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    I've been working on a semi-private modpack, and I came across an odd conflict with Rotarycraft and Ex Astris, probably because of the update. It's probably because of the Rotarycraft update and ExA -not- having updated. I also found out how to fix it, so I'm posting here in case anyone else has this issue. To stop your game from crashing, just go into the ExA configs and change the # Enable Strongly Compressed Stone option to false. This will knock out the integration between ExA and Rotarycraft and prevent the conflict. (I think.)

    The crash doesn't point to Rotarycraft-- it starts out with cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ExAstris/Block/TileEntity/TileEntityRotaryAlveary and continues from there-- so it's not very intuitive.

    http://pastebin.com/HYspXPD6 (with DragonAPI, Rotarycraft, Ex Nihilo, Ex Astris, Forestry)
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    Hey! I'm really liking a lot of the decorative blocks in Monoblocks, and have been considering it for a private pack I've been working on.

    I'm just having one problem-- I would like to turn off the ore generation (all of the ores Monoblocks adds are already present in the pack) and I can't find a configuration file to turn the oregen off. Is there a configuration file for this mod?

    Thank you for your time, and for the excellent work.
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    posted a message on Custom Ore Generation: First Revival
    Quote from Keybounce»

    May I suggest changing segment radius?

    Thank you! This worked perfectly; my veins look exactly how I wanted them to look. But I'm now having another problem.

    I'm trying to code Metallurgy fantasy metals so they show up VERY rarely and in much smaller than average amounts in most biomes, but are rather common in MAGICAL and Twilight Forest biomes. (I'm not using dimension-specific settings just in case we throw in Mystcraft.)

    I've set up several large quarries in a Cherry Blossom Grove biome, which is magical according to the NEI biome dump. I'm seeing tons of the forest-favored metals (because the CBG is a forest,) so that part of the coding is working, but not a single fantasy metal. I also briefly poked around the Twilight Forest and didn't see any.

    Each metal is configured in about the same way-- I plan to adjust depth scaling and fine tune rarity once I get them to appear reliably. Note that I've also changed the "huge veins" preset quite a lot.

     <!-- * oureclase * -->
     <IfCondition condition=':= if(age, age.oureclaseClusters > 0, fantasyDist = "vanillaStdGen")'>
     <StandardGen name='oureclaseStandard' block='Metallurgy:fantasy.ore:4' inherits='PresetStandardGen'> 
     <Description> Equivalent to vanilla minecraft ore distribution </Description>
     <Setting name='Size' avg=':= fantasySize * _default_'/> 
     <Setting name='Frequency' avg=':= 0.1 * fantasyFreq * if(age,age.oureclaseClusters,1) * _default_'/>
     <Setting name='Height' avg=':= 16/64 * dimension.groundLevel' range=':= 16/64 * dimension.groundLevel'/>
     <IfCondition condition=':= if(age, age.oureclaseVeins > 0, fantasyDist = "layeredVeins")'>
     <Veins name='oureclaseVeins' block='Metallurgy:fantasy.ore:4' inherits='PresetHugeVeins'> 
     Ore spawns EXTREMELY rarely in the height 10-30 range. The veins are shorter than average, motherlodes are small.
     <Setting name='MotherlodeFrequency' avg=':= 0.08 * fantasyFreq * if(age,age.oureclaseVeins,1) * _default_'/>
     <Setting name='MotherlodeSize' avg=':= 0.2 * fantasySize * _default_' range=':= 0.1 * fantasySize * _default_'/>
     <Setting name='MotherlodeHeight' avg=':= 20/64 * dimension.groundLevel' range=':= 10/64 * dimension.groundLevel' type='normal'/>
     <Setting name='BranchHeightLimit' avg='10'/> 
     <Setting name='BranchFrequency' avg=':= 0.85 * _default_'/> 
     <Setting name='BranchLength' avg=':= 0.75 * _default_' range=':= 0.66 * _default_'/>
     <Setting name='SegmentRadius' avg=':= 0.7 * fantasySize * _default_' range=':= 0.5 * fantasySize * _default_'/>
     <Setting name='SegmentAngle' avg='0.6' range='0.40' /> 
     <Veins name='oureclaseVeinsMagical' inherits='oureclaseVeins'>
     <Description> This greatly increases the chance of finding ore in magic biomes.</Description> 
     <Setting name='MotherlodeFrequency' avg=':= 80 * _default_'/>
     <Setting name='MotherlodeHeight' avg=':= 10 * _default_' range=':= 2 * _default_'/>
     <Setting name='BranchHeightLimit' avg=':= 2 * _default_'/> 
     <BiomeType name='Magical'/> 
     <Biome name='Twilight\s*Clearing'/>
     <Biome name='Dark\s*Forest'/>
     <Biome name='Dark\s*Forest\s*Center'/>
     <Biome name='Deep\s*Mushroom\s*Forest'/>
     <Biome name='Enchanted\s*Forest'/>
     <Biome name='Fire\s*Swamp'/>
     <Biome name='Twilight\s*Glacier'/>
     <Biome name='Highlands'/>
     <Biome name='Highlands\s*Center'/>
     <Biome name='Twilight\s*Lake'/>
     <Biome name='Lighted\s*Forest'/>
     <Biome name='Mushroom\s*Forest'/>
     <Biome name='Oak\s*Savanna'/>
     <Biome name='Snowy\s*Forest'/>
     <Biome name='Twilight\s*Stream'/>
     <Biome name='Twilight\s*Swamp'/>
     <Biome name='Thornlands'/>
     <Biome name='Twilight\s*Forest'/>
     <Biome name='Dense\s*Twilight\s*Forest'/>


    EDIT to avoid a double post

    I fixed the previous problem and am having different issues now!

    I FINALLY found some fantasy metal in my biome, so I figure I just had the frequency turned down way too far. I backed up my settings, edited some stuff, and loaded the game back up. Suddenly, I have what looks like a vanilla-style ore distribution even for non-Metallurgy metals, despite having not changed any of my settings. Restore the backed up settings, and the ore spawns in nice veins again.

    https://www.diffchecker.com/03lb9y3u is the difference between the two files. I have no idea what I did to break things; nothing in here seems to have been something that would have done it.

    For the love of.... it's because I put .8 instead of 0.8 when turning down the amount of manganese.
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    posted a message on Custom Ore Generation: First Revival
    Awesome mod. I'm trying to get things configured as I want them, but I'm not sure how to do something.

    I'm trying to adapt the Huge Veins preset to my own preferences-- I've made the motherlodes somewhat smaller (still larger than Layered Veins.) I'd like to also make the veins leading up to the motherlode somewhat thicker-- not too thick, but bigger than they are. instead of going with the slender, single-block branches. I'm just not sure which configuration setting I need to change in order to do this. I can see the branchType=Bezier, but I don't know how you edit Bezier.

    (EDIT: Ahaha, I found it! It's the OreRadiusMult option. Leaving this up for future people who might wonder the same thing.)

    Right now I'm working with this setup. The frequency of deposits has been GREATLY elevated for the purpose of faster testing (so I can find an ore vein without digging for half an hour.)

    [quote]lt;VeinsPreset name='PresetHugeVeins' branchType='Bezier'>
    [description omitted to save space] Credit: based on feedback by dyrewulf from the MC forums.
    <Setting name='MotherlodeFrequency' avg=':= 0.02 * oreFreq'/>
    <Setting name='MotherlodeSize' avg=':= 6 * oreSize' range=':= 5 * oreSize' type='normal'/>
    <Setting name='MotherlodeHeight' avg=':= 45/64 * dimension.groundLevel' range=':= 9/64 * dimension.groundLevel' type='normal'/>
    <Setting name='MotherlodeRangeLimit' avg='32' range='32' type='normal'/>
    <Setting name='BranchFrequency' avg='8' range='4'/>
    <Setting name='BranchInclination' avg='0.7' range='0.85'/>
    <Setting name='BranchLength' avg=':= 500 * oreSize' range=':= 400 * oreSize' type='normal'/>
    <Setting name='BranchHeightLimit' avg='20'/>
    <Setting name='SegmentForkFrequency' avg='0.02'/>
    <Setting name='SegmentForkLengthMult' avg='0.5' range='0.25'/>
    <Setting name='SegmentLength' avg=':= 30 * oreSize' range=':= 6 * oreSize' />
    <Setting name='SegmentAngle' avg='0.30' range='0.30'/>
    <Setting name='SegmentRadius' avg=':= 0.025 * oreSize' range=':= 0.2 * oreSize'/>
    <Setting name='OreDensity' avg='1' range='0'/>
    <Setting name='OreRadiusMult' avg='1' range='0.25'/>
    <ReplacesOre block='stone'/>
    <Replaces block='minecraft:grass'/>
    <Replaces block='minecraft:dirt'/>
    <Replaces block='minecraft:sand'/>
    <Replaces block='minecraft:gravel'/>
    <Replaces block='minecraft:sandstone'/>
    <Biome name='.*'/>
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    posted a message on MapWriter - An open source mini-map!
    ...never mind, the last several posts are all about this problem. Ignore me. XD

    Hello! I'm having a bit of a problem with Mapwriter on a personal modpack I'm working on. It doesn't seem to be saving any of the settings-- waypoints, minimap settings, the world map, anything-- between sessions. None of the other mods in the pack are forgetting their settings, just Mapwriter. It's not giving me any error messages, and the game is exiting normally and not crashing on exit.

    The current mod list can be found at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/95233/Minecraft/PakPack Modlist.txt . (The plan is to start pruning from here, so yes, it is excessive at the moment.)

    Where would I even start on working out what the problem is? Thanks for your help!
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    posted a message on Unique Artifacts - Powerful, Randomly Generated Items - 1.1.3 Bug Fixin's
    Hi! I tried out this mod, and I've found it really fun so far.

    However, I did have one minor request or suggestion, should you be accepting them-- I feel like the wizard towers might spawn a little too frequently. Could there be a configuration option to adjust the spawn density? (I might also be overlooking it.)

    Quote from FreddyHair »
    Hello. Amazing mod! It's been a while since I started using it. Recently I also installed Infernal Mobs by AtomicStryker, and I'd like to know the Unique Artifacts item IDs so that I can make some rather awesome mod interaction; can anyone tell me what the IDs are? Not the numerical ones, but the wordical (?) ones, of course. Thanks in advance :Notch:

    I think you and I might have had the same idea as to combining these mods, somehow. :D
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    posted a message on Glenn's Gases - Cool guys don't look at Gas Explosions 1.6.6
    I've been testing a friend's experimental alpha modpack that's using Glenn's Gases, and I seem to have found a bug. Running Minecraft 1.6.4, currently using Gases version I am not *entirely* sure if this is a problem native to Gases or some weird conflict with another mod in the pack; I'm not sure how to install just one mod at a time.

    The issue I've run into is that if you turn a lava source block into obsidian using water introduced from the side, the steam generated by this reaction overwrites and deletes the block directly above the lava.

    For example, I made a quick demonstration in creative (after having a couple of diamond ore blocks vanish on me in survival.)

    There is lava directly under the remaining diamond blocks. After I remove the obsidian block I'm pointing at, I am left with this. I did NOT break the missing diamond ore blocks.

    Thanks for your time, and I'm very sorry if this isn't directly caused by your mod. :)
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