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    Quote from Therealgs_»

    Add me on discord so we can talk xsistance#0467

    Sorry for the delay but just added you

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    Discord: https://discord.gg/6xRAmt8U4T

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    Hello there Minecraft Community. My network Lunar is hiring and accepting volunteers for many positions! Looking for individuals who are not busy with other projects and are looking for their own community to be a part of. Provide some experience/work in your reply, and thank you for viewing my thread.

    Who is Lunar?

    Originally an FTB Infinity Evolved community. LunarMC has evolved into an actual network. Officially we have a Survival 1.16.5 server & an FTB Infinity Evolved server. Our FTB server has an active community on it. Survival has been a bit neglected, and we want a full staff team ASAP.

    What Servers Need What?

    Survival - ALL
    Pixelmon - Builders
    Factions - ALL

    Who do we need?

    Helper/Trial-Staff (VOLUNTEER): This position is based for two weeks. Obviously not paid, limited commands, the main goal is watching over players and letting higher ranked staff know of any issues. If you are a noob at MC but still want to help others, this is the position for you!

    Jr Admin (VOLUNTEER): This position is significant; you'd be a frontrunner for the server. Watching over your respected server. Knows advanced knowledge of Minecraft Administration. Watching over lower-ranked staff while ensuring the server doesn't catch on fire. Pre-position for Admin and admin gets paid.

    Admin/Server Manager (PAID): Time-slotted periods you will be working in, paid monthly. Looking for experienced managers/administration. I want to give you a task on the server/configurations, and they'll take care of it smoothly & efficiently. If you're not serious about putting time in, don't apply as we are a small network.

    Builder (PAID): I am trying to build our own build team. Either paid per commission or paid by the server. Builders definitely get paid the most but also have the hardest job. Send pics

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    From FTB to 1.16 vanilla, we're offering you all a community. We strive to bring you the best experience possible. By constantly updating and taking in feedback from our playerbase, we present you LunarMC


    Vanilla Survival 1.16.5
    FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7
    More coming soon


    IP: play.lunarmc.org
    Discord: https://discord.lunarmc.org
    Website: https://lunarmc.org

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    Hello there!

    My network is currently searching for trustworthy individuals who have no lifes & plenty of free time!

    We are currently only a modded community at the moment, but towards the end of April 2021, we will be expanding into vanilla + other gametypes.

    If this sounds like something you're interested in please add me on discord @ PapaWulf#2499

    Available positions:

    General Prerequisites:

    Simple knowledge of server cmds.

    16 years old or older

    At least 20 hours a week of availability




    Willingness to learn and improve your administration skills




    Knowledge of worldedit commands

    Detailed exterior and interior work

    Previous work



    Extensive knowledge of plugin cmds

    Extreme trustworthiness

    Previous experience as a higher role in server administration

    Abundance amount of time to commit to the community

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