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    posted a message on FancyBluCraft - [100% Vanilla] [Mature 24/7] [13w41b] Small Community
    IGN: Parkuman
    Age: 14
    How long have you played minecraft : I started playing back in October of 2010.
    Are you stupid: No?
    Why do you want to join: I've been looking for a VANILLA survival server to play in for a while now, especially in the snapshots
    Will you play actively: I will try to play actively, it's very hard to in my life.
    Will you contribute (Example: I will build a plot in spawn to contribute to the community): I will build community farms and such if needed.
    Do you plan on staying here for a while? Or just griefing like the mean person you are if you are a griefer: I am certainly not a griefer, I enjoy playing Minecraft in a grief free enviroment and hope things will go smoothly.
    Building skill (Include screenshots and or videos): Building and Redstone skills: http://imgur.com/Fo8T2wz&mTHc1s1 (Redstone is a potion brewing system where you throw the ingredients in and it automatically brews and dispenses the potion you brewed)
    Redstone skill (Include screenshots and or videos):
    Will you be mature always: Yes.
    What's your favorite icecream color: Blue
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    posted a message on 1.5 Vanilla Server! Creative, Griefing Allowed, Free Build!
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    posted a message on Vanilla server! No plug-ins, complete vanilla!
    Real name: Parker
    Why you want to join: i want to be able to play vanilla minecraft with out iconomy, and just want to play with friends
How long have you been playing minecraft?:
 2 years
    How often do would you be able to play on the server?: As long as it's open
    Do you get along with others?: I get along with other great!
Can you take a joke?: Hell yeah i can!
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    posted a message on Burglecraft, A Vanilla Minecraft Server!
    In Game Name: Parkuman

    Me and 2 of my friends were looking for a faily new vanilla minecraft server and this one looks great!
    Can't wait to join!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Better Animations Collection
    GREAT job on the mod Kodaichi! (Especially love the creeper)
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    posted a message on New Vanilla Minecraft Server. NO BUKKIT/NO MODS
    IGN: Parkuman

    Age: 14

    Strenghts/Weaknesses at minecraft: My strength is redstone inventions (I have created an automatic potion room) My weakness is skeletons, they are mean.

    Why you'd be a good addition to the server: I would be a good addition to the server because if anyone needs help they can call on me and I'll help them!
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