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    IGN: Cosmosaur

    Age: 16

    Mic: I have a Blue Yeti microphone. It's got crisp quality however I have a mechanical keyboard so you'll hear some crisp clicking. If you need an example either add my discord or watch a vod replay (mixer.com/Cosmosaur).

    Define Active: I'll be gone for 2 weeks in July not able to login into the server but I will be around just about every other day to play a good 6 hours or so.

    About: I've enjoyed playing video games for years, ever since my Game Cube I had when I was 6. Minecraft is just a fun game to play that I obviously still enjoy (otherwise I wouldn't be applying). My hope is that I can stream the server on Mixer.com and/or upload videos for it on YouTube. It all just depends!

    Discord Tag: Cosmo#2555

    Timezone: EDT

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