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    Visit our website at http:///ubercraft.eu
    Server IP: ubercraft.eu

    Ubercraft is a well-established Minecraft server with a strong, friendly community. The server has several features to improve gameplay including a balanced economy, towns, mcMMO, a highly detailed map and much more.

    We condemn all acts of griefing and remain virtually grief free, with a dedicated team of staff and community members to ensure any suspicious actions are investigated and dealt with.

    The server is running Bukkit with a handful of plugins to improve administration, usability, security and gameplay. Ubercraft currently operates on a "grey list" principle. This allows anyone to join, tour the server, and even freely build in the guest world. However, to build in the main world, players are required to submit an application of acceptable quality.

    The gameplay on Ubercraft is a blend of PvP and PvE survival. Outside spawn, player run towns and other safe zones, players are on their own. Watch your back.

    You may apply either directly on these forums, or through our website. Simply reply to this thread with the required information, or use the website. An admin or moderator will accept the application, and reply to your post. Generally, the fastest way is to apply directly on our website. The application on the website helps you automatically fill in your application for better eligibility. Please keep the following in mind when applying:

    Information for applicants
    We're glad that you're considering applying for membership at Ubercraft. Our community consists of a friendly and civil player-base with many nice and helpful people who build amazing structures. While you are filling out the application form, you should keep some things in mind.
    • Put some effort into it. We read too many poor applications every day with short sentences and generic answers.
    • Use proper grammar and punctuation. This will leave us with a better impression of you.
    • Be honest. Don't lie about your age or anything else in your application.
    • Be patient. Do not hassle a moderator about your application, we try to answer them within a few hours. If you've waited longer than that you may notify a moderator or bump your post.
    • If your application was denied, you may make one more application.
    • We do not want any personally identifying information and should leave out your surname, address and such.
    • If you have not already read the rules, or would like to re-read them to be sure, please view them here.
    • By filling out and submitting the application form you agree to secure your own account. Any activity on your account is your sole responsibility.
    Reply with the following information, and don't be afraid to elaborate!
    Why do you want to join Ubercraft?
    Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
    Did you read and agree to the rules?

    Vote for us on

    Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates

    We hope to see you in game!
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