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    Wow, pleased to see the positive responses.
    I wasn't sure if people would shoot me down or agree, but pleased to see it's agree.
    I'm only hoping he gets a ban from this forum, it's quite sad to see someone like this able to run a business at all; he really doesn't have the ethics down.
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    I'm sure you guys know what this is about- people, including myself before it became spammy, keep making '1.9 has ruined Minecraft' threads. Yes, yes it has ruined it, we need to accept that the game we loved has been ruined, and leave it to die. Instead of wasting your time with these threads go find another game to fall in love with- it's what I did.
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    I am here today to talk about an MMORPG that I have created entirely from scratch! It's called Masters Of The Blade, and is free to play. The aim of MoB (Masters Of The Blade) is to become the most powerful warrior, overall, but it has other aims aswell, for example, the lore of the world is entirely dynamic- what you do has real consequences, unlike other MMO's such as World Of Warcraft and Rift. The entire world is living; for mobs to grow as a species requires atleast 2 of them, or they will become extinct if the last one dies! Another cool feature is the arena system- every day a new 'titan' is released, a titan is an almighty and powerful mob that is very hard to kill, only one person can kill this mob, and if another person tries and fails then the HP of the titan isn't reset- he is weakened! The same goes for other mobs! You can also capture any wild mob and put it up in the arena- other players can see that you have put a mob up and can choose to challenge it, for the reward that you set! (They will also have to a pay a price that you've set, though, so you can earn more and more money from capturing a powerful mob!)

    You don't earn XP or Level Up in Masters Of The Blade- so there are no restrictions and you don't have to endlessly grind your way to the top! You can buy any weapon or armor (armor causes damage reduction, your HP will always stay the same!) at any level, if you have enough gold of course! You can earn gold by releasing mobs into the arena, or by crafting items and putting them up for sale. You can also earn gold from killing certain wild mobs, completing an arena challenge that another player has set and doing quests for various NPCs.

    The game is currently incomplete- I have a login system and a registration system set up, and now I need to create the actual game itself. I've got the GUI all done!


    To Do List:
    • Login and Registration System
    • Main GUI
    • Zone Compiler
    • Battlesystem (50% Done)
    • Music
    • Graphics
    • Arena System
    • Auction-House
    • PVP System
    • Chat System


    Account creation:
    Main Menu:
    Logging In:
    In-Game (Only chat is working atm, blank space under name will be avatar):
    Zone Screenshot (Won't be in the actual game, just a preview):

    Also, the game is *NOT* going to be text based so don't be surprised :wink.gif:
    So, please give me any suggestions / things you'd like to see in the final game- if you'd like to be a tester, just ask!
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    Chavs. They should all die horribly.
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    posted a message on Full review of 3 hosts: Multiplay, BroHosters and AnyHost
    I have now been with 3 hosts, and have decided to share my opinion and hopefully inform some people of the advantages and disadvantages of them. Lets begin.

    Multiplay have been hosting game servers since 1997, so they have plenty of experience and have had enough time to realize what causes their servers to lag, as a result of this, however, the prices aren't cheap! The first server I ever rented was with Multiplay. It took roughly 1 hour to set up and start playing on it, which is actually very fast! At the time I lacked money, so I chose to go with 8 players slots and 600mb RAM. This was...okay...for the first month, turning any mob on would cause immense lag. This was fixed later, though. The world ended up becoming well over 60mb, and still there was no lag, even with mobs on (ONLY monsters). The service was excellent, either through the forums or by submitting a ticket, it'd take 1 - 2 hours to get a good reply, not that this happened much. The only time I needed to was either to (A) Request Mods (more info on that in a sec) or (:cool.gif: Ask questions about their services.

    It wasn't all that good, however
    The control panel 'ClanForge', was very nice, but VERY slow. The console didn't show what had been said in chat or what commands had been used, let alone plugin errors that had caused my users not to be able to log in (in the end I had to download a 4+gb .log file and find it manually from there. it was HELL!) Also, the CP only had support for some plugins. There was a list that you could chose from, if it wasn't on there, then you'd have to submit a request for it, or DEAL WITH IT.

    • Value for money - 5/10
    • Support - 9/10
    • Lag - 7/10
    • Control panel - 7/10
    • Overall - 7/10


    This was probably my overall favorite hosting, it was cheap, setup took about 2 hours, and I didn't have any lag issues, playing at 600mb RAM! The player cap is 512 (Which I believe to be the max that Minecraft can support anyway, correct me if I'm wrong :wink.gif: ), which of course you can change manually from the server.properties file. It uses TCAdmin as a control panel- which, while being very fast, I found to be bulky and horrid-looking. I don't remember having the option for backing up the map either. The support was top- :iapprove: , and updates are constantly seen on the facebook and twitter pages whenever a machine gets shut down. These guys offer FTP support too. The customer-support was awesome. I would get a response to my tickets within the hour, and the live chat, while not being online too much, was very useful! Facebook is the way to go for the best support, however, with my questions being answered by the staff and the public within minutes! I have *never* had *any* lag issues, either. Very nice.

    • Value for money - 10/10
    • Support - 10/10
    • Lag - 9/10
    • Control panel - 4/10
    • Overall - 8/10


    This is the worst of the 3. I purchased a 20 slot server with 1gb of RAM for £12 a month. 'Bargain!' I thought. They offered FTP Support, SSH support, and an amazing control panel. FTP worked amazing fast. Didn't ever get around to trying SSH. And the control panel was...decent...but VERY slow and VERY annoying. I also had a bit of trouble when paying, and ended up nearly having to pay £15, which was given back a week after I raised a ticket and I payed through paypal. BUT, OH, WAIT A MINUTE, today (about half-way into the server hosting) it reappeared on my statement. I have raised a ticket, and am currently awaiting reply. The server that I rented (and currently rent) has random lag spikes, which seems to happen whenever I install a mod and restart the server for about 30 seconds every 10 seconds, about 10 times before it settles down. The console was showing NO errors.

    • Value for money - 3/10
    • Support - 5/10
    • Lag - 2/10
    • Control panel - 5/10
    • Overall - 3/10

    However, I would like to recommend them for their fantastic web hosting. THAT they are good at. NOT Minecraft server hosting.

    • Multiplay: Fantastic if you have enough money and want an easy to use control panel
    • BroHoster - Fantastic if you know how to install mods to a bukkit server, and don't want to spend a lot
    • Hostsign - Fantastic for webhosting and domain registration. AVOID AT ALL COST IF YOU WANT A MINECRAFT SERVER.

    Well, I hope that you enjoyed and that you now feel a little more educated.

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