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    ATTENTION, BEFORE READING: I used my own custom application to fill in more detail, all questions of yours are answered, it was just re-formatted!

    IGN: parkerman111

    Age : 14

    EXP: (See question 6)

    Why should you pick me?:

    You should pick me because I have a a lot of experience from various servers I have played on. My punishments are usually un-cruel, but I ban when need be, I attempt to keep it to perm bans unless the player has committed a serious infraction such as using a hack client, or cheating in some form.

    I wish to apply for staff because I know the server is new, and honestly I enjoy being staff, I like to help people out.
    To me the privilege of being a staff member is very rewarding, and I not only get to help out people who I play with, I get to sort out their problems and leave knowing that I contributed in some way to their experience.

    Another reason I want to become staff is because of the rank, this may seem greedy at first, but let me explain: To me, being a staff member is a gracious honor, and it is one
    I want to receive. Being a staff member shouldn't be about the power, but about what you do with the power. Personally, I think abusing is ridiculous, why cheat & get demoted when you can play, have fun, and still reach the end result of getting what you want?

    I really have no stellar reason why you should pick me, like I don't know... I can try to influence your decision with a fancy paragraph, but I'm tired right now, so I'd rather not. Maybe you can see how many servers I've been admin on, and you will know that I don't just apply because I want power, but because, I'm good, I'm helpful, and I'm honestly so cool. (Lots of self-confidence is the key.)

    What Rank would I settle for?: Administration/Moderation positions

    Previous Moderation: I have been in administrative/moderation positions in Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, Warband, and Unturned. Needless to say I have plently of experience ranging from Factions, to RP servers, I know the commands, and I have the skill.

    I have played M-C for 4 years, since beta.

    Plugins you know: I am familiar with GroupManager, Disguise, PeX, WE. I also am well versed in other various plugins, Essentials ect, all the basic ones.

    Plugin Knowledge?: I am a good “plugin manager” I guess I could put it, I know a lot about using PeX, GM, Essentials, server files, and console commands

    ( SKYPE: Spartan.06
    TimeZone: -5:00 GMT
    I agree to your conditions

    I do have minor C++ knowledge

    I played GMod staff, lots of cutomer support experience.)
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    Quote from HXAVEN»

    Name: Paoa (its hawaiian)

    Age: 15

    In game name: HXAVEN

    Skype: HXAVEN_official

    Timezone: HST

    Meet requirements: Yes

    Hours daily that you can play: 2-3+ on most weekends i can play 5-6 unless i have a sporting event

    Experience being staff: Manager (head admin) Mico Craft // Head Admin Vortex Nation // Owner of a smp server for my friends

    How many servers have you been staff on?: 3

    Are you currently staff on any other server?: Yes i am staff on Vortex Nation but the server is having funding issues so i am looking for a new server to help out

    If someone fly's around in spawn what would you do?: First i would check if that person is a donor (if donors have fly) if the user is flying and isn't supposed to have fly meaning that are using a hacked client ( i will first record them to have proof if i am questioned) then i will first ask them to please restart minecraft without their hacked client. If they do not comply i will kick them with his reason: Please restart MC with out a hacked client on if they return i will ask them one more time and warn them that if it continues it will result in a ban, if they ignore me they they will be temp banned for 3 days

    I would like to say, that you just applied to Vortex, so Im not sure how its having funding issues or how on another thread, you said its in heavy development, and you are mass-applying on every thread, ( You dont ask hackers to restart their client, ) You lied your not H-Admin on Vortex, Ive seen the thread, people can see all your posts so dont mass apply and lie, I wouldnt accept you to wipe my ass clean. Plus your format is poor and sloppy. Good Luck.

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    Quote from ParkerMen111»

    But wait, I wanna be AdmIn, plz make me admi xD i is good admin, i ban all hakers, and I do never abusse, can I hz admin now? :D

    I think mine will be most successful.
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    posted a message on How to make your application look professional

    But wait, I wanna be AdmIn, plz make me admi xD i is good admin, i ban all hakers, and I do never abusse, can I hz admin now? :D

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    Really dumb should be deleted but lol I just took the Minecraft Noob test! Check out what I scored. Think you can beat me?!

    To take the test, check out

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    Check out his posts and then check out his "Youtube Channel" this guy is probably 6, He is using a free-hosting website that will shutoff the moment he exits the page, its not a real server he is just a immature idiot, I don't mean to be harsh but if you want to host a server, atleast get 30 fps on your minecraft and fish out 50-90 bucks a month to run one.

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    posted a message on FruityMC! Join Today! IP: Fruity.serv.nu

    This is Whitelisted.

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    Admin Application:

    Name: Dylan J Leming

    Age: 14

    In game name:





    -4:00 EST

    Meet requirements:

    Yes. And then some.

    Hours daily that you can play:

    Not sure about this right now, but per day atleast 4-6 atm, but I will get back to you on this.

    Experience being staff:

    I have played minecraft since beta launch, I love this game, I have pried every trick, tip, and glitch from this game. I look in every nook and cranny, so, naturally I want to explore "Staff" I have been staff on atleast 5 servers. 2 Mini game, and 3 factions (Have been staff on other games as well.) I know all groupManager and PeX commands, I know essentials like the back of my hand. and I try not to be mean, I don't wanna be harsh on someone if they accidentally do a bug? so I investigate, never be trigger-happy, yuh know? I do my best, I don't abuse, I don't criticize fellow staff members, and Im a great person to be around. (Not sure what else to say here. Gotta get to know me? see me in the field)

    How many servers have you been staff on?:

    5 (Plus Other games)

    Are you currently staff on any other server?:

    Not currently

    If someone fly's around in spawn whatwould you do?:

    1, I would check their permissions And/Or their group, and if their user inheirits any permissions.

    2, I would "/whoAND/OR /fly" them to see if its the fly bug, and it would show me Enabled/Disabled If enabled I would bring them to a sit, and ask them how they were flying, if they admit to hacking I would either 2 week ban / Perma Ban ( At owners discretion) If they say I wasnt hacking, I would /invsee to see if it was a minigame lobby thing that lets you do triple jumps or something, and check the lobby abilities (Like to see if a "Double Jump was enabled) If it turned out that there was no plugin/script that could lift them, I would ban because the only conclusion is they hacked. ( Anti Cheat would take care of most clients so I dont see FlyHack as a real thing, but custom clients might have a bypass so, whadya know?)

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    Quote from edgygamer1»

    Hello My Minecraft Username is FuzzyPmc And I Am Available For Working On Any Server That Needs A Head-Admin On The Server.

    age:13 (turning 14 December)
    Why do you want this position: I always like helping people and I do enjoy configuring plugins and making kits and donations, etc. I am a hard worker and I do obey and follow they rules that I am givin. This is very good opportunity to learn more about coding and leadership. Most of the time I keep the staff busy with work that has not been acomplish.
    Experience (Details, rank, IPs and Website, if none please explain why we should pick you even though you don't have experience)
    Contact information:
    Skype: edgygamer1
    Email:[email protected]
    How much time can you dedicate to the server?: i would work for 7 hours a day
    What are your skills: Making Kits, Making Kits, Making Donations, Controll Fellow Staff Members, Leadership, And I Do Know Two Languages (English & Spanish).
    What plugins do you have experience with?
    - Group Manager (Mastered)
    - Essentials (Mastered)
    - Compass Navigation (Mastered)
    - PerWorldPlugins (Mastered)
    - World Edit (Mastered)
    - World Guard (Mastered)
    - Mini-Game Plugins (Associated With Some Mini-Game Plugins, But Can Easily Learn)
    - PermissionEX (Associated)
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    What commands would you use as an Head-Admin:
    - /tp = This Command Teleports You To The Player That You Exchange With Or Virse Versa
    - /ban = Bans The Account Of The User
    - /banip = Bans The Ip Of The User So They Cant Come Back
    - /kick = To Kick Players Out Of The Server
    - /say = Talk Like A Server Announcement, Or Speak From The Console
    - /deop = De-Ops A Player
    - /mute = Mutes A Player
    - /who = Shows The Current People In The Server
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    How would you deal with:
    A Griefer: It Would Depend On The Server Rules. I Personally Would Warn Him That If He Does it Again, I Will Either Temporary Ban Him Or Jail Him. And Then Il Tell The Victim How To Better Protect His Land.
    A Spammer: I Would Verbally Tell Him To Stop Spaming. If He Continues, I Would Mute Him For 30-40 Minutes. If He Keeps Spaming I Would Temporary Ban Him For 2 Hours.
    A Player Who Just Join The Server For The First Time: I Would Welcome Him And Give Him A Tour Of The Whole Server And Then give Him A Small Present To Enjoy His Stay.
    A Person Who Says They Are From Planet Minecraft: I Would Just Ignore The Person.
    What Rules Do You Think A Server Should Have:
    - Do Not Advertise
    - No Hacked Clients
    - Don't Spam
    - Don't Use 3rd Party Mods
    Mostly Depends On The Server Rules And Plugins, Etc.
    What Can You Bring To The Server That No One Else Can: My Past Expirience. Ived Seen People Who Lack The Skills Of Performing Their Tasks. I Can Train them To Meet The Requirements Of The Current Rank They Are In.
    How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words: Efficient, Intelligent, And Hard-Working!

    This is a App youve posted all around your just spamming this

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    Dear Owner, I hope you take into consideration the serious-ness of the following strings of words I call a Application (Joke! Haha so funny right? RIGHT?!?!?! RIGHT!?!?!!?!?)

    - Minecraft Name:parkerman111
    - Age (will be taken into consideration): 14
    - Timezone: Eastern Central
    - Previous Bans (Don't lie): 3 1 for hacking 1 for trolling and 1 because I told the owner that he should listen to his staff(I dont hack or troll anymore I was just feeling bored that day)

    - Moderator Experience (Be extremely detailed): I have been admin on several Servers and a Permission Manager, I am famillar with PEX, GM, and the Essentials Commands, Also RPGItems and some common Economy Plugins, I know what to do in certain situations, a spammer is easy, Mute 1st offence, Kick Second Offence TempBan 3rd offense. A griefer 1st=Kick 2nd=TempBan 3rd = BAn| Hacker=Ban I am experienced and I have moderated a decent amount of positions for long times, and when I join a server I dont go and be a mod on 12 different other ones
    - Why you want to be a SuperAwesomeExtraReallyBossMasterOfCheeseAKA(A Moderator)

    I want to b a Moderator because, when I used to Play FTB and Vanilla factions, I always noticed the lack of staff and support when I was glitched or I needed help, or there was a hacker online. And I wish to be this support, I beleive that when a Player Needs help, Help, Will be there to assist Player. in short, I don't want other players to have to wait a day to ban a hacker, or get out of a glitch, or to help them get some VIP items that didnt come.

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    Dear Owner, I recently have transferred back to Minecraft from several GMod jobs, I would be pleased to work with you, I will submit my app immediatly

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    Got banned for joking around was having fun owner is stupid and trolls me and other players with "Herobrine"

    And Im reallly sad because I was looking forward to contributing and making a effort into this server

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