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    Newest PokeNews!

    We have a forum at www.pokemonserver.net/forum

    We have a facebook at www.facebook.com/pokemonserver

    What is this?

    It was an idea on the KoA that was randomly thought of; the plan was to have a server that is based on the games of pokemon. It is detailed so that we have everything in the actual games/show to a minecraft map.

    We are not giving out bones or wolves at this time, sorry. You must venture outside the protected map for resources or go to the pokemarts.


    Who didn't play pokemon as a child or just anytime you were ever alive? I think it would be fun to bring Pokemon to minecraft and have this become a real thing. For those pokemon fans true at heart, or those who just list to see a true project come to life, this would be a great server addition to minecraft, and help bring the community closer, hopefully.

    How does it work?

    We have pokemon centers with heal signs, pokemarts which will have supplies, gyms which have actual people that will battle you, and small houses that people can actually live in. Of course, all the cities are based off pure maps of the real game, so depending on what the city we are building looks like, that is what is in it.

    As for trainers, we have PVP on the roads, but no PVP in the cities. That way you are like a true Pokemon trainer, fighting to get to the next place. You must kill 75 mobs to unlock pvp, this is for newbie camping protection purposes.

    We have worldguard on the entire region so that it cannot be destroyed.

    How do we fight like they do in pokemon?

    We will allow weapons, such as swords and bows, to kill people and mobs. Be careful though, and always keep yourself armed. You can train mcmmo to become even better than the average trainer. The Pokemarts have signs you can right-click to purchase goods from. Money will drop from hostile monsters.


    TRAINER: The default rank. You'll be this until you make someone of yourself in the pokemon world!
    GYM LEADER: You get this rank by owning a gym!
    ELITE: This for the select few who actual become part of the Elite Four!
    CHAMPION: There can only be one per region!
    PokeFan: Those who have donated to the server get special privileges!
    CoolTrainer: Higher level donor!
    PokeManiac: Even Higher level donor!
    DragonTamer: So much donation!
    GameFreak: Highest rank of donation, these people are nuts!
    MOD: Helper to admins.
    ADMIN: The awesome people who own and run the server!

    Gym Leaders?

    Gyms are an important and fun aspect to pokemon: We have the eight gyms that Kanto has, each with their own leader(s). When a leader is on, make your way to their city and issue them a challenge. This lets them know they need to return to their gym to fight. You'll then be let in. From there, all you have to do is survive their challenges, then defeat them, and their gym badge will be yours! Travel across the land and collect all eight badges so you can challenge the ELITE FOUR.

    Please realize that the gyms will NOT be based off the game. The entire Gym space will be HANDED to the Gym Leader and they will format the space as they want. Most gyms have an obstacle course you must get through before you can square off with the leader. Most gym leaders will require you to bring and/or don't use certain items. Be sure to read all signs before issuing a gym leader your challenge. If you lose you must wait before challenging him or her again. Keep this in mind before you step inside.


    We are selling houses to players so you can actually LIVE in pokemon! YAY! It is designed so you can safely store your items out in the open without fear of losing them. You may have PVP disabled there too if you wish. You are also allowed to customize your home! They cost 150 pokedollars per floor tile, so bigger houses do cost more. be prepared. They are only for sale if they have a FOR SALE sign on them.

    Screen Shots?
    Yes, we have some Screenshots. Here are a few:

    Bill's Lighthouse:

    Silph Co.:

    S.S ANNE:

    Celadon Shopping Center:

    Server Information
    Those who donate will be given special things, such as special status's, opportunities, special mentions, and commands. For all information, and if you want to donate:


    Once you have donated if there is NOT an admin online to tell send an email to [email protected] with:
    amount donated:
    paypal email or name on the paypal:

    We always check the paypal to confirm so don't try to trick us :P

    Donators now have the following perks:
    Access to /warp.
    150% Money bonus from killing monsters.



    We have a TS server, everyone is welcomed to join:
    If you have any problems or complaints post at our forum (At the top) or go to the TS to see if any mod or admin is on.

    Where's my pokemon?
    We do not have pokemon. The mod is not compatible with bukkit, but there are plans for another server to have this functionality. You can get a wolf and use it to train, but wolves are not used in many Gyms. It is suggested you train with MCMMO stats to pvp others, and use your items as the pokemon rather than depend upon wolves.
    Where do I get materials?
    You can get materials from two places: Pokemarts or outside the map. You can buy materials from the pokemarts with money. You can also go outside the map, with any water passage, or the [Warp] signs to the wilds, and mine materials.
    How do I get money?
    You get money by killing AGGRESSIVE mobs.
    How do I get outside the map?
    There are warp signs at spawn.
    What can I do in this server?
    You can either train your stats to get better, battle all the gym leaders, explore, enjoy our work, become a gym leader/elite 4 member, become the champion, or just hang out! We also consider builders who have screenshots and understand our 1:2 scale, to help with new regions on our build server.
    How do I buy a house?
    If you have enough money, contact an admin, and if you find a house that is open for selling, they'll help you out with permissions and such. They will not find a house for you.
    I got robbed, now what?
    If there is a valid reason as to why you should get your stuff back, talk to an admin and they will validate your case. If they deem that the person that robbed you was within the rules of the server, you can either rob them back, get revenge, or whatever you see fit as long as it is within rules. Be aware that a lot of things are allowed in the wild. This is not a server where everyone is nice and kind.
    How do stats/mcmmo work?
    Go to the mcmmo wiki.

    Application:Please fill this out and post it here to help the forums and server
    In Game Name:
    How did you hear about us?(Forums, Youtube, other websites?):
    Why do you want to join?:

    Do you know the pokemon theme song? Do you want to be the very best?!:
    Do you have TeamSpeak?:

    Gym leaders:

    They change constantly so it is very hard to keep up. Go around to the gyms and there will be a sign on the gyms that say Leaders: and the leader(s) name(s). Or use the custom /leaders command to see online leaders and where they lead.

    Server Team:

    Admins/Owners: Miosio, Paradox1123, 1cec0ld, Oddyguy, tenebraemaximus
    Moderators: ArchieSalt, Prodigy39, Tactic_Ninja, LilWaffles, Daanor

    Wiki? I think so.
    We now have a wiki at http://pokeserver.wikispaces.com
    Disclaimer: it has fallen into disrepair and is extremely out of date. Do not rely on it for anything but ancient history.


    1. Be respectful to everyone
    2. Listen to the admins and mods, don't constantly annoy them.
    3. Every time there is an argument do not go straight to an admin, try to be civil and come to an agreement on your own.
    4. You can only have up to 1 house (ask for more details)
    6. PVP is fine but do not kill someone more then 5 times a day unless they say it is ok
    7. Do not type in all caps
    8. You can grief and steal in the wild but not on the map
    9. Do not enter someones house unless invited
    10. No free tps
    11. No free items
    12. Admins can make and add rules not on here, we can not list them all and will make them as we see fit. Some of these rules dont apply to admins or mods.
    13. Don't try cutting deals on bounties. Such as "I'll kill you we split it 50/50"
    14. No extra mods that improve your gameplay. EX: XRAY, Fly, ect.

    More Details at:
    If found breaking these it will result in mute/jail/or ban

    By going on the server, you agree to the above terms.

    Extra info?:

    If you want to help build you need to have the game. We are building to scale, so you need to have a reference.

    The founder and all other associates take no claim in pokemon. All legal rights belong to Nintendo and GameFreak, the original creators of Pokemon. All credit goes to them.

    We were interviewed by www.minecraftserversinfo.com about our server. Our interview is here: http://minecraftserv...pokemon-server/ Please check it out!

    We are rebuilding all 5 regions on one world now. The same scale, 3x more neatness and skill. 2 years after the opening, the world will look and feel better than ever.
    For applications, please visit our forum and go to the Pokemon Maps section.
    For a map of current progress, please visit the dynmap at http://play.pokemonserver.net:8126
    For the in game view, please visit play.pokemonserver.net:25566

    Non-builders will be able to do nothing except tour and speak.

    Support us please with the following:




    The above were done by the user:Absolete


    This one was done by a previous Administrator: Ali_abdi

    As for avatars, we have none, but I suggest anything pokemon themed :P
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    I didn't mean to sound casual. I hope I didn't offend you. Feel free to put us in your allies group. :smile.gif:

    Anyways, everyone, Windows, Ish, Zoom, Tom, Kev, Crackerz and I cracked down on the system. We're going to be a server that only has our clan. Here's pretty much what we worked out:

    We will have two groups in control. The "Admins" and the "Captain's Crew". The "Admins" will be in charge of out of game material, such as OP, fixing the server, and anything that does not involve players. The "Captain's Crew" will consist of a group that will manage all of the in-game problems. The Captain's Crew is led by all the Captains of the server. Each Captain will have one vote, and the majority of the votes for whatever option will win. Admins will have the permssions for ban, jail and other permissions but cannot administer any of this without consent of the CC.

    We will have the factions pluggin with protections removed to allow raiding. People can make factions only if they have 5 or more people willing to join the faction. The captain of these factions will be the ones who particpate in the CC.

    In the CC, there will be a Leader of it. This leader has no more power than any of the captains. This Leader merely leads to the meating, such as saying "We are voting for this" and keeping order on anything. This person will be voted at the end of each meeting. This Leader may be revoted as many time as the CC wishes to keep this person in position. If they vote him out, they will vote a new one in for the next meeting. The Leader will also keep track of what goes on and post on the forums what happens.

    In the CC, each captain gets a certain amount of votes for the amount of people in their clan. If they have 5-19 people in the crew, they get 1 vote. If they have 20-29 people in their crew, they get 2 votes. This continues on and on.

    There are certain ranks on the server. There is landlubber, pirate, merchant, captain, and admin.

    Landlubber - You just joined the server. You are not a part of any crew.
    Merchant - You are a merchant and a part of a Merchant faction.
    Pirate - You are a pirate and a part of a Pirate faction
    Captain - You started your own faction and are leading it.
    Admin - You are an admin, pretty self-explanatory.

    You can be part of two kinds of factions. Merchants and pirates. As a Pirate, you can start your own faction by doing the rules above. For Merchants, depending what city you are in, you will be part of a merchant faction in that city. So, if there is city 1, and you are a merchant who lives there, you are a part of that citie's merchant faction. Each merchan faction will have a captain, similar to the Pirates, and the captain will have a say in the CC equal to pirate captains.

    Crews can only have a max of 50 people.

    No griefing

    Very simple. It works off barter. Trade what you have with others.

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    Let's not fight about when it died and whatnot lol. Let's get back on topic: unity.
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    Quote from TAlegend

    ichi fore some reason i have to wait a weak ...
    (because rigby hates me)
    could you keep my spot open m8 ?

    TA dont make false accusations. He is just trying to do his job as best as he can, which he is doing a fine job at. If One of the admins feels it would be appropriate to wait a week (which isn't very long) to not promote you after what happened then you should either A. Tell us why it is not fair. B. take it and be happy we didn't punish you worse then we did. That would actually get you a lot father.
    Thank you
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    Quote from Havillator

    /Signed, your a ****ing genius!

    You can't throw stones about grammar/spelling, no one can. Everyone makes mistakes when typing, so stop bitching about "OMFG HE SPELT SOMETHING WRONG I THINK HE HAS A LOW INTELLIGENCE". An IQ would not prove anything. If anything, someone would just post all the answers on the internet somewhere and anyone would be able to cheat. "Forcing" people to somehow read the rules won't make them any better/worse. Just deal with the trolls/stupid suggestions and move on. It's the internet.
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    Haven't popped into this thread for a while. Looks like things are going quite well. I told you guys, changing your name is for better. ANYWAYS, I have a few things I would like to share:

    1) Gilguy, by the looks of it, hasn't posted in this thread of a while and doesn't look like he is contributing at all. I suggest kicking him out as a captain. There are going to be grudges from the past against him from the KoA, and just because he started the clan does not entitle him to any power as of now. If anything, your undermining the entire idea of having friends in power. You could easily place a more active member in his place, and have better crews and improve.

    2) You idea of mixing with the KoA is great, but you guys are taking it a step to far. It's one thing to join as part of their army, but if you get ranks in their server, it's downfall from there. Once you get ranks, it pretty much says your sticking with the KoA no matter what. You may be thinking "Hey, there's nothing wrong with that", but you'll never grow as a true clan. Once you become so attached to KoA, they have control over your clan. If they kick the clan off their server, you'll have been so attached to them for their shelter, this clan will fall apart like glass hitting a sidewalk. The ranks are taking it a step to far. I suggest getting multiple servers. I don't know what that ninja guy was talking about, but if he was offering a server, take it! The more places the pirates are, the bigger the influence. What's there to lose?

    Honestly, I like the KoA and all, but they don't need an army. It's great for protection, but what can you do that they can't? If anyone declares war on KoA, what's gonna happen? They'll just kick/ban them from the server, easily done. You can commit yourself to the KoA, but you need a true PVP server, or you'll just fall out of use by the KoA. If you checked, no one declares war. Everything outside of the kingdom is free game anyways and since everything is cuboided, not much to raid inside the cities.

    3) The government you have set up is not going to work for the KoA. It's just not a PVP server, and that's what you set yourself up for. You have two choices, switch centralization of the clan away from KoA, or change to a government suited for the KoA.

    Anyways, just my opinions. You guys are looking good, so two thumbs up on that, yeah?
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    What did I tell you guys? Changing your name, becoming allies with KoA, and having Gil pretty not much speak about any of what was going on, getting everyone's opinions, have improved you guys by so much! Isn't it wonderful what happens when you listen to advice?
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    It's been decided we'll just release the IP anyways. Here it is:

    GO WILD!
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    And you still wonder why this clan failed... With that idea, you will get nowhere in life. You're not alone in the world, Gil. You need to INTERACT. If you're hated, people will A) Not allow you on their server :cool.gif: Kill you constantly and camp you at spawn so you can go nowhere C) Grief you.

    If that's what you want, have fun. If you want to have enemies, that's fine, but if you're going to be jerks to everyone, you're screwed.
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    We are switching servers from Brohoster to GSVerse. We are going to be paying less, have our own free website, more RAM, and the same amount of members able to get on the server. The server will be up soon, and I believe we'll have our own customized IP.
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