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    Guys don't apply to this lousy server! It's just a waste of time! I was the Lead-Developer of this server and all Phos did was boss the staff to do stuff and then just left to play on his PS3 and he expected the staff to be finished with big projects with little time he gave us. I worked on this server for 5 months, I stated out as a mod and worked my way up to Lead Developer. Developer are the people who configure plugins and I did so much work and now he told me that he isn't going to give me credit on the things Ived done just because I was his ONLY developer on the server and when I quit most of the staff left with me for the same reasons. I just quit because he couldn't buy a server because he was to cheap to buy one and he always tried to get a sponsorship from a server host to avoid paying and in return phos had to get 200 people and had to advertise about their minecraft hosting company. And he always couldn't get enough people to join a thing he calls a epic minecraft server! I'm warning you guys if you apply to this server and get accepted, (which you will because he can't get decent staff now) you will be just wasting your time and phos will expect you to be done with your job within a couple of hours while he's on his PS3 to do the work for him.
    This server has already failed twice! there are even testimonies in this forum
    Quote from SixGaming

    Honestly Don't Bother With this guy he Treats everyone like a Piece of ­ he didnt do a single thing all he did was try and scam Hosts by getting parterships and he just wouldnt pay for a host he made his staff do all the work he didnt let anyone have a break so in the end we all just resigned and he blocked us sending us nasty messages he didnt care about anyone else's private lifes he jsut wanted us to do everythig for him he didnt do 1 thing he just setup the server he didnt say thankyou once he ignored all messages and thats all i have to say So jsut ignore him
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    posted a message on MakoCraft Network recruiting Admins, Mods, Builders, & More.
    IGN: pandaman157
    Age: My current age is 14 but I will turn 15 next month, and I show a lot more maturity than an 18 year old would.

    Time Zone: My time zone is America/Chicago (Standard Time)

    Experience as an Admin on other servers (and some proof): I am currently the Lead-Developer Of PhosCraft, I was an admin 2 months ago until they saw my potential, dedication, maturity, and resourcefulness, they promoted me to developer, and 2 weeks ago, they promoted me to Lead-Developer for my dedication, being active on the server, having an effective working relationship, and giving everyone a chance to help out with something, and because the previous Lead-Developer wasn’t doing his job. Currently, the PhosCraft server is down due to the agreement that my boss made, MisterPhos, had with the minecraft hosting company, Nitrous Panel. Right now, we are currently finding another minecraft host. We currently have a website for the server. I am currently an admin for the website. http://phoscraft.x10.mx/index.php. If you would like to ask my boss, MisterPhos, about me, you can Skype him. His name is Reangsei. His username is marble705.

    Why should I choose you?: One reason that you should choose me is for my dedication and my hard work that I would put into MakoCraft. I will try my best to make MakoCraft successful. My 2nd reason is for my responsibility. I am very careful with the things I do and what I use. I will watch over the server every now and then, like how I catch 2 griefers who were trying to grief PhosCraft at the latest time of the day. I was the one who found out who they were and why they did it. My 3rd reason why I should get picked is my empathy towards the people of minecraft. I know how it feels when someone destroyed, stole, and violated their belongings. I try my best to solve their problem without breaking the server rules. And my 4th reason is for my integrity by not lying or fooling around when someone is serious about a serious problem. And my 5th and final reason is my passion to help people to enjoy themselves in the server. I really do enjoy people out by giving the a tour of the server. This is why you should pick me to be the admin for MakoCraft.

    What do YOU believe is important about an Admin?: 1 reason why an admin is very important is that they administrate the server. What that means the people who take care of the server. They are the ones who make the tough decisions on what and who should receive the permissions and what kits should they get. Another reason is they are the people who help around the community and help around the server like helping with unexperienced minecraft players. Admins have a huge responsibly to keep the server safe and secure
    How will you help MakoCraft?: One way that I can help out is by making kits for donations and mini-games to get a fun full experience. Another way I can help out is by looking over the other admins. I do have leadership and courage to help my fellow admins, mods, and builders. Another way that I can help is by building small or large projects like building a decoration to a large spawn or lobby. I did build the factions spawn in PhosCraft all by myself. And the other thing I can do is to make the people of the server to feel special.

    How dedicated can you prove to be?: I will be very dedicated to MakoCraft by going on 2-4 hours on weekends and 3-6 hours on weekends. I can be on during school day-offs from 4-8 hours a day. I am very dependable and at almost any time.

    Can you be a leader?: I can be an amazing leader by helping people in the servers with their problems and giving them some advice, I can control over the staff and the server when your gone. I am the Lead-Developer of PhosCraft. MisterPhos does trust in me a lot over the server. I do have the console password and some more very private stuff.

    Skype: pandaman157 I do use skype very frequently.

    Any comments?: I would like to say that I am very anxious to meet the rest of the MakoCraft staff and I look forward to meeting you!
    Thank You for taking some time out of your busy life to review my application, and I hope I can get the job!
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    posted a message on MakoCraft Network recruiting Admins, Mods, Builders, & More.
    Can I apply for admin? Can I at least try to fill out an admin application and get a chance of being accepted?
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    posted a message on MakoCraft Network recruiting Admins, Mods, Builders, & More.
    Can I Apply For Head Admin? I am very talented at making kits, donations, permissions. I know how to use plugins very well like essentials, perm managers, and plugin managers.
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    posted a message on Head-Admin Or Developer Application
    I am looking for a server that has towny
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    posted a message on Recruiting builders/members for my town! (towny server)
    Will this server have the towny plugin? I am very talented with towny!

    Would you prefer me to fill out the application that you are providing?
    I do have my custom application

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    posted a message on Head-Admin Or Developer Application
    Please don't post your applications here! This forum is for people who are looking for dedicated staff.
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    posted a message on Head-Admin Or Developer Application
    Hello My Minecraft Username is Pandaman157 And I Am Available For Working On Any Server That Needs A Head-Admin Or Developer On The Server.

    Head-Admin; Developer; Lead-Developer:
    Age:14 (Turning 15 In December)
    Why do you want this position: I always like helping people and I do enjoy configuring plugins and making kits and donations, etc. I am a hard worker and I do obey and follow they rules that I am givin. This is very good opportunity to learn more about coding and leadership. Most of the time I keep the staff busy with work that has not been acomplish.
    Experience (Details, rank, IPs and Website, if none please explain why we should pick you even though you don't have experience): Ived been working on a hub server called Phoscraft for about 5 months and I have learned a lot from being the Lead-Developer. IP: Phoscraft.nn.pp:25589 Website: http://phoscraft.x10.mx/index.php
    Contact information:
    Skype: pandaman157
    Email: [email protected]
    How much time can you dedicate to the server?: If im currently working on another server, I can work on 2.5 hours a day. If im not working on a server, i would work for 4 hours a day
    What are your skills: Basic Coding (Java), Making Kits, Making Kits, Making Donations, Controll Fellow Staff Members, Leadership, Configure Plugins, Negotiating, And I Do Know Two Languages (English & Spanish).
    What plugins do you have experience with?
    - Group Manager (Mastered)
    - Essentials (Mastered)
    - Compass Navigation (Mastered)
    - PerWorldPlugins (Mastered)
    - World Edit (Mastered)
    - World Guard (Mastered)
    - Mini-Game Plugins (Associated With Some Mini-Game Plugins, But Can Easily Learn)
    - PermissionEX (Associated)
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    What commands would you use as an Head-Admin:
    - /tp = This Command Teleports You To The Player That You Exchange With Or Virse Versa
    - /ban = Bans The Account Of The User
    - /banip = Bans The Ip Of The User So They Cant Come Back
    - /kick = To Kick Players Out Of The Server
    - /say = Talk Like A Server Announcement, Or Speak From The Console
    - /deop = De-Ops A Player
    - /mute = Mutes A Player
    - /who = Shows The Current People In The Server
    I Know Much More, This is Just A Preview.
    How would you deal with:
    A Griefer: It Would Depend On The Server Rules. I Personally Would Warn Him That If He Does it Again, I Will Either Temporary Ban Him Or Jail Him. And Then Il Tell The Victim How To Better Protect His Land.
    A Spammer: I Would Verbally Tell Him To Stop Spaming. If He Continues, I Would Mute Him For 30-40 Minutes. If He Keeps Spaming I Would Temporary Ban Him For 2 Hours.
    A Player Who Just Join The Server For The First Time: I Would Welcome Him And Give Him A Tour Of The Whole Server And Then give Him A Small Present To Enjoy His Stay.
    A Person Who Says They Are From Planet Minecraft: I Would Just Ignore The Person.
    What Rules Do You Think A Server Should Have:
    - Do Not Advertise
    - No Hacked Clients
    - Don't Spam
    - Don't Use 3rd Party Mods
    Mostly Depends On The Server Rules And Plugins, Etc.
    What Can You Bring To The Server That No One Else Can: My Past Expirience. Ived Seen People Who Lack The Skills Of Performing Their Tasks. I Can Train them To Meet The Requirements Of The Current Rank They Are In.
    How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words: Efficient, Intelligent, And Hard-Working!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]-[Phoscraft]-[200 Slots]-[Survival Games]-[Paintball]-[Infected]-[Factions]-[and more!]
    This Is One Of The Best Servers I Ever Played!!!
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    posted a message on Beginner Guide and FAQ
    Really good for noobs!
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    posted a message on City Names Wanted
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