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    Guard Application

    1. IGN: 123abe2
    2. How long have you been playing the server for? Several Months off and on due to lack of a consistent player base to interact with
    3. Any experience with the prison genre? I was an admin/Head-Guard on Imprisoned (Extinct server) and I was a mod/guard on Arkham Network. I owned a prison/zombie apocalypse server called atticacraft but it fell victim to a lack of serious playerbase.
    4. What's your time-zone? CST (USA)
    5. Why are you the best choice for guard? I have probably 8 years total experience in prison servers. I've staffed/owned multiple servers since 2010 and honestly have a ton of experience I can bring to the table/share
    6. Current rank? C
    7. Any additional information? I love this server, I believe it can do amazing things once it kicks off the ground with a growing playerbase.
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