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    posted a message on ★ DrugRun v3.0 ★ Amsterdam Spawn ★ Drugs ★ Recipes ★ Custom ★ Quality ★ Police ★ Factions ★ McMMO ★ Quests ★ Economy ★ Ranks

    In-game Username: Steam_Wolf05


    Timezone & location: Pacific Standard, California

    Why do you want to join the Police Force? I believe drugs have taken ahold of our player base and are destroying not only its economy but its general quality of life too. But, joking aside, the server is alot of fun and I'd love to be a part of the team keeping players on their toes increasing entertainment value to any player while keeping myself in the community.

    Why should we accept you?
    1) I hope to make the server more fun and entertaining for the player.
    2) I have multiple years of experience in the game (playing since 1.3).
    3) I can give multiple hours a day to the server (2+ almost every day).
    4) I want to get that wacky tabacky off the streets and away from our children.

    Posted in: PC Servers
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