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    posted a message on Blackout - A Minecraft Challenge

    One day, you're enjoying your survival world...

    Until one day...

    It becomes dark, very dark!

    The challenge is simple, you will be equipped with 25 numbered resource packs, and every minute or so, you will replace the current resource pack for the next level up resource pack. Every level is darker than the one before it, but that slow progression will eventually lead to total darkness!

    But there are rules, you only get one life, as in, the world must be a hardcore world. Also, no cheating by reversing the effects of the resource packs by using other resource packs with it, or by switching back to previous levels.

    Once you die (or last at least 5 minutes in level 25), your game has ended. It would be wise to go to this post, and share how far you got (I.E. "I survived into level 18").

    In order for the sky/lightmaps to work, you need to be using Optifine or MCPatcher (I personally recommend Optifine).

    NOTE: If you find any problems of any kind with any of the resource packs, please tell me, I will be grateful, and I will fix them as soon as I can :)

    How long can you survive?


    DOWNLOAD: - A Minecraft Challenge - By Part

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    posted a message on Luigi's Mansion - A Minecraft Adventure Map

    Luigi's Mansion

    Hello, this is actually my first Minecraft forums post so it may be a little weird looking :P

    Please note that this is for Minecraft 1.8.X

    I am currently upgrading it a LOT!!!

    Nearly everything redstoney will change :)

    I am fixing the texts, adding more monsters, redoing the boss battles, adding the /playsound command to pretty much everything, fixing a bunch of textures, adding shields for people to use, removing the Poltergust 3000 upgrades, and much more...

    My Luigi's Mansion Adventure map doesn't really need any rules. The only ones are...

    1. Don't wander off (duh)

    2. Don't break paintings (hopefully a creeper doesn't break them)

    3. Well, there isn't really a 3

    Here's a screen shot I took of the mansion (it's actually for the trailer)


    Here are the links :D


    Adventure Map/Texture pack (that I made :D ):

    If the Map link doesn't work, don't worry. There is a link in the description of the trailer on youtube

    New Adventure maps coming ;)

    If you want to see some (like 100) screenshots of it...

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