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    posted a message on [PC] Skin creation limitation

    This is mojang's way of making the skin packs exclusive so you have to purchase them, normal skins are limited to the Alex and Steve models.

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    posted a message on Paradiscal's Paintball I-III

    Paradiscal's Paintball I - III

    After the recent release of Add-Ons, I developed the 'Paintball' feature, a fully improved snowball, it also has an extremely low level of gravity, meaning it travels quickly, directly and has longer range. I then submitted to the 'mcpedl' website, but the owner asked for me to improve it and create a custom arena. Over the next hour I completed a simple industrial-style maze, submitted it and it became a big hit. If you would like to play with the first map it's referred to as 'Paintball I' in the download section. About a month or two later, I released the 'Apocalypse' or 'Paintball II' a more intuitive sequel, in which has foodstuffs (pizza and grapes), a new arena with about 30 new blocks and more weapons: The paintball launcher: A debuffed bow that has low range and a lot of damage, the barrier paintball; an egg that is essentially view-blocking and is permanently frozen in mid air, finally the last weapon is the paintball dagger: A wooden sword retexture, which helps as it is lower down for PvP. A week after that, I released 'Paintball III' or 'Sakura Swamp' an oriental themed arena, consisting of even more new blocks, a bigger battlefield and more suited foodstuffs (pineapple and sushi, I know pineapple is not traditionally oriental) the map is pretty much the same other than that, well.. that depends.

    Screenshots (More in downloads):

    (The download links are to the mcpedl posts, you will find the mediafire downloads at the bottom there, all maps contain behaviours and resources)


    Paintball 1

    Paintball 2 / Apocalypse

    Paintball 3 / Sakura Swamp

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    posted a message on Animania: Immersive Animals and Pets mod that improves the passive animal experience in Minecraft

    Congrats on releasing it! Very promising for beta.

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