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    I have a minor suggestion. The Ice Relic currently has no effect outside of combat, but it would be neat if it froze water. It could also maybe create a layer of snow when used on more solid blocks. I was impressed by the geomancy item, especially by the fact that you can stand on the larger boulders and ride them, so I figured more little details like that would be nice.

    Other than that, I just have to say that you've done an amazing job, and that this is shaping up to be one of the best mob mods out there. When I saw the Frostmaw in the planned mob section a few months ago, I never imagined it would be as spectacular and awe inspiring as it was when I first encountered it. Other people have already suggested how to fix his weakness to ranged attacks, so I really have nothing to offer other than to say good job. The detail put into the monster's roar is particularly awesome.

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    One who lurks within the abyss
    One who completes the title
    One who breaks the title

    As far as these three go, the use of "who" rather than "that" is significant.

    I think these are likely unique individuals, and are most likely bosses. The one who breaks the title may a boss completely unrelated to Fire or Ice, or it could be a boss that uses both rather than just one. The one who completes the title is likely the counterpart to the undead king, and is fire themed.

    I also feel like the one who lurks within the abyss is likely the kraken. It could be something more obscure, like Charybdis, but I doubt it.

    Edit: On second thought, the idea of a mob using both elements for that particular hint doesn't make much sense. All I can really guess is that it's meant to subvert our expectations about the title's theme in some way, but a dual element boss doesn't really "break" the phrase "Ice and Fire". I'd say a third dragon, but that just feels wrong.

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    My installation of the 1.7.10 version of 1.5.0 went poorly. I found a rather strange and game-breaking bug.
    The kirin's fire breath attack is really neat. All the other horses thought so, too, and decided to start breathing fire and never stop.

    So I had a world of wild horses that were all constantly spewing out fire, turning the land into an inferno. Taming them didn't fix it.
    It's all a bit strange. I reverted to the previous version for now. The kirins are really cool, though, and I eagerly await the day they're no longer a bad influence on the other equines.

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    Quote from LordMaster78»

    How do you make the feeders? I can't find a recipe page on the wiki.

    Feeder recipe is bugged at the moment.
    The recipe that's supposed to work is at the bottom of this page: http://fossils-archeology.wikia.com/wiki/Feeder
    But right now it's not working properly. The upcoming bugfix update should make it craftable again. The issue was reported and then closed on Github, at least.
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    I've learned that deadlines don't mean anything. I just look to see if the mod team is still active. That's ultimately what matters.

    Questions: The wiki states that the Prime Wight is the penultimate boss. Is this incorrect, or are you just keeping the big bad a secret for now? My guess is the latter.
    I'd also like to know if there's plans for more tamable mobs. Love the toad, and I always end up amassing a zoo whenever I play Minecraft.

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    I have a few suggestions for behavior and AI if you have the time to read them.
    First off have a terrible video:
    That mod is an ancient attempt at adding Skyrim-inspired dragons to Minecraft, but the attack pattern shown is the relevant bit. Dragons have, for the most part, possessed at least a base cunning if not sapience. They're smart, and should preform strafing runs as often as they think is manageable, and spend a great deal of time in the air. They should only close the distance and land to either preform a sky drop, or to consume their kill. This may not be possible in the dragon's lair due to space constraints, and would make locating the lair a crucial advantage to actually engaging the monster. The video gives a general idea, but Alex can likely do a much better job.

    Additionally, I've read the Ice dragon can swim. In the mess of spaghetti that is my brain, I immediately thought of Black Dragons from D&D, which would often lie in wait inside bogs and pools of water like a crocodile to ambush their prey. I'd love to see you take advantage of the Ice Dragon's ability. My thought is that it would lie in wait in deep pools of water in its range, and then open combat with a breath weapon before taking to the air. Could also attempt to kill the opponent in one go with a particularly nasty bite, and then lift off if that fails.

    Following from the above, tunnels filled with water in the ice dragon's lair would be neat. They could surround the center of the lair, and be interconnected. This would allow the dragon to easily re-position itself during a fight in its own lair, or perhaps be used as an escape route? If it escaped, it'd naturally come after you for revenge. That's a dragony thing to do.

    Sorry for the essay. Hopefully it was helpful/inspiring/not awful

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