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    posted a message on ChaoticMC [] Factions [] 1.8 [] 24/7 [] Skyblock []

    i've genuinely never seen a faction server allow offline raiding. it's stupid and the number 1 way to lose players. the balance is already tilted in favour of those who can spend the most time online anyway, making it so you have to stay online and aware at all times or risk losing your base, silly.

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    posted a message on ChaoticMC [] Factions [] 1.8 [] 24/7 [] Skyblock []

    DO NOT play on this server. it is essentially a playground for the admins and their friends and not a PURE factions server!

    admins will abuse commands like refilling their hunger, spawn in items, tp to people at random, abuse invisible,

    and thats not even including their alterations to factions!

    Everyone, even enemies, even members of other factions or no faction able to use chests on CLAIMED LAND? check!

    Offline raiding allowed and encouraged? check!

    obsidian destructible? fair enough but water walls encouraged as the only form of base worth building - resulting in UGLY bases all around spawn of giant ADMIN-SPAWNED obsidian cases with water for protection? check!

    awful, awful server.

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    posted a message on (1.8) Stay Alive MC (Dynmap, Active Staff Members)

    got three people wanting to join

    Username: Thundersplat, murdocniccals, invisiblepanda18

    Age: 15-18

    Minecraft Experience: since early beta

    Why you want to join: we're looking for a small vanilla server to play on together

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    posted a message on [NO WHITELIST][FACTIONS][PVP][PVE][SURVIVAL] Die Welt - Simple factions server
    i can vouch for this being a good server
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    posted a message on [1.7.2 - Bukkit] Ember // No Whitelist // 24-7 // Towny
    nevermind this server sucks dont bother with it
    completely empty house with nothing but a few glowstone and an unlocked door (isn't this what door protection is for?) and I'm asked to teleport to spawn to read the rules after I break the glowstone

    if you read this and are about to post to become a member, dont bother and go try another one thanks~
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    posted a message on [1.7.2 - Bukkit] Ember // No Whitelist // 24-7 // Towny
    make me a member or whatever ign thundersplat
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    posted a message on Criminalis - Factions, the way it is meant to be.
    I can vouch for this server being good
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    posted a message on PirateGeneration Faction Server - Do what you want cause a pirate is free. [PVP] [Factions] [almost NO RULES] [NO WHITELIST] [NO
    We aren't an RP server, so no real reason to.

    We do have the port plugin, so feel free to make a boat and get an admin to come configure it.
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    posted a message on PirateGeneration Faction Server - Do what you want cause a pirate is free. [PVP] [Factions] [almost NO RULES] [NO WHITELIST] [NO

    Pirate Generation: Factions as they should be

    Why join us?

    ~ No Whitelist - Hop right into the action!
    ~ Custom Map - Extreme CLG PRO terrain. This means that there is already a well-generated map for you to build, with guarenteed mushrooms, and a hella cool nether.
    ~ Limited Plugins - We know nobody likes lag, and nobody likes unnecessary spleef plugins that nobody uses. We have the bare minimum + a few lore plugins, so the perfect balance of fun and no-lag is achieved.
    ~ Friendly, active staff - Between us, we have tons of experience with minecraft, from alpha to now. We have played on many different servers, some better than others. We know minecraft.
    ~ Few restrictions - Want to pour lava over that guy's house? So long as you're not hacking, feel free. Want to kill the guy who just poured lava on your house? Feel free.
    ~ Factions - A permissions, chest protection and group plugin rolled into one bundle of fun. Create your faction, nurture it, invite people in and become the greatest faction that ever lived.
    ~ Fun - We want to make this fun! We have a little bit of lore but we are not an rp server. You can be a mutant alien with four penises if that is what truly floats your boat.

    Custom Terrain - Eldaria Island

    Link to planetminecraft site as we are legally obliged to place it here
    3000 by 2000 blocks wide, this map is sure to entertain. It's fit perfectly for survival, has AMAZING terrain and is one of the best custom maps out there. This large size means you have a huge array of places to build your dirt house. Packs of flat land, volcanoes and oases are all features of this amazingly beautiful map. Featuring a nether that contains the longest jump course I have seen, which leads to the End portal and then the enderdragon. Credit for this map goes to Aurelien_Sama, an amazing mapper whose works you should check out.

    Please note that because of the custom nether you may find yourself getting lost when you enter your personal nether portal. As such, make sure you do not go into the nether unless you have nothing of value on yourself.

    There's also a map of it!

    Rules! (I.e most of you will skip this bit. Next bit is more interesting, promise)

    No sperg building - Throwing lava from a 256 block high tower really is both annoying and it looks ugly. Build with some seriousness, please.
    No hacking - This means no flying, no speedhacking, no xray. We may have few rules, but we aren't 2b2t.
    No whining - ok I won't ban you if you complain about this server but be aware this server isn't a police state and there is a very likely chance you'll be killed by something that isn't a mob. Get raided, deal w/ it.
    No mobtraps - We're nice enough to not use a plugin to deal with this, but anyone caught using mobtraps you will be proclaimed homosexual and have your money and faction money removed. We don't want people reaching level 70 billion easily.
    FOR CLARIFICATION: If the mob trap is natural (e.g a dungeon) its ok. If you make a structure specifically to spawn and kill mobs, you're a fag

    Who runs it?

    praise be our glorious leaders who we owe everything to including our lives
    You may have heard of us as the Swash****lers. If you haven't, the three who own the server are Madflyingduck, Thundersplat and Lars4. You can reach us in-game using those names, and if you want to speak to us outside of the game don't hesitate to drop me, Thundersplat, a pm on here. Do also note we are all British, so take that into account.

    these screenshots make me happy show me more

    I'm convinced - How do I join? shove that in yo browsarrrrr and join up
    We're configuring a few bits at the moment so there may be resets.
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    posted a message on no sound in minecraft
    Basically, I can't get minecraft sounds to play at the same time as skype.

    Yes, I've tried f3 + S
    Yes, I've checked my resouces folder. It's all there.
    Yes, I have OpenAL ( i think )

    I also can't get them to play through my headset, at all (when I do get them to play, its through my laptop speakers and not the headset. Could be because the headset isn't set to default device but it won't let me change this)

    any suggestions?
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    posted a message on [SERVER] Need Builders For New Server [SERVER]
    Name : Fred

    Minecraft Username : Thundersplat

    Age : 14

    What Days Will You Be Available : Most days, I will be on holiday next week but I will still have access to minecraft

    Do You Have Skype Or Teamspeak (Or Will You Get Them ?) : No, No. Don't have a mic.

    What Time Will You Be Available : Whenever I'm not sleeping or eating, or playing something else. Also for next week only I will obviously have a limited time due to being on holiday.

    What Time zone do you live in ? : GMT

    Why Are You Interested In Building ? : Because all the other servers I play on are pure survival, I want to try out the RPG once the building is finished as well.

    Previous Builds ? (Provide Links To Video's Or Pictures) : (Looks pretty terrible but its 100% legit, no spawned items)

    Anything else ? : Nope.
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    posted a message on The Vault - Serious RP Server - No Lag - 24/7
    How often do you add more people to the whitelist? Not wanting to sound impatient but...
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