching you guys have fun =3. Its so interesting to see how other people play my content. How different personalities in people lead to a completely different story each time.
    • A trailer video. Ok so this would be my ultimate fantasy... I have an entire trailer planned out in my head... Slow panning video shots of beautiful scenic views set to the Beautiful soundtrack 'My Name is Lincoln" from the movie The Island. I think it would make for such a beautiful trailer and id love to see the dream become a reality. Unfortunatly i wouldnt even know where to begin when it comes to stuff like that. I might give it a go but i havnt the skills or knowledge to make it as pefect as what i have in mind.

    CREDITING - Help Me to... Help you <3

    Any piece of content submitted content that i feature on the main post will be fully credited to the owner, including a link to there forum page at minimum. For any youtube videos i will provide a brief review of why i thought it was worthy of front page posting aswell as links to the youtube channel. I can also provide if requested, a link to a website/facebook/twitter/blog/whatever if you choose. If you have taken the time and effort to support me, i would like to support you %100 back in whatever way i can! The idea of this is that the more views and traffic i achieve, through your help aswell, the more of that i can pass back to you with links. Help me be seen, and you will be helping yourself be seen =]

    On another note, if you are talented with video editing and think you would like to have a serious go at creating a Teaser/Trailer (i don't mind short and sweet aslong as it gets peoples attention) then please contact me. I would be willing to support any projects you have going, be it server running costs, your own mods, a reasonable* external project or whatever. I cannot offer anything of monetary value directly for making a video, even via the form of a competition as this is against the forum rules. However i would be more then willing to make a Donation to your project/mod/server running costs or whatever as a sign of gratitude for the hard work and effort you have shown me. I believe this is still within the rules unless i am corrected. REMEMBER to contact me first!!! Im not just going to go handing out donations to everybody who makes a trailer... It needs to be of decent quality and reflect the overall feel i am going for with this map. So again! Contact me first to discuss things!



    Question: Can you provide a step by step instruction to complete the Live Action Introduction? We want to get it right for our video!
    Answer: Sure, Ill assume you already have it installed on your server by following the detailed instructions in the Installation Section.
    • Read the introduction wall
    • Search the plane for supplies but DO NOT enter any IRON DOORS apart from the cockpit. The emergency exit and the rear pressure door will trigger events when activated
    • Head to the cockpit where you will find the pilot missing, the autopilot malfunctioning and the right engine about to blow up
    • Make your way to the very rear of the plane to sort out the autopilot problem. Enter the rear pressure bulkhead
    • To late... your right wing blew off... head to the emergency exit!
    • Make sure you are all gathered and ready to jump. The moment you press the button you have approximately 3 seconds before the entire plane blows up.

    Question: My plane blew up and i died =[ Your introduction is broken!
    Answer: Certain doors on the plane trigger events. The plane itself has signs detailing how to complete the introduction READ ALL THE SIGNS. If you would prefer to skip the introduction and just get on with things then go straight to the button that says EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY, press it, and jump! But secrets are everywhere!

    Question: You spelt allot of things wrong
    Answer: That's not a question. That's an understatement.

    Question: Whats the difference between single and survival versions of the download?
    Answer: Single player starts your in a jet but the spawn location is challenge island (the live action introduction event). Multiplayer starts you at the spawn point because of the way servers spawn you in. The jet has been removed for aesthetic purposes. You have your friends.... you don't need a jet. Just each other =3

    Question: There's a Millenaire folder in the save... Is it required? I dont want to use mods!!
    Answer: Sorry about that, at one point i accidentally loaded the map into my main .minecraft game with all my mods installed. It auto created a Millenaire folder HOWEVER no villages have had a chance to generate because at that point i had already explored the map and was not generating new chunks. Regardless of that fact, if the mod isnt installed on your computer... then Minecraft wont even look at the folder. Leave it or delete it either way it wont effect your Minecraft game in any way.

    Question: Can i make a lets play/review/video/etc of your map?
    Answer: My map comes with full permissions!! Do with it as you please. The only two things i ask of you is...

    1. Please dont forget to leave a link to this forum thread so that people can find and download it.
    2. DO NOT modify this map then claim it your own, or post it anywhere else claiming it to be yours. I dont mind you posting it and advertising it elsewhere, just remember to let them know that i made it and leave a link so they can get back here to the official thread. I worked hard on this... its heart breaking to see somebody else claim it for themselves =[


    Signatures & other Misc.



    Direct image link: http://img443.images...55/2s93v5kv.png

    Direct image link: http://img190.images.../1697/dcsg1.png

    Direct image link: http://img12.imagesh...9909/mw5htz.png

    These signatures were provided for me by Dischbumm. He has gone above and beyond what i asked from anybody has put alot of his own time in helping me with some of the graphical aspects. If you use the sig anywhere please credit him if you have room!!

    Screenshot Compilation Pack
    For people interested in creating graphics and media

    Click here for a .zip containing a collection of screenshots of most of the major content in the map. Each screenshots name is a rough description of what it is. You have full permission to use them in anyway you wish EXCEPT to advertise a different custom map other then this.

    Old downloads:
    Castaway Island v0.9.2.1


    My personal Public Workshop Server @
    Anybody may join, however only i can shift you to creative and give you build rights, if im not on then sorry, but feel free to browse.
    This server is like my little workshop. Its hosted in Sydney, Australia so my connection (and most Oceanic players) is fantastic! It fits about 10-15 people and i have craftBukkit, worldguard, worldedit, bpermissions, essentials all loaded onto it which at this point makes it nice and flexible. I use it to host adventure maps for friends, playing random generated vanilla style, and also to test and work on any maps i might be working on including Castaway Island.
    Currently i am hosting: Castaway Island (server version)
    Im doing a full playthrough of my own map. I enjoy playing it as much as i do creating it. It also allows me write down any bugs i find along the way.
    If you need to contact me theres a chance i may be online however, being an Australian, probably not for whatever weird and wonderful timezone you come from.

    Quote from Summerpoison

    Looks amazing! *_*

    Someone here who would like to play it in Multiplayer with me? :)

    Quote from Summerpoison

    Looks amazing! *_*

    Someone here who would like to play it in Multiplayer with me? :)
    I will but i cant run server so you will have to

    Quote from Summerpoison

    Looks amazing! *_*

    Someone here who would like to play it in Multiplayer with me? :)
    I will :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.2.3 Really Cool seed
    Found a really cool seed you spawn at a border between a desert biome and a snow biome.
    the real good part is the npc village, around one of the houses is a skelly spawner in the ground.
    but wait it gets better theres a zombie one right next to it in the ground.
    the seed is 1796965335015709084 its for 1.2.3
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