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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    *plays batman theme*Peter! Peter steals the rocket launcher from ragarick then blasts off into space! He shoots the missiles at earth 696,969 times and kills 0.69% of all zombies!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Video Trailer: "Relapse"
    the buildings and ships were epic, the voices were horrific, the editing was good, the story seem cool.. In my opinion 7/10.
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    posted a message on 1.4.2 The Pretty Crappy Update
    Quote from Nerdgazm

    A bit more? o.O 1.4 is the biggest update Minecraft ever had.
    it is, but it wasnt a good update, but I still enjoyed it by spawning my self lots of armor, spawning lots of villagers, and then spawning lots of zombies, then start slashing the zombies.
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    posted a message on Do You Miss Your First World?
    I do, it was the most time i have ever been in spp survival, of course I would delete it because I had other unnamed worlds and had no idea what the "-" after the names were.
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    posted a message on Favorite Mob to Farm With a Spawner
    skeletons, no use of going in a cave to waste your shovel on and only get 3 flint.
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    posted a message on It feels like I'm re-experiencing 1.8
    I have to agree, there are way too many complainers out there saying "Keep minecraft crappy!!!!1!!!1". This is an update, its meant to make minecraft better not stay the same! Its like having FREE dlc for a game!
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    posted a message on If it matters. I appreciate these snapshots, and all the work.
    who ever has twitter, give them a link to this page, so the haters don't ruin the game by saying "keep it crappy!"
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    posted a message on Things you've built in the snapshot?
    i've been destroying my map with the wither and found a few things about him, like he kills all endermen (not the enderdragon), the best way to kill him is with instant health II splash potion (uses around 28), and iron golems aren't good against the wither because the wither can fly.
    Quote from spiderraptor42

    nice find! i'll post mine.

    I'm building an office!
    This Is the reception desk. Tasty cake from the staff party included!
    Cookie machine!

    Trash/recycle bins + enderchest!

    Waiting area, with books, coffee table, plants, clock, and compass. And Netherbrick chairs? Jeb, give us wool stairs we can sit on!

    My office with special command block computer that gives you the block in my 6th inventory slot (no mods!) and intresting picture frames and stuff.

    A neat, tidy office with a potted plant.

    Cool office with toy skull and cake from staff party!

    Messy office with a "dirty" desk and.. framed chicken? (request from anonymous :) )

    An office with a potted creeper, framed lazuli, and cake from the staff party! Tasty!

    Cafeteria with food stands, table, chairs, and leftover cake from the staff party!

    your very creative! I like how you used glass panes in an item picture on the screen, your a better builder then me i know as a fact.
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    posted a message on am i a noob?
    Quote from why136

    i just started playing minecraft 5 days ago, i can only build small dirt houses, i dont know what a creeper does, last time i dug straight down i fell into a still pool of water and drowned, and i dont know how to switch to creative mode. am i a noob?
    I wish I were you, the good old days where I was always scared to go outside, never went mining, and never knew there was a thing called
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    posted a message on Need admins and bulders!
    Has any of the suggestions helped yet? If not pm me, I have some more things that might help.
    Quote from SullaTheGreat

    Still having difficulties connecting to the server. I noticed after the adress there's no ":25665" or any other numbers after it. Would that cause any problems since it appears you're not running it from a hosting company?
    It doesn't need a hosting company, mine isn't and it's 24/7.
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