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    posted a message on Luna [Whitlist][PVP/RP/PVE][Raid/War][24/7][Faction]
    Game Name: xxPaperclipxx
    Age: 18
    Faction: Empire
    Why you want to join: I belive that MineCraft was made for faction based SMP play, and i would love to be a part of this server because it has great potential. I also love that their are warring or opposite factions, and believe that i could contribute to them by adding a transportation system or expand the borders. I love to build, so if you guys need any help with projects i will be there to build for you.
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    posted a message on [Hellbound] True Survival | Whitelist | Parties & Quests
    In-Game Name: xxPaperclipxx
    Age: 18
    *What kind of player are you in Minecraft? (Farmer, Hunter, Fighter, Builder, Explorer): farmer/builder.
    *Primary Language: English
    *Would you ever donate for any server rewards? (Such as reserve list): If i really enjoy the server, of course. I would love to support a server like this, it sounds promising.
    *Would you like TNT or Flint/Steel to be disabled?: yes
    *Do you enjoy roleplaying or enjoy reading/pay attention to roleplay lore/backstories?: yes
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    posted a message on ██►The Kingdoms: New Dawn◄██ - Open to the public again!
    IGN: xxPaperclipxx
    Age: 18
    Faction: The Illusive Imperium

    I love to build large structures, and challenging projects such as transportation systems. I have been a part of another server and successfully built an inter-kingdom highway which was infinitely self powered without glitching. I am also interested in exploring.

    I have read and accepted the rules.
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