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    Quote from Pds314159

    Obsidian makes no sense to be more effective than diamond. Sure it is later in the progression of wood->stone->iron->diamond->obsidian, but obsidian is neither more rare nor harder to get than diamond. in terms of end-game items, obsidian is basically ultra-cheap armor that can, under ideal conditions, be mined easily in a grand total of 1 minute per full set (efficiency-4 tools) compared to mining through 6,000 blocks, or otherwise looking through 24,000 of stone to get enough diamond to make armor. Even with the best diamond pickaxe imaginable, this would take a long, long time. Specifically, it would take a minimum of .075 seconds per block, considering that this results in a movement speed of 7 meter per second, this is impractical without speed potions, or automated sprinting software such as that in Spoutcraft. So, even at that rate, it would completely use up this lucky level 30 enchanted godly diamond pick over the course of 3000 blocks of speed-potions, this requires over 7 minutes to complete, as well as a speed potion, some diamonds, and the best pickaxe enchant I have ever heard of.

    On second thought, fortune IV might be sufficient to reduce this time to just over 3 minutes, as one would get 120% more diamond per ore. still, you spend the worlds most coveted pickaxe, more time, a speed potion etc.

    basically, no sane mind would ever touch a diamond after they got 3, because lava is likely as obtainable as dirt, and water as stone.

    I think Obsidian should be maybe iron or diamond durability, but have stone speed and mining ability, or, it could have diamond level mining, and stone-like durability.
    as for the sword, maybe it could be iron or diamond damage, but with wood-like durability.
    basically, more durable, more effective, less fast, less enchantable gold.
    OK, in 1.0 obsidian will be different. Actually, I knew I should make it different when I add buckyball armor, tools, and weapons.
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    Quote from gerfrea00k

    i just downloaded it and i will see how it works
    Great! Version 1.0 adds Mobs, Buckyball Armor, and Some food.
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    Yay! Single Player Commands was updated! Now I can play with loads of tnt again because of worldedit!
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    posted a message on [1.4.2]Minecraft AwesomeCities Bukkit Server (No White-list) (Griefing Allowed in some of the worlds) (Raiding is allowed in mos
    There is an upcoming creative world soon. Me (Pazelle) and awsome_nicks are operators.

    Don't Cheat.
    Be nice to the owner, me (Pazelle).
    Be nice to the admins (so far only awsome_nicks).
    Griefing is allowed, but don't grief the operators' buildings.
    PvP is enabled so you can fight in the arena.
    Herobrine is on the loose in one of the many worlds.
    CoreProtect (Used to rollback the server after a griefing
    DisguiseCraft (Remake of MobDisguise)
    PvP Arena
    Smart Moving
    WorldPortal (I have 10 worlds 'cause of WorldPortal)

    Command to start with:
    Server is: Offline
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    Update coming soon!
    1. Creepers and skeletons attack Iron golems
    2. Creepers and skeletons attack Villagers
    3. Villagers drop emeralds and bones
    4. Blazes spawn naturally in the nether
    5. Block Called cooled obsidian that smelts into 4 obsidian
    6. New gamemode called Damage Creative (3) where you can fly and it is basically survival where you can't see your health and hunger(it is supposed to be creative mode where you can take damage and get hungry).
    7. Obsidian armor and tools that are stronger than diamond, and in your hand and on the gui it looks like other armor and tools but when the armor is on you it looks obsidian-ish.
    8. New item that is called buckyball and is planned to make buckyball armor and tools that are stronger than obsidian tools.
    9. Lots of tweaks.
    No videos yet :(
    This mod requires ModLoader
    Windows 8:
    Windows XP:
    Windows 7/Vista:
    All Platforms (except Windows 8) :
    Upcoming Features:
    Two new mobs one is called "Night Guard" that Saves the night from monsters and one is called "Fire Golem" that shoots Blaze Fireballs.
    New Crafting Recipes.
    New Blocks.
    Buckyball armor, weapons, and tools.
    New food.
    Possibly new structures.
    Replacing Damage Creative Mode with Flying Survival Mode
    This is a banner I made. If your nice, put it in your signature:
    YouTube Mod Review
    Above: Cooled Obsdidian
    Below: Blazes natural in nether
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