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    Nothing like ordinary CTM maps!

    About my maps:
    The usual CTM (complete the monument) maps are about being 'super hostile' to the player! Yes I do also make those maps but also I take a break from the hectic survival maps! At the moment, I only have 2 maps, The Burning Flames, and Hunt for the wool! The Burning flames is what you would call a 'super hostile map', while, on the other hand, Hunt for the wool is a map with little rules and is not so 'IM GONNA KILL YOU', yet in Hunt for the Wool, peaceful is allowed and there are resources everywhere!

    Mods that are okay:

    Mods that get rid of VOID FOG are amazing!
    Mods that make creepers not destroy any blocks
    Mods that make endermen not pick up blocks
    Mods that overall, dont change the game very much

    Goal for my maps: Find and complete the Wool and (only sometimes) the Ore Monument!

    I think ive talked enough, lets get onto the maps, shall we?

    Map #1

    [CTM] The Burning Flames

    a.k.a The Burning Flames of hot fire in volcanos

    About the map:

    This CTM map is based around lava and fire. There is little trees, but in some areas much dirt and stone. A difficulty rating for this map is about Medium, so not where you are dying every second, and not where it is just so easy. Most people who like a challenge and enjoy fighting mobs (cough, Ethoslab, cough) should definitely try out this map.


    Find and Complete the Wool and Ore Monument!
    1. Find wool scattered in chests around the map, DO NOT use string or dyes to craft wool!
    2. You may craft the Iron, Gold, and DIAMOND blocks!
    3. DO NOT leave the map boundaries
    4. Play on EASY, MEDIUM, or like the pros, HARD
    5. Only use string wool for beds and/or other items, just not for the WOOL monument
    6. Enjoy...dying...

    This map also has four different 'biomes'

    The Biomes:

    1. The Molten Rocks

    Difficulty: Medium

    Lots of stone
    Easy accessable trees/wood

    Extreme heights
    Lots of lava

    2. The Burnt Forest

    Difficulty: Easy

    Lots of wood
    Lots of dirt

    Little stone
    Small islands

    3. The Boiling Desert

    Difficulty: Medium

    Lots of resources
    Flat areas

    Huge pools of lava
    Little wood

    4. The Crumbling Sky

    Difficulty: Hard

    Quite a few trees with leaves
    Lots of netherrack

    Limited resources
    Extreme Heights!


    • The Molten Rocks

    • The Burnt Forest

    • The Boiling Desert

    • The Crumbling Sky

    • Wool Monument

    Tips and Tricks

    1.Glowstone on the roof indicates a new area
    2.Always stratagize when taking something on
    3.Never rush to get something
    4.Always be cautious
    5.Dont think a CTM map is short, because it isn't

    PROTIP: Jumping in the lava gives you diamonds! Try it!

    Download Link!

    Please leave a reply down below and give me feedback about this map! Thank you for (hopefully) downloading! :)

    Map #2

    Hunt for the Wool #1 The Lost Chests

    About the map:

    The map Hunt for the Wool is not a 'hostile' survival map! Yet, it is very peaceful and fun! You have an option to play with mobs, but, thats your decision! Hunt for the Wool is like a scavanger hunt! You are spawned in regular minecraft terrain with only three things added! A Wool Monument, bedrock borders, and Wool chests scattered across the map for you to find! No monsters whatsoever (unless you turn them on). A difficulty rating for this map is probably a HARD. Not because it is hostile, but that it is difficult to find all sixteen wool! For people making up their own rules and using their imagination, this map is for you!


    1. Find and Complete the Wool Monument
    2. Do not leave map boundaries
    3. Do not use string or dyes to craft any wool
    4. Find all the wool scattered around in chests around the map
    5. Play on any difficulty you choose
    6. Enjoy...searching...


    Download Link

    For my older, unpolished version...click here


    Tips and Tricks:

    • Explore the entire map, and its caves!
    • Dont always focus on finding a wool, and take a break!

    Please leave feedback on this map below! Thanks for downloading (im just assuming you did) :)


    Map #3

    [CTM] SkyWool Survival

    Skyblock with a twist!

    About the map:

    SkyWool Survival is a modified version of Skyblock Survival, that is easier, has a point system and has less challenges. SkyWool Survival is a map where you are placed on a small island with a tree and a chest, that's it. This is very similar to Skyblock except it has a twist and new challenges! You start off on one block and hope you can make the jump to the island, from there, its up to you to figure out how to survive!


    1. Never play one peaceful
    2. Complete all challenges
    3. DO NOT leave the map boundaries
    4. Do not use sheep string or dyes to craft wool
    5. Wool found in chests can ONLY be used for the Wool Monument
    6. Enjoy...falling a long painful death in to the unknown void! Bwahahaha!


    1. Find and Complete the Wool Monument (15 pts.)
    2. Create a cobblestone generator (2 pt.)
    3. Make a sugar cane farm (5 pts.)
    4. Make an XP farm (20 pts.)
    5. Enchant a diamond pickaxe with a level 20+ enchantment (20 pts.)
    6. Build a three story house (15 pts.)
    7. Put 3 beds inside your house (3 pt.)
    8. Have 10 bookshelves inside your house (5 pts.)
    9. Build a tree farm with at least 10 trees (5 pts.)
    10. Harvest 5 pieces of obsidian (10 pts.)

    Points System

    You get points for completing challenges, the amount of points you get depends on how difficult the challenge is. There is a total of /100. Post your score down below! ?/100! Try to score all 100 points. Also, add the level you were at when you finished, so, ?/100 lvl ?


    Tips and Tricks:

    1. Some challenges require thinking, so think.
    2. Dont waste your resources, think smart
    3. If you fall off with something important, it probably is, reload the map.

    Here's the download link!

    Map by Penguin345! See my other maps, [CTM] The Burning Flames, [CTM] Hunt for the Wool


    Map #4

    [CTM] Survival Island

    Survival Island with a Monument

    About the map:

    This map is a survival island except your goal is to survive, yes, and to complete the monument! There are only three wool considering the map is fairly small. There are two islands in this map, the main island, and the desert island. Also, there is a huge underwater world to explore (I tried my best to make it natural), and vast, great cave systems filled with resources! For people who like Skyblock survival, or my own, Skywool survival, and like surviving on small places, this map is for you!



    1. Find and complete the Wool Monument
    2. Survive in any way you can think of!
    3. Do not use dyes or sheep string for wool
    4. Do not leave the map boundaries
    5. Play on any difficulty you like!
    6. Enjoy...exploring...


    Tips and Tricks:

    • Most wool is in easy spots
    • This map is very resource friendly, dont be afrain to use them!

    Here's the Download link!

    Map by Penguin345!
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