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    IGN: Pbkid315
    What is your current rank: Citizen
    Have You Ever Been Banned/Muted: No I have not
    Experiences As A Moderator: I own my own prison server, and I am a retired chatmod from Lockdownprison
    Why You Want To Be A Moderator: I really like this server it is very fun, I use the English language very well, I know what the role of a chatmod, I know all the rules I read them through 2 times, I am a nice and considerate person who loves to have fun, I am also very active, I can play for atleast 2 hours a day every day, I also can moderate the chat very well.
    Why Should We Pick You Instead Of Someone Else: I know the roles of chatmods, I am very good at typing/Grammer, I follow rules and I dont abuse, I can be on the server for atleast 2 hours a day everyday, and I am a nice and happy person.
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    Making shocknate part of lockdown staff was the best thing that happened to lockdown for a whole, he makes the server alot more fun he hosts events, gives always rewards at random times, He helps low ranks rank up, He is a very kind and respectable person, pbkid315
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    Guard APP Format:



    Time Zone: Eastern standard time

    Date Joined: 2/12/23

    Do you understand and agree with the Guard rules?: Yes they are very very fair and I will follow them as best as I could.

    What times are you available to guard? Every day.

    Are you available to be online during weekends? (Friday-Sunday): Yes everyday for at least 2 hours a day.

    Why should we pick you:I am very good at pvp I love to do it. I want to impact the server by being part of the staff and I think this is the best way I could do it :) .

    Are you staff on any other server?: I have my own faction server. And a guard on a different prison server.

    Attach a photo of your current rank from ingame (MUST BE FULL SCREEN/ NOT CROPPED): IM rank Richkid dont know how to crop.

    What makes you different than other applicants? (Include the hidden word in this section): I am a friendly and loving person. I follow rules and I think I can do better then most of the guards right now because they always get like 3 Vs 1 and end up losing so I want to stop that. I love pvp and I can be active for at least 2 hours a day. The hidden Word is: Skeleton.

    Thanks for reading my application :)
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