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    Is there really no resource for this mod other than the books and curse? A somewhat detailed page would be nice but oh well...

    My deliberate intention behind limited information is so that you can have fun finding out what you can do, and still find new things in months to come. You might even come across something awesome, that I never considered, if you nurture your imagination. So complain all you want, but I have given you all the information you need to know and the rest is for your own sense of accomplishment.

    TL:DR - Work for it.

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    Quote from Thomas2324»


    Sounds like you are doing it right. Could be a mod conflict.
    I am going away for a couple of weeks, but I will have a look into it when I get back.

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    Quote from AMPPL50»

    Then, they could be made "aware" of their motion so that, if they haven't moved for 10 ticks, they despawn... Then again, you likely already tried that (And it likely ended up causing a lot of lag if a Bonus Package Potshot was fired quickly enough).
    Still, the "real" fire charge projectile could be used for a new weapon... Probably something that mimics the ability of Blazes to fire in bursts.

    I have tried that and although it worked, it was unreliable and caused some collision issues - basically, the projectile would hit something, stop moving (not even falling) and then despawn without doing anything. I'm still playing around with a 'lifespan' idea though.
    Like I said, the fireball entity has a hard-coded inaccuracy that cannot be changed without making a mess. So I won't do it. I have plans for the way the potshot uses the flame enchant, but that is top secret and if I told you I would have to kill you.
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    Please refer to the curse page for more information and screenshots, but feel free to use this thread for discussion and suggestions.


    Dungeon Tactics is a gameplay focused mod. Adding new types of melee weapons, new ranged weapons, and new tiers of armour and tools. Aswell as craftable traps to help you defend your base. Along with Towers and randomly generated Dungeons. All that and some other fun things.

    I have tried to keep it in the feel of Minecraft, rather than attempt to change the game on a large scale, but add some new ways to play. This is not and en-game mod, but aims to add variety to the game.

    The latest version is always the best one to go for.
    Delete old DT config files.

    You can now download from Curse : Curse Project Page

    Older Versions:


    Version 0.8.5:

    *Fixed Powered Bars texture

    *Tweaked LootBag drops

    *Added config for Enchantment IDs

    *Added Dungeon Glass - generated in DT dungeons & towers

    *Added Fan Block

    *Added 'Engineer's Clothes'

    *Added Battle Harness (chest armour)

    Version 0.8.4:

    *Fixed Cluster Grenade server crash

    *Fixed Heartdrops not healing
    *Fixed Heart Jar being consumable at full health

    *Slingshot now takes ammo from inventory (not just the hotbar)

    *Optimised my structure generation a bit

    *Added Nether Gold - can be disabled in config

    *Added config option to disable right-click abilities of weapons

    *Added Config option for spacing between Towers/Dungeons

    *Added 'Nether themed' Towers and Dungeons - spawn chance can be altered in config

    Version 0.8.3:
    *Fixed Slingshot not working
    *Fixed Potshot enchants being added to other items
    *Fixed Powered Bars not dropping itself
    *Changed Towers and Dungeons now respect structure generation rule
    *Changed HeartDrops and Loot Bags now respect gamerule 'doMobLoot'
    *Added a config file
    *Added new Potshot enchantment (Bonus Package)
    *Added Grenades (Explosive, Fire, Teleporting)

    Version 0.8.2:
    ---1.7.10 & 1.8.9---
    *Bug fixes and improvements
    *PotShot variants now use enchantments
    *Added enchantments for potshot effects
    *Removed 'BoomShot', 'FireShot', 'SlimeShot' (see above)
    *Fortunable iron and gold ore
    *Loot bags
    *Added Wither Web
    ---1.8.9 only---
    *Custom villager trades broken (forge problem)
    *Added surface dungeons

    Version 0.8.1:
    *Mostly improvements and bug fixes
    *Added Iron Golems to towers, as a place holder
    *Flight Goggles are now less useless

    Version 0.7:
    *Added Flowers to world generation
    *Added Traps to world generation
    *Added Towers to world generation
    *Added Obsidian Bricks
    *Added Spiffy (but currently functionless) Flight Goggles
    *Balanced more numbers
    *Fixed bug causing players to get kicked for flying, on servers

    Version 0.6:
    *Lots of fixing - Now 99% more multiplayer compatible
    *Removed Single Use traps
    *Added some nasty flowers, and some nice ones (currently not generating in world, but you can get them from farmers)
    *Tweaked and balanced some numbers
    *Added loot to chests
    *Rocket pants require you to sneak+jump to activate (temporary bug fix, blame Forge)
    *Removed Fishnet and added fish to fishable loot
    *Added Jewelled Armour
    *Buffed Gilded Armour slightly

    Version 0.5:
    *More tweaking
    *Fixed an error with Fishnet crafting recipe
    *Removed some redundant stuff
    *Added Duct Tape
    *Added Extra Hearts
    *Buffed weapon abilities (prep for 1.9)
    *Added a slight kick and a short charge delay to PotShot, to avoid spamming

    Version 0.4.5:
    *Mostly clean up and some tweaking
    *Added Bag of Hoarding (portable enderchest)
    *Added Potion Fish and Fishing Net

    Version 0.4:
    *Removed Mechanical Bow
    *Removed Wands
    *Removed Grenades (replaced them with something more fun)
    *Added 'Potshot'
    *Combat Gloves
    *Added Powered Fence
    *Added Trap Plates
    *Added Rocket Pants and Bounce Boots

    Version 0.3:
    *Fixed Mechanical Bow not firing (shift while right-click is held to load - don't shift to fire)
    *Added a touch of magic

    Version 0.2:
    *Renamed crossbow to 'Mechanical Bow'
    *Slowed Mechanical Bow reload speed
    *Fixed Magic Tether bug
    *Removed a test item

    Version 0.1:
    *Initial Release

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    I already considered cooking potion fish for a longer effect when I added them, but I decided against it, as they are only intended as an early game alternative to brewing.

    I don't intend to do anything like a falling light source, for the same reason I will not be adding a thrown light source - I think it's cheaty. You could light up an area before going in and avoid all the fun of fighting a room full of mobs. :P

    My flowers all extend the vanilla base class 'BlockBush' - meaning they extend from vanilla flowers. I don't know if Garden Stuff or Witchery can use my flowers, but I presume it is possible.

    If you want to grow my flowers you can use bonemeal on mossy cobble to spawn them.

    Anything else I can help with, just let me know.

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    Just updated the download to version 0.8.2 - this includes the first stable 1.8.9 version of DungeonTactics. Both the 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 versions are, roughly the same, just for the different versions of MC. Check the Change Log for details.

    I will be working on adding a config file, for the next release, along with improving the dungeons (Tower Guardian included).
    I would appreciate any feedback, bug reports, or suggestions you may have.


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    Thanks for the feed back.
    The gilded armour (currently) is about as good as iron, with slightly less durability, but you are correct, it has almost the same enchantability as gold.

    If you are looking for features and such, I will give a hint: I haven't added any new keybinds, so everything will use vanilla inputs.

    I do intend to add my content to random loot, from chests and mob drops (mob drops are done in the most recent unreleased version), and I want to add trades to villagers. I like your suggestion of a roaming trader, but for now I am working on some generated structures. So I will add it to the list later.
    As for configuration; I deliberately don't want to add configs, but, if I can work out how, I will see about detecting mod items, for some integration.

    Let me know if you have any more suggestions. I am currently looking for ideas.

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