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    I would like to notify you all that this server is no more. We started a new server, currently in creative for building Republic City, but now working on the RP aspect for the TLA map. You can read about it, and get the IP at: http://www.reddit.com/r/TLAminecraft/. The IP and other important information is located on the sidebar to the right.
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    Page 4 Applications, done by Urcra and David.

    Drozzbear-It's good, a new name is required though, but no need to rewrite. Also, if you're from the Foggy Swamp, then wouldn't that be where you live?

    dryadyamato-Needs a rewrite. Appearance has to fit your role in RP, needs a new name, and definitely a history rewrite.

    ECAaxel-Looks good, no need to rewrite, but a new name will be required.

    nittany1019-Earth King, no. Accepted under the second one. In the future you may possibly become the Earth King.

    TheMegaWhopper-You will probably never be the avatar. I would advise against asking again, that being said, a new name, and perhaps a more in-depth story. Rewrite.

    Albino_Yeti-First of all, it needs a new name. Second of all it goes us wondering why you said 'Wolf Skin uniform (SWT), and the warriors in Siege of the North (NWT Warriors), two completely different appearances. An expansion on history is also required. Rewrite.

    charlie2411-It makes no sense how you were born during the war, even though they took out air benders first. You would be over a hundred years old. Rewrite.

    DKWON-Great application! Whitelisted.

    sammysalter-Finally a sand bender! Anyways, the name is good, we aren't using canon names anyways. Your history also needs to be expanded a little.

    NEDST3R-Complete rewrite. You need a new name, also, only females lives at the WAT. A new skin that is not Tenzin also.

    Vojdan-Looks good. Whitelisted.

    Aronto-Suddenly air bender in fire capital? The history needs a really good rewrite. The rest looks good. For the record, only women live at the WAT and EAT.

    Zeekco-Everything is good, but the history needs expanding.

    dark78660-Looks good, whitelisted.

    Survivorboy2001-You need a skin that fits your RP character. Also, the history needs to be redone, as well as the city. Rewrite.

    DinosaurCat-Looks good, but it got me when you said you practiced at the forbidden spirit oasis, and also teaching yourself bending is near to impossible. Whitelisted.

    lightblockman365-Whitelisted, on the terms you redo your appearance. It has to fit your RP character.

    Sumarry, Accepted:
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    Quote from 12yz12ab

    IGN: 12yz12ab
    Desired Nation: Fire Nation
    Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes
    Brief History: Born in the Fire Nation, he is an ordinary person. Nothing much to say about him. He is an engineer, and makes steam vehicles for the army.
    Desired Name: Maikeru
    Desired Profession: Engineer
    Desired City: Capitol

    You need to rewrite it, You need a more detailed history, and descripe your appearance a bit better.

    Quote from Frooz

    IGN: Frooz
    Desired Nation: Air Nomad
    Appearance: Traditional air nomad garb with tattoos and blonde stubble facial hair
    Brief History: Abandoned by his parents at birth due to a scandal between an unmarried airbending monk and a non-bender, Frooz was picked up off the side of the road by a kind group of civilians who, too poor to take care of him themselves, took him to the nearest city- Ba Sing Se. After growing up in an orphanage, Frooz discovered he could airbend on accident at age six when he accidentally put out the flame of a torch in a local pub in a moment of anger during a quarrel with another child. A monk, who happened to be in the pub at the time of the incident, took the orphan to the Western Air Temple, where he quickly mastered airbending, although his affinity for fun and traveling sometimes superseded his dedication to bending.
    Desired Name: Frooz
    Desired Profession: Monk/Traveling Nomad/Messenger
    Desired City: Western Air Temple

    Rewrite required, your history is very strange for an air nomad. Also, a new name is required, one that sounds a bit more like a nomad.

    Quote from exomaaan

    IGN: bardaman
    Desired Nation: Earth Kingdom

    Appearance: Thieve skin, similar to thieves guild armor from Skyrim.

    Breif History: I'll start with some back story. I played on another account before (exoman) who I played as a non-bender who hates benders. Since I can no longer log in on that account because of reasons I am planning on this character being his successor.

    Barda is following in exomans footsteps, seeking justice for non-benders and taking care of benders who are abusing their bending to gain power or oppress others.

    Desired Name: Barda

    Desired Profession: Non bending combat trainer.

    Desired City: None.

    You need a bit more information in your history. Rewrite.

    Quote from donuts742

    IGN: Donuts741

    Desired Nation: Air nomads

    Appearance: My skin is Monk Gyatso from ATLA. An airbender from the Southern Air Temple and was the mentor for Aang. Also a member of the Council.

    Brief history: Gyatso grew up in the Southern Air Temple and was a amazing Airbender. When Avatar Roku came to the Southern Air Temple for Airbending training, he soon became close personal friends with Gyatso. Gyatso soon became a master at Airbending and was chosen to become a member of the Council of Elders. Gyatso was highly likable and was a great airbender. When the next Avatar came Gyatso was chosen to become his teacher for Airbending. Gyatso and Aang became great friends and Gyatso quickly became a father figure to him. Gyatso continues to be a hard working member of the Council while still having fun and pranking every here and there.

    Desired Name: Gyatso/Monk Gyatso

    Desired Profession: Member of the Council at the Southern Air Temple.

    Desired City: Southern Air Temple.

    You can be a member of the current council, but we are not using canon names. A new name and it is okay, and obviously a new history for your new person.

    Quote from IamThechampion

    Desired Nation:water (swamp tribe)
    Appearance: as a skin: a shirtless man with shading to show musles,etc, a weed hat, and basic brown shoes, and more weeds as clotheing literally: a shaggy looking man, who is tall and skinny, and wears a giant leaf hat, loin-cloths, arm bands, and wrappings around the shins and fore-arms,
    Brief History:Due was raised in a swamp in the earth kingdom, he was raised by the swamp people, a group of waterbenders that have developed there own style of water bending and have accute senses due to their surroundings, Due grows up to be a man who although is not that bright, values family ties and friendships above all, and though his scrawny appearance may make him look like a shrimp, if you mess with the swamp tribe, you will soon learn that you have made a grave mistake. (he also has a catgator... named slim)
    Desired Profession:swamp warrior
    Desired City:Foggy Swamp

    Name wise, we are not using canon names. It is okay as long as you make a new non-canon name.

    Quote from maxmoore100

    IGN: maxmoore100

    Desired Nation: Air

    Appearance:Traditional Air Nomad robes. Has a black beard.

    BriefHistory: As an Air Nomad that grew up in the Fire Nation during the Hundred-Year War,
    had to hide the fact that he was an Airbender from his peers. He trained in secret, and he is a master
    Aeolius is more hot-headed than normal Airbenders, and his style of Airbending is very aggressive,
    a result of being raised by Firebenders.

    DesiredName: Aeolius

    DesiredProfession: Explorer or Air master/instructor

    DesiredCity: Fire Nation Capital (If it is too full, then the Southern Air Temple.)

    You neeed to rewrite your history, and eliminate the fire nation stuff. Rewrite.

    Quote from bda13

    IGN: bda13

    Desired Nation: Air nomads

    Appearance: A general air nomad robe, slightly darkened by ventures in the earth and fire kingdoms.

    Brief history: As a young boy Ezreal always had a thirst for adventure, even to the point where this fiesty need for adventure would would strike fear into the hearts of others. Although being an air nomad you are taught to be calm, collected and passive, but he has a fiery nature for the pursuit of knowledge. Because of this immense passion he even states: "that is anyone gets in my way, i will not hesitate to remove them from this world." - Ezreal. As you can see from his profile, Ezreal has never been the 'air nomad' type. As such, his teachers were never fond of his... activities.

    Desired Name: Ezreal

    Desired Profession: Air nomad - knowledge seeker.

    Desired City: Southern Air Temple.

    Rewrite. No aggresive air benders. It's just too not canon.

    Quote from WillTrivium


    Minecraft Name: Willtrivium

    Desired Nation: Water Tribe

    Appearance: Ideally, The traditional Northern Water Tribe look in Siege of the North, aged 25-30, with a brown ponytail. (Man's) Also, a red or black sword on the back of the character would be wicked!

    Brief History: Densho was born in a smaller village on the outskirts of the Northern Water Tribe. He had always dreamed of fighting in the army, when he got older. Sadly, his village was attacked by the Fire Nation towards the ending of the war. Densho managed to escape with a few others, however, the attack and war left him with emotional scars that were never fully healed. Now, as an aspiring politician in the Northern Water Tribe, he wants to ensure a lasting peace between the nations and within the village, by serving as the Chief Economics Minister. He answers to the higher-ups when it comes to the local economy, strategies, and the lasting defense of the Northern Water Tribe.

    Desired Name: Denko Kirisute

    Desired Profession: Politician

    Desired City: Northern Water Tribe.

    Good application. Whitelisted.

    Quote from ThePilotGuy

    IGN: ThePIlotGuy
    Desired Nation: Air Nomads
    (Just edited)
    Appearance: (both literally, as a skin, and in RP context): A picture is better than text, no? [url="[url="http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/134356/aang/%5B/url%5D"]http://www.minecraft...356/aang/[/url][/url] | Beard, lighter skin, typical air nomad/air monk clothes.
    Brief History: He was born in the Western air temple. He spent many years there, learning to connect with his spiritual self. He hadn't mastered airbending during that time, but had become very knowledgeable in things pertaining to spirits and spirituality. He even entered the spirit world once. . However, he does know basic forms of airbending. When he was 16, he left the southern air temple to travel the world. He visited many places and learned much about the world's people and cultures. Now, he is about to start his training to become an airbending master...
    Desired Name: Jingi
    Desired Profession: Air Bending , Traveling Monk
    Desired City: Western Air Temple

    Good Application, although the WAT and EAT are for women, so you need to choose NAT or SAT.

    %5Bquote name='Respondor' timestamp='1342290185' post='16498498'%5D
    IGN: Respondor
    Desired Nation: Fire Nation
    Appearance: (both literally, as a skin, and in RP context) Blue Spirit mask, black clothing.
    Brief History: (So that it won't be awkward for whoever gets Zuko, I decided to make up an alternate history and story) "I used to be a Yu Yan Archer, the same that were hired by Zhao to capture the Avatar. I never questioned my loyalty, until he came. When we (The Archers) allowed him to escape, an unfortunate number of us were sentenced to have our hands cut off. I was in that unfortunate number. However, I escaped. I tracked him down, and watched him. Soon I discovered his alternate-identity: The Firelord's son. One day, he escaped from me, and in that short time of him being gone.. something happened. I can't tell what, but whatever it was, it changed him. He threw away the mask, and once he left I dove, and swam for hours until I found it." (Sorry, I haven't written in quite a while.)
    Desired Name: Blue Spirit, If that's no-go, then Kaito.
    Desired Profession: If Ushi allows it, I would love to be her war advisor. If not, I could be a robber or thief (Similar to how Zuko was). If that is not allowed, I could be a hired mercenary.
    Desired City: Fire Capitol (I built a home there when we were in creative mode)

    Accepted as a Yu Yong archer, if you change your skin and get the Kaito name.

    IGN: bigbrainkid
    Desired Nation: Foggy Swamp Tribe
    Appearance: Standard Appearance for a Foggy Swamp Person.
    Brief History: Born and raised in the Foggy Swamp, left to explore the world in early adulthood, but later returned to the Swamp.
    Desired Name: Tuan
    Desired Profession: Hunter
    Desired City: Foggy Swamp Tribe

    Also, how will Republic City construction fall into play with this new RP whitelist?

    Good application, whitelisted.

    Quote from irishb19

    Desired Nation:Earth
    Appearance:Earth Citizen
    Brief History:Born in a small Earth Village. Dreamed about going to BSS and joining the military to stop the fire nation that destroyed my village.
    Desired Name: Quan
    Desired Profession:BSS military solider
    Desired City:Ba Sing Se

    Rewrite, expand on it a bit.

    Quote from Chuckl


    Desired Nation: Water Tribe

    Appearance: His appearance lacks the ruggedness of the norm, down to the nails he holds his looks in high regard (Water Tribe villager skin).

    Brief History: From his appearance he seems to be the pampered, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life type but that would betray the harsh upbringing he had. While not a member of the peasantry in upbringing it would not be normal to miss a few meals of the week. His saving grace was discovering at a young age the ability to waterbend. Wielding a cunning mind and a knowledge of bending he worked his way into a higher class than any of his family had ever known. While he may not have been the strongest waterbender at the North Pole, he had the guile for politics.

    Desired Name: Pakkan

    Desired Profession: Ambassador/politician

    Desired City: Northern Water Tribe


    Quote from Onid88

    IGN: Onid88
    Desired Nation: Earth Kingdom
    Appearance: Brown hair and facial hair, Earthbending warrior outfit.
    Brief History: Born and raised in a village in the outscurts of Ba sing se and when the
    war came to his village he was captured and used as a slave by the Fire Nation. When he was old enough
    he escaped captivity to find the men who burned his village down and killed his parents.
    He enjoyed hunting these men down, so he become a bounty hunter. Aiding anyone who need his help.
    He might have been doing a good thing, but his way of hunting is all evil.
    Desired Name: Urrik
    Desired Profession: Earthbending Bounty Hunter
    Desired City: Ba Sing Se (Alredy own a home)

    There are a few small issues with it, history rewrite, also no bounty hunter.

    Quote from iMentos

    IGN: xorlac

    Desired Nation: Earth Kingdom

    Appearance: Solider uniform.

    Brief history: Born and raised in the Earth Kingdom. After years of training, was recruited into the Earth Nation military to protect its citizens.

    Desired Name: Xian

    Desired Profession: Earth Nation soldier

    Desired City: Ba Sing Se

    Too short, please expand on history.

    Quote from cataloop

    IGN: cataloop
    Desired Nation: Fire Nation
    Appearance: A long red robe with black lining with a dark black hood and leather boots.
    brief History: My parents were farmers until our village was raided by earth kingdom thugs. they stole all our goods kidnapped my mother and killed my father for getting in the way. I escaped by hiding under the floor boards watching my life falling into ruin. from that day i have been hunting down those thugs. I learned to track, fight, and use fire bending to ether kill a man or make them talk. and have gotten a business out of it. I will do what ever means necessary.
    Desired Name: Woe Fang.
    Desired Profession: Bounty hunter.
    Desired City: Fire nation colony.

    Rewrite. New name, no bounty hunter, better history.

    Quote from Sassan355

    IGN: Reflax355
    Desired Nation: Fire nation
    Appearance: Dark skin but is coverd i a hood and does not show his face to anyone, brown eyes and black hair. Wears simple leather armor.
    Brief History: He is a lone wolf who spends most of his time in the wilderness trying to survive and hunting. He makes minor money by taking mercenary contracts for assassinations.
    Desired Name: Wyrus
    Desired Profession: Hunter and assassin
    Desired City: Fire nation capital

    Rewrite, no assassins.

    Quote from Zaddek

    IGN: Zaddek
    Desired Nation: Earth Kingdom
    Appearance: (both literally, as a skin, and in RP context)
    I have taken the apperence of an old earthkingdom bearded man wearing earth kingdom tunic.
    Brief History: I have worked my way up from the criminal infested streets of the lower ring of BSS where I was born. I am now a minor government official for BSS living in the middle ring.
    Desired Name: Pong LaoKoh
    Desired Profession: Politician
    Desired City: Bah-Sing-Se

    The history needs some expanding.
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    posted a message on Avatar: The Last Airbender Server
    For the record, what you're doing is ALREADY DONE!

    We finished creating the world about a week ago, and are currently in RP. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/JNM3b#1

    I don't know if you didnt look already or what, but next time you should. We have completed the whole world, down to the last detail. We currently have a 24/7 dedicated server we are using for RP in the world.


    More information: http://www.reddit.com/r/TLAminecraft/

    RP Application: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1352424-tla-minecraft-avatar-tla-roleplaying-real-bending-48-slots/

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    posted a message on Looking for staff for a 64 slot server
    Boy or girl: Boy
    Age: 17
    what do you think of griefers: Pathetic
    Do you grief: Never
    are you trustworthy: Yes
    Do you have teamspeak: No
    Do you have skype: Yes
    do you have Ventrillo: Yes
    IGN: Paragon_David
    Why do you think you deserve this position: I have experience and I am trustworthy and mature.
    Name: David
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    posted a message on [LOOKING FOR STAFF]▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆░▒▓█ ♥NZBUILD♥ █▓▒░▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂▶ 1.0 ▶ BUKKIT ▶30+ PLUGINS ▶Lottery/Spleef ▶ SHOPS ▶ ECONOMY ▶ ANTI-GRI
    If you wouldn't mind, would you please send me a private message on here with your decision.


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    posted a message on [LOOKING FOR STAFF]▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆░▒▓█ ♥NZBUILD♥ █▓▒░▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂▶ 1.0 ▶ BUKKIT ▶30+ PLUGINS ▶Lottery/Spleef ▶ SHOPS ▶ ECONOMY ▶ ANTI-GRI
    Minecraft in-game name: Paragon_David

    Your RL name: David

    What can you offer as a member of staff: I have a lot of experience being an Admin and Moderators on many servers and I am familiar with many server plugins and how to use them. I run my own server and I am familiar with configuration files.

    What would be your first response to "Can I buy donator rank for a stack of diamond: I would nicely decline their request and direct them to the server website to become a donator.

    I think I will be able to contribute a lot to this server and help it grow and expand. I am a quick learner and always ready to learn some more.
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    posted a message on LegionCraft [1.8.1 | iConomy | ChestShops | McMMO | Factions]

    We are currently running 1.8.1 until Bukkit comes out for 1.0. If you wish to play with us and have updated, we have instructions on how to go back to 1.8.1 on our website.
    IP -
    Website Address - http://www.legioncraft.co.uk
    24/7 | 80 slots | Many Plugins | Amazing community

    Vote for us everyday to receive $50!
    Also, leave a reply below and receive $100 in-game cash!!
    Adding signature to receive $400 + $100! For replying!!!

    LegionCraft is a fairly new server, active for the last 2 months and we are looking for new players to come and enjoy the experience with us! We have a great team of admins and moderators that will help you with any problems that you may have, we have builders and architects who are constantly building amazing structures for us in game and an amazing community of people that continue to contribute their time and effort into making the server simply amazing!

    LegionCraft is a survival server, which means when you start playing you will start with some starter money (See above for details how to get more starter money!) And you will be able to buy property, such as houses and shops to make money with, as you continue playing on the server you can join factions and conquer the lands! The possibilities are endless! As we are constantly upgrading the server to suit the wants and needs of our members! We have an entire section on our forums devoted to improvements that people want on the server! We run a server that listens to its members and respects everyone, no matter what rank.

    We have got many plugins on LegionCraft that enhance the experience of Minecraft, we have numerous RPG styled plugins that allow players to select their own path on the server and do absolutely anything they want to; wether it be PvP Champion or a multi-millionaire!

    We are always looking for great new players to show off their skills to us, we are constantly looking for dedicated, mature players that deserve rank, and we are always on the lookout for new mods and builders! So if you are interested in this, let us know below and tell us what experience you have!

    Visit our Website at: http://www.legioncraft.co.uk/join

    Also, if you add this as your signature on these forums, or any other forums. Post a reply to this thread to receive $400! [PLUS $100 FOR REPLYING!]


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    posted a message on Need Kubuntu Linux Help
    I have 4GB of RAM, and I will go post a question there.


    I posted a question on that website with more details if anyone wants to look:
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    posted a message on Need Kubuntu Linux Help
    Quote from nickguletskii

    As suggested, you need to make a SWAP partition.

    What is that and how do I do it?
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    posted a message on Need Kubuntu Linux Help
    Quote from jacobdb

    do you have a swap partition that has a decent size. if not, your PC might simpely run out of swap space to store everything.

    I have about 100GB for the Kubuntu, and about 300GB partition for my Win7

    Quote from Tibyon

    May I ask why KUbuntu? Nothing against the flavor, but unless you're an advanced user, Ubuntu is the most user-friendly.

    I just like Kubuntu more.. :smile.gif:

    Quote from Quatroking

    Is Win7 able to resume from Sleep or is it only Kubuntu that does this?

    My Win7 resumes from sleep fine, but my Kubuntu doesn't work (The screen is solid black, there is no blinking curser or anything).
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    posted a message on Need Kubuntu Linux Help
    I have recently installed Kubuntu Linux along side my Windows 7 and it works fine. Except, when I go to put it into sleep... When I RESUME from the sleep, the screen stays black with the wifi button on my computer off.

    Can anyone help me out? I spent hours today looking for a solution with Google and I couldn't find anything.


    I posted a question on that website with more details if anyone wants to look:
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    posted a message on [Bukkit] [1.6.6] My Small 24/7 Survival Server [Whitelist] [Full]

    Same as name
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