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    posted a message on Vote your Favorite Ocean Music!

    Mine is Dragon Fish Personally.

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    posted a message on I've been TRYING to install forge for a while now, but this keeps popping up:

    About a month ago, I had the same problem, but no one really helped me. Ever since 1.7.10, I played forge till I practically quit Minecraft entirely getting bored of the game. I'm back on Minecraft of course and hoping to have a smaller addiction to mods than I had before.

    But I can't exactly install Forge. On another account I did, but I believe it just fixed the universal libraries and files and not the singular stand-alone account libraries. So-- I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO TRY.

    I tried affixing the forge folder from the other account to this one but it kept crashing halfway on the launcher loading screen.

    I tried Manually finding the separate lost Libraries but it was no use, I don't think all of them are downloadable.

    I tried older versions of 1.14 but it leads to the exact same problem.

    The only luck I ever had was the shortening of the libraries from the other account and successfully installing from an older forge launcher on minecraft 1.12, and it installed like it was nothing.

    Is there anyone that has the brain to assist me and tell me how I can fix this problem. Please. and Please reply back to me.

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    posted a message on Ability to use Evoker Spells and Perhaps more

    I thought it'd be cool to use the Evoker magic spells when I saw it first use it. So I continued to think and wonder of what other spells the player could use in the idea mod and here is what I came up with:

    Lightning strike: You can use a lot of "mana" so to speak to strike lightning on opponents like how channeling does in thunderstorms.

    Insomnia's Conjure: Depending on how much power you use you can summon phantoms to spell doom on your enemies. Only usable at night.

    Ring of Fire: Cast multiple blaze shots in a ring. Similar to how the Hovering inferno was supposed to inflict on you in the community-supported contest.

    Wither's Spine: Once the Wither is defeated, you can copy the attacks it showered on you with the pelting of explosive skulls.

    Draining: Use this on any mob to inflict damage on them when faced.

    Magic Protection: Like Daruk's Protection from Breath of the Wild, you can purely shield yourself from attacks at will. But only with a limited number of uses.

    Control of the Dead: Pretty self-explanatory. You can lift the dead to fight for you.

    Fangs: Known.

    The Vexes: Known

    I hope you like my Idea for a mod.

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    posted a message on HELP! I can't install Forge due to many needed installations to the .Minecraft Libraries!

    The amount of Jar files needed is in the image.


    As you can see from the title I've researched a bit on this topic. I Want to install forge but it's not allowing me to. I must've deleted something from the .minecraft files when I was younger, but I'd think that it's more likely to be just a large array of Jars needed to be reinstalled or installed entirely to the folder itself.

    What I'm hoping for is links to websites to install the jars to the files in the tab "Libraries" because there is a TON of files to be mounted there.

    I'd like your help.

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