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    posted a message on Fossils and Archeology Revival Build 7.3.2 - The Dinosaur Renaissance Update - Dinosaurs in Minecraft!
    Quote from ASDFGirl»

    We don’t want people compiling unfinished builds from GitHub. We don’t want you compiling them, and we CERTAINLY don’t want anyone else compiling them and distributing them around like some sort of secret deal (which multiple people have been caught doing). Not touching the GitHub has always been a rule of ours. We have MANY sources where we talk about progress other than discord: these forums, the wiki, the twitter, the instagram. Use one of them instead of compiling our code without our permission. We specifically took down the GitHub because of this behavior.

    I already mentioned some of those sources in my last post: You guys favor the discord to such a large extent that news outside is either late or completely forgotten in some cases.

    I never once distributed a compiled build and very rarely compiled them in the first place except when I wanted to check new features ingame and cross mod interations that were added, the problem is im extremely lazy and compiling is work. I mainly checked the source from time to time to see what was changed or added and followed commits.
    Both of which are impossible now. Seriously, you plug the discord almost as much as mod news( even the most recent twitter post had a discord plug in it.. ) when some people simply can't or won't join.. you need a more reliable and quicker way to update mods news outside of discord since it's lacking to a high degree and discord is pretty much behind a wall for some( this news issue is a problem ive explained to a few mod creators when everyone started swapping to discord for news.. yet I was ignored for the reason "It's easy so it'll work out" ).

    Also your post came off as a bit too hostile in my personal opinion. Ive never once seen anywhere that you don't want others compiling a open source mod so I didn't know, yet you stress it no less then 3 times( yes you posted on twitter about it recently but that was waaaay after the fact since ive been checking the code and compiling sincd 1.10.2 versions ).
    It's the internet. It will happen one way or another. Simple as that.
    Your mods one of very few that actually went closed source simply because of a few idiots that im aware of

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    Apparently the 1.12.2 source on github vanished magically a while ago. Since im one of the many that can't join the discord I would occasionally compile the source to see whats new so this is very disappointing.

    Some of us can't/won't join the discord and since news outside is pretty limited or outright needlessly late most of the time when it does get revealed outside to my understanding, compiling and looking at the source was one of the ways to check progress.
    Anyone know why it's gone with no explaination?

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    Quote from Jetsnake9000»

    No ETA, the beta is being tested currently. To stay more up-to-date, join the discord.

    To summarize the problem with that: Discord is a closed off solution most developers seem to be turning to now and days to deliver news when quite a few don't want/can't use it.
    I myself refuse to clog my discord server list up with anymore and I highly doubt im the only one in this position. If I did join I would likely leave immediatly after I get some news and im not going to resort to having to do that everytime for obvious reasons.

    In other words: Can you please either have someone assigned to keep this thread up to date or use some other means then discord to deliver the latest news? Even twitter is a better option since at least every fan can see said news without worrying about a extra discord server they had to join only to read the mod news and nothing else.

    Long story short - im not adding another discord to my list and if I can't get the news im just going to rightfully assume the mods dead like most players in my position after a certain point due to the lack of news on it anywhere else.

    Im not saying discord is a bad way to interact with fans( on the contrary it a pretty good one ), im saying it's bad to have it as the only fully active one.
    Here's a fitting medaphor: The mod news updates are stored in a room with only one door into it and fans need to enter the room to read/hear the news. Now what if certain fans couldn't fit through the door, had a reason to avoid the door, or pretty much have the door blocked for whatever reason?
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    I got a simple suggestion: Advanced Rocketry compatibility so vampire players don't suffocate in no atmosphere enviroments. Thankfully since we can already add vampire mobs from the mod to the Advanced Rocketry atmosphere bypass config that's not needed. Just a bit weird that vampire players suffocate in my opinion and I have yet to find a way to add a player to the bypass.

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    Quote from GoliathsAI»

    Oh sorry her have an image of the adorable Sinosauropteryx to cleanse the minds of the children... :D

    There is no cleansing the mind from that fowl demon
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    Quote from GoliathsAI»

    Hey peoples of the forums, look at the new horror of ancient mongolia and the cousin of the vicious Velociraptor. Introducing the Halszkaraptor! heres the post/paper thing... I would maybe take it with a grain of salt because it is National geographic but here's the link. :P


    I think we just found the prehistoric platypus..
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    posted a message on I plan on Reviving MineUp for Minecraft 1.7.10 & 1.8
    Quote from Onemario1234»

    Hey, I just got an idea. Maybe the both of us can start learning how to mod, and we can work together on MineUp! Like my original plans are, we can make other, smaller mods to get used to modding, but I think I'd be more motivated to learn modding if I learned with someone. You seem to be the only person I've seen who loves the mod as much as I do. I have no life (Well, I have a YouTube channel, but it's on hiatus), and I can dedicate time to learning. Why I haven't yet, though, I have no clue. What do you say?

    Im busy a lot of the time due to IRL stuff but can try I suppose. Word of warning im pretty lazy too xD

    I did have an idea for at least a inverted world type though, just not sure how you would go about coding the nether under the world without massive lag. That was the original mods main issue. My inverted idea was to make "upside down"
    versions of the vanilla blocks/items. They would basically be the same thing except with a flipped texture and certain things would work inverted, like water/lava flowing up, sand/gravel falling up, etc. Making inverted blocks/items is the easy part.. the hard part is making a dimension or world for them.
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    posted a message on Genetics Reborn, a complete re-make of Advanced Genetics!

    I have some suggestions for genes from other mods entities:

    Maybe have genes for each pokemon type? Players can use the genes on themselves to gain the type of the pokemon it came from and the basic effects they give to the pokemon of the mod( like water type have water breathing, fire type can cook food and are immune to fire, electric type can charge/power electronics, rock would be harmed while in water, etc ). Downside is having a type gene will make you have that types advantages/weaknesses so say you use a rock type gene then water, grass, and steel moves would do more damage but some other types won't do much. Considering the pokemon in Pokecube can attack players and even other mobs, type genes can be pretty useful in some situations. Another use would be ability genes to give players or other mobs pokemon abilities. Ever wanted a minecraft dog, cat, or horse that when killed damages the thing that killed it? Then give it an aftermath ability gene. Doubt abilities would be very doable but figured I would suggest it anyways.

    Galacticraft and Advanced Rocketry:

    Players can get genes that let them survive/adapt to other planets or hostile enviroments in space. For Galacticraft players can get the genes from the Galacticraft mobs. Some genes would be breathing in space, temperature immunity, pressure immunity, etc. Advanced Rocketry players can get them from either mobs that logically should be able to breathe/survive in a no oxygen or high pressure enviroment or you can do some code black magic to detect which mobs are set to use the atmosphere bypass config for Advance Rocketry and map the genes to those ones. Can even have a config option to set it so players that use the breathing genes wouldn't be able to survive in a oxygen enviroment without breathing gear for players that want that function.

    Vanilla genes:

    Carnivore - Would allow eating raw meat with no negative side effects and full cooked meat benefits but will give players hunger and nausea effects if they try eating anything that's a fruit or vegetable.
    Herbivore - Would allow players to eat plants like grass, flowers, and leaves. Eating said plants give better hunger then normal but players get hunger and nausea effects if they try to eat any meats at all.

    Undead - Would make hostile mobs like zombies and skeletons be neutral to the player but also make the player burn in sunlight.

    Not sure how doable any of them are, or even if they're good suggestions, but I tried.

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    posted a message on Little Blocks Mod [] Creation contest! [770KDLs]
    Quote from DogTheBoss»

    Wait Little Blocks and Gulliver's Mod 1.12? What universe?

    Dunno, looks like Lilliutian seems to be working fine despite being in alpha. Little blocks on the other hand looks dead so while 1.12.2 has "Gulliver", still no little blocks and theres only so much chisel and bits can do since it can't place tiny usable tile entities.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!

    Has the mods curseforge page seriously been left to rot? I can't exactly download if its stuck behind an adfly/shortlink wall since my computer completely blocks those sites for security reasons. Since shortlink skippers seem to be broken right its now impossible for me to play with the mod for the foreseeable future

    That's a bummer

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    Quote from SolariusB»

    Latest version isn't multiplayer compatible, unfortunately. Mod is long dead so just pray LBL arises from the grave or someone else revives it

    Way I see it is we just have to wait until someone makes either a new mod or resurrects this one later on. I mean, wouldn't be a Bleach mod if it didn't die and come back at least once eh?
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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Just a friendly reminder that selling early betas/pre-releases that non-paying players have no access too is against the minecraft EULA, in other words illegal( since your technically selling Mojangs and by extension Microsofts property without permission from them ). Figured you probably didn't know since your main site has a entire section dedicated to promoting beta/pre-release sales.. and lets be honest, who else but someone like me even reads the EULA in the first place?

    I can count the amount of people I know that have read the whole thing on one hand. Literally one hand.
    One. Hand.

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    Quote from smashbro596»

    well. obviously SOME liberties have to be taken. there wasnt any because to my knowledge there was no water in prime 3. just like how there was no lava for prime 2.
    if there isnt some kind of gravity addon for the ped in this mod, then it would be kind of underpowered compared to the phazon suit.

    Or simply give players the ability to activate/deactivate what suit is in effect. For the PED suit players can just install the gravity boost from 2 when its added, I mean we can already mix and match upgrades so whats stopping us from installing it like we would the morph ball or space jump?

    Don't even need to make a new upgrade that never existed ingame


    Took a while but finally finished with these, they're dark form textures for the jurassicraft mods dinosaurs. Not sure if they're any good or if you can even make darkling versions of them but meh, I tried at least. Figured the Ing would want to possess a dinosaur if given the chance since most have some combat ability, even a lot of the herbivores.
    The textures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2na9xrinysy7sc4/dark_textures.zip?dl=0

    Might take a while due to me being busy with other things but im also doing dark versions of the fossils and archeology mobs too as well as the galacticraft mobs in my spare time

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    posted a message on Pokecube - Revival, adding >800 pokemon to minecraft
    Quote from Thutmose»

    the initial work for allowing other mobs to have types, moves, etc is in, just hasn't been tested.

    you could also have scaled its size by using /pcedit and modifying the value of the expressed gene

    Awesome news, also didn't know about scaling the size thing. Gonna have to experiment with that later

    I experimented with it and found that resizing yourself while playing as a pokemon or trying to transform into one while resized breaks things. I have no clue if its pokecube or lilliputian doing it but thought you should know either way just incase. The way it breaks is by making it impossible to resize yourself or the mob based on how you transform( either you transform while resized or resize as the mob itself ). From what ive learned it sets the NBT data to "Infinity" and always force resizes you in the opposite direction of whatever potion you use.
    Example, the colossal snorunt:
    That big ditto is 8.0 scale( max for lilliputan with potions at the moment ) and snorunt was close to 1.0 scaled ditto( normal sized ) so that things massive

    Oh, you can also catch non-pokemon mobs with the snag cube. Sure it pretty much bugs the cube and makes it unusable and you can't send it out again but it's possible.
    No idea how the cube determines catch rate for non-pokemon but it has to somehow, creepers have a low catch rate so have to weaken them first but zombies are apparently easy to catch without weakening

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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks mod - (almost) infinite world height and depth (updated with CurseForge links)
    Quote from Maloonkey»

    If you absolutely must have it without joining the Discord server, you can compile it from source here: https://github.com/OpenCubicChunks/CubicChunks

    Otherwise, head to the Discord server.

    I asked if there was a way to get the dev version without joining the Discord, not about the source.. sorry but some people have attention span issues and im already in too many Discord servers so im not joining another ill never use except to download something that can easily be hosted elsewhere. While I could probably compile that's not happening either because again, attention span issues. If I did join the Discord, like i said, I would just leave again right after downloading it and sorry but im not wasting my time doing that when I can be learning how to model or experimenting with WSL. Better to find a way to cut out the middle man in the first place then screw myself over. I just so happen to have extreme ADHD with completely crap memory so you can imagine going over a certain limit of servers for me will end poorly.

    So.. yeah. I wasn't kidding when I said "I already have too many servers im in to keep track of with my rodent grade attention span", if anything that was a understatement. I just use the rodent comparison since its easier to explain like that in the long run.

    Now to anyone else: Is there really no way to get the dev version without resorting to basically torturing myself?
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