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    Hello Guys I'm Panda or Tuxedo. I am opening a UnderTale Roleplay that will be put onto my youtube channel. I will be opening up this roleplay for anyone to enter, I will need a few things from you! So let me go through the rules and I'll tell you more about it!


    1. You must have skype

    2. You can play on 1.9

    3. You can Change your skin

    4. Know you might not be accepted.

    Here is the the app that I will need you guys to fill out:

    Minecraft Username:

    Have You worked on a roleplay before? (1-2 Sentences):

    Do you know of Undertale or have you played it? If you have not play it how much do you know about it?: (1 Sentences):

    Why would you like to apply for this roleplay?:

    What 2 roles would you most like in the roleplay?:

    Your skype:

    More Info:

    You may not get the role you want, this will end by the 27th of this month. That gives you a lot of time to apply. I would really like someone that has played the game or knows a good amount about it. You will get a role based on how good you can say the lines. All you will have to do is read off lines that we give you. This roleplay Will be recorded every week, that does not mean we will need you every week. You may get a side character and or a main character. Side characters are going to be random people that Frisk and Chara fight and or mercy. If you do get a side character than you will have at least 2-3 side characters to play because they do not pop up that much. You will need to change your skin to the skin that we pick. Lastly, We are doing a pacifist rout.

    Here is the link to the beta of the map by me that we will be playing on:http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/undertale-minecraft-map-adventure-and-creative/
    Here is the link to my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChaw6qr1fHLS_1RUSm43-tQ

    Finally the Character Roles:
    Chara- Closed
    Frisk- Closed
    Asriel-Open (Do not apply for this character, because this character will not be open tell it is the last ep.)


    Nice Cream Guy-Open


    Monster Kid-Closed





    Bratty and Catty-Open

    Dummy -Open

    Froggit -Open

    Whimsun -Open

    Moldsmal -Open

    Loox -Open

    Vegetoid -Open

    Migosp -Open

    Snowdrake -Open

    Chilldrake -Open

    Ice Cap -Open

    Jerry -Open

    Gyftrot -Open

    Snowdin Canine Unit -Open

    Glyde -Open

    Woshua -Open

    Aaron -Open

    Shyren -Open

    Moldbygg -Open

    Mad Dummy -Open

    Vulkin -Open

    Tsunderplane -Open

    Pyrope -Open

    Royal Guards -Open

    So Sorry -Open

    Final Froggit -Open

    Whimsalot -Open

    Astigmatism -Open

    Madjick -Open

    Knight Knight -Open

    Parsnik -Open

    Moldessa -Open

    Migospel -Open

    Burgerpants -Open

    Annoying Dog -Open

    River Person -Open


    Hope to see you around!
    If you need to contact me:
    Email: [email protected]
    Or message me for my skype!


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    The only thing i think is wrong with this Witch Golems. If a player puts down buckets of water. Then they will not attack the said player. Its good for a new mob. But if said players found this out that the golem would not attack in water they could just bring a water bucket.
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