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    Hey! I’m Panda (my IGN)

    i just started a vanilla Minecraft server called Hellebore for me and some friends to play on. We want to play with more people!
    the rules are pretty straightforward. Be nice, be respectful the usual.
    Most players will probably be older than 18 so I kind of want 18+ players but if you’re not and you still want to play that’s cool too.
    Reply to this thread answering these questions;


    How long have you been playing?:

    Are you in school?:

    How old are you?:

    What kind of Minecraft player are you?:

    Tell me a joke:

    Lastly, what is your discord so I can contact you. (Leave the full discord name with the 4 numbers at the end.)

    If you reply to this like it was a discussion board post you get bonus points.

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    posted a message on New 1.14.4 SMP (Java) (Active-Recruiting till 9/10/19)

    Ive been looking for a server to play on that won't get inactive.My discord is janeee_122#7586

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    posted a message on MysticRealms | SMP Server | Looking for those who love the game of minecraft and would like to join the community!

    Who are you? : Well my name is Jane but on minecraft I go by Panda. I love to make red stone contraptions and build by pictures. I've been looking for an smp to play on for a while and i hope to play on this one. It seems fun! I work 4 days of the week so I will be able to play on my days off.
    How old are you? : Im 19 years old.
    Are you good at building? : I build off of pictures so I usually get a picture of a house or something and try to replicate it.

    What do you have to offer to the community of our smp server! : I love to make things that can help the server. In some of my last smp's I made tree farms, animal farms, and redstone builds like cobble gens and auto farms.
    Are you going to be active? : I can be active 3-4 days of the week depending on my schedule and i can be on for 4-5 hours a day.
    What is your minecraft username? : My IGN is pandaj1227
    Any other interesting facts? : I play on a sky block server sometimes and love to play mini games on hypixel. I watch youtubers religiously. Too many to list. My favorite animal is a panda (obviously). I am in college but I am in summer break so I'll be able to get on frequently.

    I totally agree with the rules! Ive been on some smp's that we're so horrible. These rules sound like a good way to keep the server safe and clean.

    I hope to play! It seems like it would be a lot of fun. :)

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