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    posted a message on An idea for a new two-handed weapon.
    Quote from eiche_brutal»


    With poleaxe i mean this weapon. Don't know if it has a specific name.


    Problem with two handed weapons and polearms in general, it's that in Minecraft you couldn't offset the actual damage buff and reach with manoeuvrability, imaging using a polearm in a 2x1 tunnel ;)

    So I think we should wait for the next combat update before trying to suggest new weapons...

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    posted a message on We need (The Survival Update)

    In all this discussion, a nice idea from TheMasterCaver is to recycle existing mobs to less specific situations, expecially in deep caves.

    Like cave spiders could spawn instead of normal spiders on y < 0, for instance.

    Strays could spawn under cold biomes instead of skeletons.

    They could also introduce cave bears (modeled onto polar bears) as a neutral mob (but in this case it would be unrealistic to find them in the deep), and so on.

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    posted a message on Do you think emeralds rarer than netherite?

    In some servers, expecially those focused on decoration, an emerald ore got with Silk Touch is worth from 1 to 4 netherite ingots.

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    posted a message on Player in my Private Server!

    If you do not configure whitelists and your server is reachable on the internet, you're going to have people scanning for open Minecraft Servers. It's just a very good idea to configure whitelists and allow only trusted players on private servers.

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    posted a message on Help!! mob trap in spawnchunks

    You have to do that unless... you can build with the AFK area at least 128 blocks above the surface.

    Mobs farther than 128 blocks immediately despawn [https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Spawn#Despawning].

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    posted a message on Butterfly clicking
    Quote from webrosc»

    considering minecraft changed so spam clicking isn't effective whats the point? also iirc its not good for the hand/wrist muscles/tendons too

    This. People playing pvp on 1.8 or less should simply stop doing that. It may seem funny at first, then you'll realize that many use macros, so it's not fun anymore.

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    posted a message on Why I find Minecraft Survival to be boring.
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    If there was a mode that allowed this in the vanilla game then it would stop the complaints that are persisting from some people, though. Mojang did implement "hardcore mode" in Java edition but it's clearly not enough for those who play it.

    It's not going to happen. Complaining people is simply more vocal than other people, but Mojang knows well their statistics and know well that there are people who would always speak badly about vanilla no matter what. So for those people, the solution is mods.

    Minecraft is so widespread that every change has to be weighted a thousand times, and this is the reason the new combat system has been put to an halt, because you need to take into account many ways people play the game, both single and multiplayer, both pve and pvp, and so on.

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    posted a message on Can someone showed me how to fix 1 fps problem in Minecraft?

    Upgrade your Intel drivers. With a i3 CPU it's possible but unlikely that you have a discrete GPU, so you need to update your Intel graphics driver to the latest version.

    Also keep in mind that if your mods are CPU bound, your CPU may be not up to the task. It's a low-end CPU from 11 years ago.

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    posted a message on Ip port forwarding on a huawei router
    Quote from gryplayz»

    No canyoseeme cant see the port it wont connect the error says connection failed

    Also what do you mean by contacted to LAN

    If the port is not seen, the port-forward is not set up.

    I suggest trying to connect to your server with a Minecraft pointing the client to (it seems the case) to see if the server has the port open and it works.

    Also check that your server has a local (or private) STATIC ip address, if the address is taken by dhcp you must RESERVE the address to the server, otherwise if the server changes local ip, the port-forward will never work.

    If the server don't use dhcp, make sure it gets not only the IP address but also the default gateway and the dns server (these are mandatory to resolve Mojang/Microsoft authentication servers).

    Finally, check your PUBLIC ip, it usually changes very often and so from one test to another it can already be changed (you can check with whatismyip). There are solutions for this but until the bare port-forward works, they aren't useful.

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    posted a message on Minecraft licensing - can anyone help?

    If you didn't already, have a look at the Education Edition: https://education.minecraft.net/content/minecraft-edu/language-masters/en-us/get-started/educators.html

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