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    posted a message on [Request] PE This Mod for PC

    There is already a version of this mod that allows PE players to use the PC gui. This request is for backward-compatibility. This just allows faster players to craft things in a point and click manner to increase efficiency in that particular play style. Feel free to ask any questions.

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    posted a message on Paleo's Community Based Screenshot Survival LP

    What's up everyone! My name is Paleo and this is an attempt at a screenshot let's play. What's a screenshot let's play you ask? Well, exactly what it sounds like. As I progress through my world, I'll post screenshots of the greatest moments in these adventures. However, I'll be adding just a little bit of flavor to this 1.9.2 vanilla run. Throughout the series I will be accepting challenges from you guys.

    One thing that has always plagued me is the "now what?" question once I've gathered all of my resources. That's where you all come in. Get crazy, creative and above all else, have fun and watch me struggle to complete your challenges. Below I'll have separate lists depicting the current status of said challenges.

    To kickstart this LP, I've decided to write up a few... shall we say "limitations" on my gameplay.


    1. I cannot craft a bed or travel to the nether until all achievable achievements are... achieved in the overworld.

    2. I must use wooden tools until the community allows me to upgrade to stone. This also means I cannot use any tools I find in chests.

    3. I must work with what I have in my inventory, meaning that I am barred from crafting a chest until the community allows it and only however many the community permits.

    4. I cannot craft a shield until the community allows me to.

    5. I cannot craft or use any armor to protect me.



    * To be determined by the community.

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    posted a message on Latest Find : A Desert Temple in the Middle of a Desert Village

    I've been playing Minecraft now for years but every once in a while the game finds a way to surprise me. My typical time spent in our collective blocky world is consumed mostly by the task of exploring. And though a great many of us have seen fantastic cliff faces and gargantuan structures, there are an equal number of us that have seen the strange 5 tall cactus or the rendering of new chunks across versions of the game.

    Welp, today I found a Desert temple off to my right while wandering left in search of a Jungle Biome. And yes, the Temple actually melds with the other generated houses of the Desert Village that also seemingly attempted to spawn in the same place. Inside it was a bit haunting given that I play on Moody and is was high time of the night. Unfortunately the loot was less than desirable however the find was in on itself much more rewarding. Definitely going to build here at some poin.

    Galley Here

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    posted a message on Blackstone Mod Request

    Posted in wrong area. Please disregard.

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    posted a message on Mod Request for Private Server

    I am in need of a Fish Mob Mod for my private server.

    Mob Description


    • The fish mob wouldn't resemble any fish in particular. Instead, I would prefer for it to have a "shadowed" effect as seen here. This will effectively silhouette the fish.
    • The fish can either be lured using a fishing rod or by manually defeating it with a sword, bow or other means.
    • When killed, the fish has a predefined chance of dropping either of the current species of fish depending on the biome (PM me for statistical details).
    • A couple more things if you are interested.

    If interested, either reply here or PM me. I will respond as quickly as I can.


    If you manage to complete this mod request, you and other parties involved will obtain an invitation to a private server to play with others enjoying your mod.

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    posted a message on Nothing Complicated, Just 2 Trees

    I sent you the textures via PM. Did you get them?

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    posted a message on Nothing Complicated, Just 2 Trees

    I think Minecraft has a lot of potential in its vanilla gameplay but a lot of mods seem to peter out away from what the game is supposed to be.

    On that regard, is like to request swamp and palm trees. I have already created the textures for them and thier planks I just am not able to make the code.

    If possible I'd like the following:

    Willow Trees that spawn in the Swamp Biomes. However, instead of replacing oak trees, I'd like to mix the two for variation. When planting a willow tree, when it grows, it should spawn with vines and have maybe 3 different types of builds to them for variation.

    For the Palm trees, I'd love if you can manage them to spawn very VERY rarely in deserts but commonly on beaches. Perhaps a straight up one and a curved one? Again, if possible can whoever makes this permit Palm Saplings to be plan table on Sand only? This isn't a must, just a preference.

    As I stated before, I already have the textures. Lastly, I'd love for this mod to be 1.8 compatible. Thank you

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    posted a message on Is there 1.8+ template for the Tree Code? Or a Coder who can do Trees.

    Something that we can just plug and play? I'm developing a new mod with new trees and would like to have a template for my coder to refer back to.

    If not, is there someone out there who knows how to code trees and wouldn't mind writing up a couple for me?

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    posted a message on A New Enchantment - Excavator

    If possible, can someone make me a mod that does only this one thing?

    The only difference is that I would prefer if it doesn't work with Fortune (aka cannot be combined with Fortune) or Efficiency. Beacons will still affect its speed though and it is quite a rare enchantment only found in chests in Abandoned Mineshafts.

    It would of course use the same number of uses as the blocks that are mined and ignores blocks that aren't minable.

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    posted a message on Exodus - The Journey Begins | An Immersive, Challenging Adventure

    Hey X,

    Are you developing this mod by yourself or have you acquired a team to aid you in your endeavors?

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    posted a message on Simple Mod Request (Cauldron Mod)

    The Cauldron is arguably one of the most useless blocks in Minecraft. Having neither utility nor a real purpose, it remains the stuff of redstone contraptions and decorations. However, no more. The mod I am requesting would change all that while not really affecting the gameplay too much. Cauldrons will now be able to "wash" certain blocks clean.

    Washable Blocks

    Dyed Leather Armor

    Colored Wool

    Stained Clay

    Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes

    Sticky Pistons

    When working, the water should bubble and have steam particles. In order to work though, it needs to be touching a Lava or Fire on any of its sides or from underneath and requires at least 1 bucket of water. I would also like it if it could hold 3 buckets of Lava or 9 potions. If potions are stored in an empty cauldron, the "water" will appear the color the potion usually is and steam particles emit.

    Please, if someone could make this mod, this would really revitalize my love for the game.

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    posted a message on Under Construction, Adventure+Mod

    Adenture+ is a new and upcoming mod that aims to do improve the quality of gameplay by improving mostly existing mechanics in the game while retaining Minecraft's sandbox nature. Mods nowadays seem to shift the game's genre into whatever they wish be that RPG, FPS, etc while we simply want to make Minecraft... essentially what it should be in Vanilla.

    The adventure is going to be release in updates that cater towards specific classes of players such as Explorers, Fishermen, and so on and so forth. Adventure+ is currently under heavy development and does not currently have an accessible download link yet but I thought I'd create the post so that the community could discuss the features we are planning on adding. That does not go to say that the community will heavily influence this mod. One of the early problems of Minecraft was listening to its fanbase which really threw some people through the loop. Players inherently don't know what they want to play, they only know what they LIKE to play so though we will listen to your ideas and suggestions, don't feel bad if we do not adhere them to the box on ship-out date.

    That said, I suppose a little information is in order.


    Weekly Updates

    This is something we will attempt to do but no promises. My team lives in several different timezones so weekly updates aren't really that realistic. I don't want to give the community only half of an update.



    - Several new monster variants
    - Dozens of new variant tools and blocks
    - A few new added structures and biomes
    - Current In-Game dimension overhauls (the overworld, nether and end will be overhauled)
    - Hundreds of new building blocks and items
    - A reason for achievements
    - Better utility items

    - New in-game mechanics to diversify the gaming experience

    -Dozens of new animations and particles

    -Suggestions made by the community



    The Aesthetic Update

    This mod is currently under construction but will add a plethora of new tree based blocks including signs, bookshelves, etc and offer a diverse series of new decorative building blocks for those who like to branch out on materials. The blocks and items we add are intended to not drastically alter the game play and instead offers a couple new things to do. Many textures here were done by atley9999.

    Current Progress:

    • Chests
    • Walls
    • Bookshelves
    • Pressure Plates (original texture)
    • Buttons (original texture)
    • Tools (optional add-on)
    • Trap Doors
    • Signs
    • Ladders
    • Clear Glass


    Screenshots and Videos

    At the moment, there are none to cover the mod but are on the way.


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    posted a message on Exodus - The Journey Begins | An Immersive, Challenging Adventure

    This is quite the sum of ideas. I am keen on following the progress of this as I feel it could be up there with the top three current Dimension mods (that being the Aether, Twilight Forest and Between Lands).

    I would suggest keeping that in mind while building this so that players can add on these without conflict of code. Also, I would also like to suggest that perhaps a plethora of nether mobs that all do the same thing (aka light you on fire) can be sort of monotonous and is fairly overdone. Try giving them another set of effects. Blindness is scary in the Nether as is Nausea. One of the worst is having a mob that has a natural Knockback to it. The fear of being knocked back into a puddle of lava is pretty real when in the nether and could immersify (immersify? Is that even a word) the player into the game more.

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    posted a message on Need Help with Coding a new Block for 1.8

    We are a fairly new modding team and are trying to make our mark upon the community however we have reached a roadblock. One of my coders is still learning how to operate and code Containers in the new 1.8 format. While he is working on other things on the project, i'd like to invite someone from the community to help make the block as it is currently the only container block that we are going to use at the moment. We'd need you to do the entire block and how it functions while we focus on the rest of the mod.

    The Grinder

    The Block can be best described as a Grindstone or Macerator but we are going to call it the Grinder. This block wouldn't have an interactable inventory slot. If you want to use the Grinder, place blocks on the grinding surface which would have it own texture or rightclick that same face with an item. The Grinder will not accept blocks that it cannot grind so accidentally throwing something out other than a grind-able proves to be not a risk. However if you were to accidentally throw a grind-able item, it would indeed be gone forever. If a grind-able block is placed on top of the Grinder, the breaking block animation will occur but around the same speed as a wooden stone pickaxe.

    Once the Grinder receives a grind-able block or item, it will pump them out 2x the speed of a furnace through a hole on its side. One face will always face the player when placed. So it will exhibit some characteristics of a Dispenser which means that it can also be placed upside down or pointing upward. So once again, items go in through the top and pop out one of the sides. This allows for automation of resources. If placed facing into a chest or reciprocal, the Grinder will place it into the reciprocal just like a dropper. If not connected to anything however, the dropped item will drop to the floor. The Grinder is movable with pistons and is powered by redstone. Incidentally, this allow for auto-mining at a slow pace if you make a slimeblock contraption.


    The Grindstone grinds blocks and items into the following:

    Bone into Bonemeal (for automatic farms, however seeds still need to be placed by the player)

    Flint into Gunpowder ( to unclog inventories since Flint exhibits no useful characteristics)

    Stone into Cobblestone into Gravel into Sand into Dust

    Dust is a new block item. Stepping on it brings the player's speed down immensely and the player sinks halfway through slowly.

    Flowers into Dyes (of course double tall flowers would yield more dye)

    Wheat into Flour item x2 ( Flour will be useful later )

    Ore Blocks into their x9 Ores items (useful for power sources and auto farms)

    Sugarcane into Sugar

    Blaze Rods into 1 Blaze Powder (you lose 1 but its a powerful item so the balance is sacrificing quantity for the sake of automation)

    Quartz Blocks, Stairs and Slabs into 2 Quartz (This is the cost for reverting a recipe, you'll lose some material but its more than you would have had)

    Anvils into 9 Iron Ingots (This prevents a total loss of resource when we all know they break to easily)

    Any Logs into Mulch. Mulch is an that can be placed on the top of farmland to create a full block (makes up for that tiny gap), planting crops on Mulched Dirt will increase their tick speed (aka growth speed), and does not convert back into Dirt ever unless picked up. It can be picked up using Silk Touch and when not hydrated, grows crops at the current speed that crops grow when hydrated allowing for waterless farming.)

    Any Sandstone Blocks can be Ground into 2 Sand each (same goes for red Sand)

    If anyone can pull this off, hell, if anyone can even understand what I wrote, you have my utmost respect. I doubt anyone will pick up this project as it's quite the doozie but I though I'd give it a shot and see if we could bump up the release of this mod sooner.

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    posted a message on Creation Request: Quest Book made with Command Blocks

    The server will be private. Would you like an invitation

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