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    posted a message on New Ore, which can only be mined with a diamond pick, Malachite!

    Malachite isn't from skyrim... It's a real life copper ore. Copper is a metal.

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    posted a message on Liquified Metal!

    >Smelt 1 ingot, let it cool you get 2 or 3...

    What the heck?

    C'mon, I know minecraft doesn't obey physics, but...

    >Law of Conservation of Matter: The law of conservation of mass states that mass in an isolated system is neither created nor destroyed by chemical reactions or physical transformations. According to the law of conservation of mass, the mass of the products in a chemical reaction must equal the mass of the reactants.

    >Melting is a physical reaction, in which, as well, the mass of the initial thing is equal to the mass of the final product.

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    posted a message on Ocean Oysters

    What about adding oysters to oceans? They'll be large in size. They have a chance to contain pearls. The spawn rate for pearl would be 1/250. To harvest pearls you have two options-

    1- Kill 'em

    To kill them, you gotta use a pickaxe. It will break their shell and allow the items to be dropped. [See dropped! items below]

    2- Harvest pearl only

    You have another option to pry open them using shovel/hoe. After opening the mouth of the oyster, You can see the Pearl, but you gotta use a feather in its mouth to tickle it. It will make the pearl drop. You can then create another pearl by putting a bead in its mouth. But, 30 minecraft days are required for the pearl to grow.


    1- Raw Oyster

    Dropped when it is killed using pickaxe. Raw Oysters are considered a delicacy in real world, So they replenish 1/2 piece of ham on the hunger bar with 10 saturation!. (It's unnecessary to keep this item, but still)

    2- Pearl

    It is a block, not just an item. It is a block which is ROUND! Not actually sphere, but made up of squares like dragon egg. Their structure would be football shaped. It will be dropped if pushed with a piston or when the oyster is tickled. They can be broken with hands. It will result in formation of beads.

    3- Beads

    Beads are used to create Potion of Novelty. You get them when you mine pearls.

    4- Potion of Novelty

    This potion causes all villagers to give the double amount of things through trading.


    You can also find mini-oysters, which can be mined with hands and farmed at your base, if the block supporting them is sand, and they are in water, given enough space, they will mature into larger ones. Mini oysters are very rare. Their spawn rate is very low. You will be really lucky to find one.

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    posted a message on 1.10 News and Updates - [Information from Mojang AB] - [1.10 OUT NOW!]

    YAY! :D

    Anyways my predictions were true.


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    posted a message on The iron boat.

    I'd have preferred nether brick boats.

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    posted a message on 1.10 News and Updates - [Information from Mojang AB] - [1.10 OUT NOW!]

    Minecon is in September so we have to wait for



    2 months, eh?


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    posted a message on Cauldron Revamp.

    Hey guys, I am back with another suggestion. Without wasting another second, Let's get on the topic.


    You can put only water in it, ever thought of filling it with other liquids? Here is my suggestion.

    Colored Water in Cauldrons

    Leather Armor coloring will be changed. Instead of using a crafting table for it, you first put water in a cauldron and then dye it with dyes. Right clicking a piece of leather armor on the cauldron will dye it. When you try to pick up it in a bucket, you get normal water back. Feature already in Pocket Edition.

    Potions in Cauldrons

    Ever wanted to store potions in a cauldron? Well, now you can. It takes 3 bottles to fill the cauldron. You can store any potion, but you cannot mIx them. When attempting to mix the potions (or potions with colored water) clears the cauldrons and displays explosion particles. The cauldron which generate in the witch huts will generate with potions of instant healing, poison or weakness. Feature already in Pocket Edition.

    Tipping arrows in Cauldrons

    Tipped arrows can be made using right clicking arrows in a cauldron filled with potion, I guess this could be another way to obtain them but as the liquid in the cauldron goes down, the lingering potion method would be better. I still suggest this. Feature already in Pocket Edition.

    More liquids in Cauldrons

    Cauldrons will be able to be filled with Lava and Milk. When you fill it with milk or lava, it will work just like water. You can take them out when needed.

    Mixing two different types of liquid will cause the cauldron to empty and explosion particles will be displayed. Filling any liquid in a cauldron will require filling it thrice like water.

    Stews in Cauldrons

    Filling cauldrons with stew for decoration was what I wanted the last time I made a campsite. This can be used for storage or aesthetically. The appearances are as follows:

    1. Mushroom Stew: Pale peach-like color like the one seen in the bowl with a few bits of mushroom faintly visible.

    2. Rabbit Stew. Same color like seen in the bowl with bits of rabbit feet.

    3. Beetroot Soup: Maroon-Purple Soup with tiny bits of chopped beet visibled

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    posted a message on Nether village

    In the game files, Nether fortresses are labelled as nether villages...

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    posted a message on Suggestion: Gravity Blocks mode.

    Your PC can handle it?


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    posted a message on Fireplace Block

    I think the recipe should be 8 brick blocks with a netherrack block in the middle.

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