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    here are some more
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    Realm of Arkay

    ...The humans were desperate to escape their weakened planet, earth. consumed by plague, war, famine, and on the verge of complete human extinction a large group of humans found a portal, created by the gods. Once the large group of humans entered the portal they found themselves in the realm of Arkay. The realm was habitable therefore; the humans occupied a small section of the vast and dangerous world. Within the camp however, men and women minds were altered by the new dark atmosphere and soon forgot where they came from, and who they once were. Three days passed, corrupt humans from the camp begun slaughtering the villagers. In the moment of chaos, villagers split into groups and fled to the far ends of Arkay. Following the third night on a new moon select mortals were surrounded by a purple aura and blessed with a vision. The select mortals found themselves in a land where tall black creatures walked the land in vast numbers. The mortals where lead by a strange force towards a pillar made of bedrock. A roar broke the silence and the dragon flew down and sprayed to mortals with acid. Each of the select mortals awoke new, with a desire for power, and the dragons' egg...
    Arkay is a Kingdom server based on PVP ,RPG, and survival skills. Once you join a kingdom, or create a kingdom you work to be the strongest in the world of Arkay. Although, there is opportunity for greatness, war is always around the corner. Treaties can be made, and kingdom exspansion is encouraged. The game combines Rpg and Pvp to make.. Kingom Wars!

    • Stealing between kingdoms is not allowed unless war is declared.
    • you must wait three minecraft days and nights after declaring war on another kingdom
    • Trespassing is not permitted.
    • Treaties can be made between kingdoms and can only be broken by the one who created the treaties
    • Spawn killing (At spawn) is not permitted within 1 minute
    • Kingdom boarders and anything within the boarders are considered a safe zone.
    • Forts with a mother kingdoms flag are also considered safe zones. (forts must be labeled with a sign at the entrance.)
    • Each Kingdom gets one Major grief per war. ( this means one structure can be burned or TNT.)
    • Must wait three minecraft days nights to attack after declaring war again on a kingdom.
    • Structures that are within the boarders of a kingdom belong to the kingdom.
    • All Kingdoms Must Have boarders
    • If you are not Participating you will be kicked.
    • Leaders can be voted out but ruling must be unanimous.
    • War can not be declared if at least 2 members of the kingdom are in the game.
    • Duplicating of any type will result in immediate banning of a entire Game
    Basic Information You must have a mic and be at least 15 years or older. If you are interested send me a message saying "Arkay" and i will send you a message when you can play if the server is full. Those who already have a team ready will be accepted faster. I am online for 6 hrs on weekdays and all day and night on weekends. If you would like to be moved up the waiting list faster show me your world as a "pro-folio" and if i like your/ teammates buildings you will be moved up the waiting list. Also, i will be actively posting current events in the game. The server is fresh, if you want to create a kingdom you have my word that your kingdom will be givin the time needed for you to build up your culture and fighting power.urrency
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    Quote from UpUp_Away95

    I see a lot of problems being potential with this. How would the player specify/select individual textures for each block in the game and redo it each time someone wants a change or a new TP is added. There are already many, many individual blocks... and likely more to be added along the way and some likely to be added very soon.

    Also, for example, Player A joins and builds in a world using a block from TP X and then Player B (while Player A is not online) wants to build in the same world, but wants to use a texture form TP Y on a block that Player A has already used textures with TP X? Who wins? Does Player A someday come back into the map to find all his builds re-textured? What happens if/when a new TP is released and added to the world?... again, would players have to face their builds suddenly getting "re-textured" by someone else's choices any time they might be away from the game for awhile?

    IF the players do accidentally specify two different textures for the same block in the same world... what sort of "errors" might creep into the file... and possibly totally freeze up the world.

    Also, for online players, the game would have to keep all the trial packs active at the same time to view the world correctly... sounds pretty much like just asking for MAJOR LAG and constant freeze ups online. The Xbox 360 is struggling to process everything as it is. As Tamorr suggested, it might be possible to just have the game ignore some of the textures within a pack and use the default for those blocks; but that's about all I think the Xbox 360 could probably handle (and even that might depend whether there is enough processing available to allow the default textures to continue to run in the background when a TP is in use).
    I hate when people try and make a great idea sound bad. it makes sense and its an host option like how it already is for TP
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    you should eat a bag of dicks....
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