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    posted a message on New Mindcrack Style Survival Server
    Age: 16
    Do you have Skype?: "Admiral Trollington" but my mic isn't working properly
    Do you know what Mindcrack is?: Not really
    Have you been banned before?: No
    How much time do you intend to play?: A lot
    Why are you special? Why should i let you in? (Dazzle me) I'll play on the server a lot and contribute to the game
    DO YOU LOVE WALRUSES? Who doesn't
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    posted a message on VoxelAPOCALYPSE Zombie Survival Server [FAC][PVP][GRIEF][MCMMO]
    Looks amazing IGN:Pbon98
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    posted a message on Zombie apocalypse server
    I'm looking for a fun zombie survival server, preferably with a lot of people playing. Send me the I.P.
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    posted a message on Survival tournament server
    I'm sorry to say that the Revengecraft survival game will be put on hold until further notice due to server problems.
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    posted a message on Aircraft carrier ideas
    I'm making a huge aircraft carrier and I need ideas.
    I already made:
    -Planes/plane storage
    -crew/officers quarters
    -mess hall
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    posted a message on MC freezes
    I downloaded trapcraft, but then I deleted them from the minecraft.jar in Winrar. Now when Minecraft is being opened its says "done loading" and it just doesn't do anything, i can't even play now
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] -Trapcraft!- [v0.2] [ModLoader!]
    WTF my MC won t work now, it just says its updating, then it just freezes
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    posted a message on [Creation] BIKINI BOTTOM! v1.1 First UPDATE!
    Quote from Pheeno

    Welcome to Bikini Bottom!
    I have been building Bikini Bottom for about a week now. I copied mostly from the show with inspiration from the game Spongebob battle for bikini bottom. Its currently in version 1.0 I don't know if it will ever be finished completely seeing as there are so many things I can continue to add. As of now I decided to post what I have so far. It will be updated constantly. Also the secret Krabby Patty Recipe is hidden somewhere. The first to find it and post how they did it gets cookies!

    Buildings So Far
    -Spongebob's Pineapple
    -Squidward's Tiki House
    -Patrick's Rock
    -Krusty Krab
    -Chum Bucket
    -Mr. Krabs House
    -Bikini Bottom Dump
    -Sandy's Treedome
    -Grandma's House
    -Downtown Bikini Bottom [Multiple Buildings]
    -Sandy Shoals Retirement Home
    -Mrs. Puffs Boating School
    +1.1 Rock Bottom
    +1.1 Glove World
    +1.1 Mermalair

    Future Updates [Please leave suggestions]
    -Ms. Puffs House
    -Bikini Bottom Hostpital
    -Bikini Bottom Jail
    -Goo Lagoon (If I get Magic wand working)
    -Jellyfish Feilds (If I get Magic wand Working)

    How to install
    1. Download Link
    2. Explore File
    3. Copy Unzipped File to Minecraft Saves folder

    Bikini Bottom v1.1!
    Bikini Bottom v1.0!

    I LOLd when i found the box with string in it XD
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    posted a message on Survival tournament server
    Quote from superduperspoon

    im down msg me if thats ok

    Quote from Thunder_Strike

    IP please

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    posted a message on Survival tournament server
    The members of Revengecraft are proud to present a "Hunger games" inspired server.

    Every week we host a tournament where the objective is to survive and kill the other contestants. You can bet on contestants with diamonds, gold, iron, etc. You can also send "gifts" (weapons,food,armor,etc) for a price of course.
    The full list of rules and regulations are on the server spawn walls. The winner receives a BIG prize. It is now in beta testing.

    We also have a public city on the server, everyone gets a 10x10 plot, unless you donate, then you get a bigger plot. There will also be shops, and other services. You can, of course build a bigger house away from the city, but you will have less protection against mobs and griefers (but griefers will still be punished). Griefers and rule breakers will be sentenced to jailtime.

    Our first official event is scheduled for Saturday, February 4th.


    Brought to you by: REVENGECRAFT

    Any complaints, comments, questions? email us at [email protected]
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    posted a message on City ideas
    I'm currently building a city in MC, and I need ideas for buildings. I already have the following buildings:

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