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    posted a message on Minecraft,MindCrack Fan server
    country: Canada
    skype name: (optional) Pattiboy
    How long have you played minecraft: since alpha
    male/famale: male
    what do you like to build: bigger buildings with villages, like doing furniture ideas and designing
    Why you want to play on this server:the server im on is inactive and has switched to FTB and i would to start recording so im looking for a youtube based server to start on.
    Do you have a youtube channel/and are you interrested in doing videos?:very interested in doing videos, i have a youtube channel but haven't started putting video up yet :)
    Do you look at the mindcrack guys/and witch of them do you like most?: i do :) i watch vintagebeef and Pause the most, sometimes doc and guude
    How are you as a person: very outgoing . some say i am funny . i like meeting new people ( in hopes to do colabs with people )
    witch games do you like to play and other stuff: i play Half life, Counter strike , so the hidden and ttt. and love finding random games to play with friends
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    posted a message on My Friends Can't Connect to My Hamachi Minecraft Server But I Can
    i have this same problem . mine was working before , now its not
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