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    posted a message on Sidben Redstone Jukebox - Mega version update - 1.7.10, 1.8.9 and 1.9
    Im supporting this in dokucraft: Pandoku Mix now
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    posted a message on Sidben Redstone Jukebox - Mega version update - 1.7.10, 1.8.9 and 1.9
    Honestly? This mod is complete and utterly what the vanilla Junkbox should of been!!! YOU ­IN ROCK!
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    Quote from Wilfre

    Looks like you copied and pasted this from somewhere. But I somewhat agree with this. But how will this work? By the computers date and time or by online?

    It checks the same place (mojang) that tells you if theres a new update, if its not the right days by mojangs clock it doesnt allow the content on startup.
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    So i apologies if this is just an Asian gaming trend but, how do you feel about seasonal content? I started thinking about the addition of witches and realized, they're nice for Halloween but, do we really need them afterwords?

    In other words you can acquire special items you can only get during season events, you can keep them after the event is over but cannot acquire them after the event, you have to be logged in for it to work and from the launcher it can check to make sure its within the acceptable dates for the event (i mean unless your a lame hacker...).

    Just a few examples might be:

    Christmas/winter: random present blocks under pine trees with nice little items in them, Mobs have chance to drop rare Christmas foods or Christmas decorations, every biome gets snow then after winter update it melts away like it normally would.
    Spring/Easter: greener foliage color, more flowers in new terrain, chicken lay Easter eggs which have a chance of dropping an special item
    summer/beach content: lily pad texture has a flower on it, alittle faster crop growth, seasonal summer boggy boards that are faster than boats
    Fall/ Halloween: red yellow brownish foliage color for trees, mobs drop candy at night, rare Halloween textured mobs that might drop a special Halloween decoration

    This isnt a suggestion i just wonder how people would feel about it, obviously there could be other holidays for other countries (Chinese new year, Saint Patrick day yatta ya)
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    posted a message on ~~~The New Age!~~~ [Better Than Wolves Mod] [No Griefing] Flowerchild Ftw! <<<
    White list a panda please??

    ign: darkpollopesca
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    Quote from Twololcats

    Oh nice, backwards compatibility
    And slime boots was a bad idea, I just realized that after I posted XD
    How about companion tools XD they make adorable wolf sounds when used and occasionally give you dung and they will bark when something is nearby, like a creeper or some ores depending on which tool they are
    But they have bad durability probably around wood or stone but are as good as stone or iron
    Now that would be hilarious
    And another idea that's a little weird but at a cost of some durability it'll spawn a poisoned silverfish to dig out some stone blocks, this would be a great time to use your pest killing doggy, or maybe the tool prevents more silverfish spawning

    I don't know but those are my suggestions for now, and again it's a great and funny mod
    (in case anyone was wondering I am a btw and mc forum lurker, I really should actually post sonething more often XD)

    I have my own ideas for the companion cube, stuff might get sticky though :D
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Addon: Adventure Tools! 1.1 (Raust and Panda)
    Quote from Twololcats

    And yet another awesome BTW addon, and not only awesome but hilarious as well, great job Raust and Panda, I can't wait to see what humorous items are next
    Two questions, is the cake sword edible? And what version of btw is this for?
    One suggestion: SlimeSteel boots, you take no fall damage, but under on condition, you bounce back up at about 90-50% of the fall height and intone bouncing like that, it would be perfect for windzooka jumping :D

    Our next release might just have a card up our sleeves. :D
    And if your falling to your death, i think you might wanna try to shoot the windzooka under you right before you hit ground. :D
    Also it works with the current BTW and all btw releases that fall into the 1.2.5 range
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Addon: Adventure Tools! 1.1 (Raust and Panda)
    So after very little waiting I present to you Panda and Raust's Collaboration mod!
    For anyone who doesnt know Raustblackdragon is the creator of the Doggy talents mod and an amazing coder.

    This is a Better Than Wolves addon aimed at creating fun, interesting and multi use tools! These tools were all created using a synthisis of Panda and Wolf DNA splicing and pure black magic sparcles.

    The Tools are as follows:

    Giga Drill
    This is a diamond infused Mining drill with Precision crafting capabilities:
    +It can mine stone much like a regular steel pick
    +With its diamond tip it is able to carve stone into stone brick simply by right clicking (Sandstone included!)
    +But wait theres more, When you carv a stone brick again it is carved into the fabulous Ornate stone brick!
    -However when you resmelt it you only get back the SSF, the diamond is lost forever, however only a minor setback.

    Birthday Sword:
    Everyone knows that on your birthday you should expect alittle more right? Well here it is:
    +This is a very special sword that always comes standard with Looting! Wow that's great!
    -However... your beating enemies with cake...Its has horrible durability.. use it at the start or end of a duel...

    Golden Tube Shooter:
    Don't let its look fool you its defiantly not a golden pistol! ok maybe it is but it fires Hellfire infused golden rounds for goodness sake!
    +Its fire golden hellfire rounds nearly strait.
    +Fires fairly quick without allowing you to spam click.
    -Might just fire alittle funny so watch out. ; )
    -Bullets only stack to 32 and once there fired there's no retrieving them so aim well!
    -You dont get all of your Material back when resmelting it.

    This fun little gadget is like the Airzooka some of us may have had as a kid but super powered with harvested souls!
    +With this device you able to charge air inside its chamber and send it bursting out through the barrel
    +When and enemy is hit by its gust it sends them flying!
    -However it doesn't do any damage, well except maybe if you find yourself near a nice ledge ;D
    +Your also able to use the item on yourself, simply point it at a wall, floor or ceiling and send out a gust, when the gust hits the wall it bursts and sends you flying backwards!....OR up. ;D
    +Also if you find yourself falling to your death this may be able to save you, think creatively ;D
    -However if you just simply blow yourself around your gonna get hurt, so don't be dumb.
    +Wonder if this can launch lit TNT...?


    Download: http://www.mediafire...te2bo1c1v55c781
    Update History:
    -Fixed a few bugs and improved coding with the Windzooka making it feel more stable.
    -Balanced Giga Drill to take longer to carve stone.
    -Bug fixes including needing to jump before you can use Windzooka
    -Mod is 13% nicer to wolves

    -More than one windzooka in your hotbar will copy the animation of the firing one.


    Raust for his excellent coding!
    Flowerchild for letting us make an addon!
    And Panda for texturing!

    Texture sheet:
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