About Me

Hai! I'm PearUhDox, and I'm a CTM Map developer! I've been playing Minecraft since it came out in 1.0 official release! Recently, I've been caught by the mapmaking bug and now I've even released a map for Minecraft 1.12!

I am also available for contact on the CTM-Community discord, and it might be easier to get a response from me there than here, but by all means contact me on my own thread too, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

CTM-Community Page

(The CTM-Discord link is on this page)


Currently my interests are Minecraft (duh), Game Design/Psychology, Computer Sciences, Adventuring in the Wilderness, and Archery (irl).

I also play too much Overwatch, and have 60 hours on Sombra if you ever need a resident hacker to play with. XD

Location Everytown USA

Profile Information

Minecraft PearUhDox Xbox whats xbone1 PSN eww no pls Steam pearuhdox