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    posted a message on Viesta - Looking for all staff positions including a co-owner, some admins, moderators, java eclipse developers, and builders.
    IGN: PatriotG[/b]
    Discord: PatriotG#6249[/b]
    Wanted Role: Co-Owner[/b]
    Do you agree to be respectful, courteous and helpful: Yes, all the time.[/b]
    Please give a brief summary on what the role you chose does: The co-owner is able t work with plugins, config, and console. But they should also be able to work well with others and cooperate with the players.[/b]
    Past experiences with what it is that you do: I have been a co-owner on 3 servers. I worked in the config as well as implementing plugins. I'm an expert at advertising servers and can get some players on from ground zero.[/b]
    How active: On some days I can play all day.[/b]
    Do you like kpop: Not really.[/b]
    Do you like cats: Yes, I have two. (I also like dogs)[/b]
    If we were you, why would you hire you: I think you should hire me because I have more experience than most at be a co-owner. Like I said before, I am able to advertise really well and work great with others.[/b]
    Anything else: I feel like I explained everything :D[/b]
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    posted a message on ❤✌✔I NEED A PARTNER/CO OWNER✔✌❤

    I think I would be a good fit for the role. I am really dedicated to creating servers. I have actually had experience be a co owner on many occasions. I am able to configure and add many plugins as well. You should chose me over other candidates because I work my hardest at all times and am able to focus on the task at hand. You can contact me on discord at PatriotG#6249 My timezone is central american

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    posted a message on Looking to be a Co-Owner

    Thanks for clicking on my thread! I'm a normal minecraft player looking to be a co-owner for a server. I want to be able to help create something big. I have experience being a co-owner on 3 other servers but had gone inactive. I am really good with plugins, building, moderating, and working with others. I am very dedicated and will do my best :D You can contact on discord at PatriotG#6249

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    posted a message on New server recruiting!

    We are new server recruiting 2 really good builders and 1 moderator. Contact us at https://discord.gg/2Xu2FE

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