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    IGN: PandaBoy54HD[/b]

    Age:13 years[/b]



    Position you are applying for:Moderator[/b]

    What inspired you or why did you want to apply for this position?: I have alot of free time and im always active so i can always be on and ready for duty.[/b]

    Why do you want to become a staff member?: I want to become staff on this server because i am decent at security and i know how to design things and build them.[/b][/b]

    Past Experience (have you ever been a staff on any other servers?)I have been co-owner on a server that sadly got shutdown because of the amount of people not donating to keep the server running.[/b]

    How often can you be on the server daily? 6-2 hours, Depending on what i have to do each day.[/b]

    Proof of building (only for builders):[/b][/b]

    Skype: Michael Lawrence (PandaBoy54HD)[/b][/b]

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